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Kids chairs experience and review
April 11, 2017
love chains

When you buy anything check your box. Some items are messing parts.

alwasy be careful, even in well known stores.

Human and machine are not perfect, pay after you see all the parts completely. Why to do that before due to that fact that some store will tell you why you didn’t check you product first, yes some are rude and do not admit their mistakes, so just in case you see part missing, you better play safe. time is gold.

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Children like to eat on on their own chairs, they love to sit at small designed chair and eat there. But if you want to go buy one for your childe better let him try it first so the size good fit for him or her. I usually get little bigger chairs then their sizes, we are happy so no mess at our table and they are happy setting at their Chairs

So we went shopping and found them on letgo site for selling things you do not want or need. And we bought two for the children, Junior table we have and now we get the chairs, Although these chairs colors do not fully suit the table, their table is round blue and pink,  chair one dog shape and the other is apple shape, one is green and other is purple, I am only happy if they like it, we took them and there in our ride, the seat is padded with cotton so its not hard for the kids. It is also has arms that is covered with plastic, so if food fall on it or if the kids put their hands that are full of food on it, its easy to clean


That’s the reason for getting them anyway to make everybody happy and the to clean the chair that is dirty. From my kids experience, furniture like that is must in home with kids. We put the table and the chairs near our table and my husband don not need to fold and un fold any more.

Only he assembled them and no more folding because we bought them new in packaging box .

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