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Learned How to Watermark/Label Photos

A few days ago, I wrote about how a member who wrote spammy blogs here used my photo in his blogs, yes, several of it, I think it was four times, so my photo of a beautiful beach here in the Philippines “flooded” the home page of Literacybase showing the blogs of members.

It had the same title for all the blogs. So I was annoyed because he used my photo for those blogs, though offbeat, or not related to the content.

It was good the admin acted on it and removed the blogs. So I thought if I can watermark or lael my photos, other people could not use it because they are my “personal” photos. This is one of the reasons why I was adamant in using photos from the Literacybase Media Library because they are photos used by members in their blogs.

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Thanks Pixabay.com

I used photos from the Literacybase Media Library once or twice when I can not find a good photo to upload from my own files. Then later, I remembered to use the free images from Pixabay.com. Just download it to your files, then make the necessary attribution though Pixabay said there is no need to give credit to them; it is stated at the site that the images can be used for all purposes even for commercial purpose. Though the admin said the would be glad if the user will at least mention the site for linking purposes; so other people can find the site and use their photos too.

Though I had not read the request of Pixabay, I always put a note in my blogs stating that the photo I used came from Pixabay; just a gesture of gratitude for allowing the free use of their images.

Maybe the admin at Literacybase can also put the names of the owners of the photos at the Literacybase Media Library for the needed attribution to the one who uploaded it.

Learning How to Water Mark/ Label Photos

So, in my desire to have my photos named or labeled, I clicked the tutorial on how to watermark photos. I found one which is easier to do, just click the “Paint” application, then opened my photo files. I labeled them one by one, especially those I considered “personal.”

I think it is alright to “borrow” other people’s photos if they are generic, or can be applied to many topics. But out of courtesy, be sure to give credit where credit is due: to the owner of the photo!

Note: Sorry, my photo was upside down, I could not tweak it here.

    1. I know what you mean about people misusing photos and selecting featured images that don’t even relate to the post. It’s even more frustrating when it’s your image and somebody else is misusing it! Glad you learned how to watermark. Going to share this tip in my social networks. Others may be having the same problem.

      • Thanks Treathyl FOX. Yes, we can help other members from having copyright issues; just use or upload photos from free sites like Pixabay.com, but though it can be used for free, give it credit, mention the name of the site to help it too.

        They can search the tutorial on Google.

    2. Good to know that the photos of your’s which were being used by others without giving credit. Those blogs were removed by the admin. You have made a good suggestion that literacybase give names of sites from where they can be uploaded. In the article you have not mentioned the watermarking tutorial site name. If you can do so it will be useful. One more thing is watermarking to be done only on the photos which we have taken personally or can it be done on other photos which have been uploaded from free sites pinterest or pixabay and the like ?

      Anyways useful information given by you. How much time did it take for your learn and do the things which needed to be done? If we can use our own images made from paint even that would be good in my opinion. Appreciate the good research done and the results published in the blog.

      • Thanks Krishna Kumar. We can only watermark photos that we took ourselves, or we do really own the photo. For some of my photos, I just used paint app.

        Anyone can search for it on Google. The tutorial videos for beginners on how to watermark or label your photos.

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