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Best Way To earn money online with this website
March 28, 2018

Shorte.st is a platform where advertisers publish their websites for “impressions”, when you open a certain URL using a shorte.st URL, the intermediary page that comes up has some kind of website embedded in it.

Now, this is what makes it special. It does not kill your professionalism in order to make money for you. Because the ads are displayed on an intermediary page, and thus your website does not come up.

Your website remains hidden till the user has clicked on the “continue” button, so, no risk of your website’s reputation going down.

Another great help you get from the intermediary page is, the ads aren’t shown on “your” server, thus no extra load on it. Also, none of your server resources are used, say bandwidth, space or anything else.

So Shorte.st uses their own servers, space, bandwidth and everything else, and still pays you.

Shorte.st gets paid for embedding this website there, and then you get paid because it was your URL which made the impression happen.

f that’s not enough for you, this impression page doesn’t use your native URL either, so your Website URL doesn’t appear just yet on the URL bar which keeps your URL professional and doesn’t make it look like a cheap fad.

Shorte.st claims that it picks up only validated, verified, and authenticated ads for impressions. Meaning it doesn’t display any scam or any other kind of advertisement that’s not legit.

So you are assured of not letting your visitors come across any ads such as Porn, Gambling or anything or that sort.

Detailed Insights: Shorte.st has an advanced insight algorithm in place. It shows you exactly which of your link, got how many clicks. This gives you scope to improve your monetization tactics and promotional methods.

You can analyze which platforms, and placement position of the links are working for you, and can double up your revenue.

These reports let you know if a certain monetization strategy is working for you, if it is, you can improve it.

If something is not working, you can push it to the strategy which is working. So overall, it doubles, or even triples your revenue in some cases.

Hides the Original Link: When Affiliate Marketing, it helps you hide your affiliate URL. Which increases your chances of getting more sales. The links look legit, clean and short. Your Original URL is hidden, and you get more sales done.

They help immensely if you’re using redirection. You can redirect your traffic from Source1 to your Shorte.stURL and then to the Sales page. The Affiliate URL never comes up, keeps things clean and professional.

Considering buyer psychology, often times your buyer doesn’t buy the product, just because it’s an affiliate link, because that tells them that you are promoting a product, and you’ll be getting a commission out of it.

So your “honesty” out of the product is sucked out, resulting in lower conversions. Because then they know, you are promoting it for your own profits.

So bottomline is, Shorte.st hides affiliate links, hence you make more sales, more money and you get paid from shorte.st additionally as well.



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