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Is the brain drain cycle starting to run reverse?

If statistics are to be believed, the recent trends that are being reflected in the field of science in India speak something positive at last much to relief of the nation’s well wishers. The brain drain phenomenon that has been eroding the nation off its valuable intelligentsia for the past many decades is finally displaying signs of reversal in the past few years. Even though the phenomenon is off to modest start yet optimists are forced into hoping the auguring signs to be the harbingers of a new beginning.

Why and how did brain drain cripple India?

India has been drained and eroded off its finest intellectuals to the more developed nations of the world where they ventured forth in order to quench their thirst for discovering and attaining academic excellence. The major role played behind the phenomenon was the huge abyss that lay between the research and application facilities between the developed nations and India. The emigration of resident Indians stunted India’s academic and developmental growth in many dimensions. The nation lost credibility and stature in the global scenario owing to its helplessness as other nations cherished the fact that what India lost was nothing but their gain in the long run.

What is reversal of brain drain?

A new phenomenon that is being observed among many non resident Indian intellectuals is the urge to return to their homeland and work for the nation’s benefit. The brains that had previously chosen foreign nations to settle and work towards the realization of their dreams are finally answering the call of their motherland. The hope lies in the proven fact that such drives are often contagious in nature and hence even a small trickle can trigger even greater numbers to follow suit in the near future. This reversal of brain drain back to their roots, the land of their origins, will surely help India to gain its lost status in the global platform.

The reasons behind the phenomenon

The influx of intelligentsia to their homeland has been possible due to the coalescence of multiple factors that are alluring and driving them towards their ancestral roots. The primary reason behind the phenomenon is the development of infrastructure in India. The state of affairs in higher education and learning is not the same as before when they left India for greener pastures. Indian government now provides state of the art infrastructure and facilities for different research and development processes. Allocation for education and research in the union budget has increased manifold in the past years. Globalization too has played a part as the income of the average Indian has increased, thus increasing the national GDP. Moreover presently India is home to almost every possible MNC of repute which have made the entire Indian market lucrative for all. Lastly, the urge to work for one’s homeland has played a significant role and driven them to play a decisive role in the nation’s resurgence.

What the future beholds

In the near future India can definitely expect to see an increased number of emigrated intelligentsia returning to their homeland. More the rise in numbers, the more will the nation gain in return. The reversal of brain drain will help an earlier deprived nation to emerge as one of the flourishing among the global best owing to the same individuals who once had deserted it. The entire nation wants to welcome them back and help the resurgence of the nation from a developing to a developed nation.

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    1. I think this is not true as pointed out. No doubt there is some development but not to the expected level. The intelligentsia which left the country will never come back but only for a short stay to see their kith and kin staying here desperately. The development and the infrastructure are still wanting in the Universities and in the Research Institution. Throughout the country, the value of education has gone to the lowest web.

      There are no lecturers having some minimum standard to teach the students. Those who got standard are still preferring to search for better opportunities abroad. The Universities have become political centers for revolt and strikes interfering in each and every policy of the Government and are becoming the targets of the opposition parties to defame the Governments. They are taking up issues with which they have nothing to do earlier. The education at primary level is somewhat better as the teachers are having some dedication towards their duties. They are now realizing their importance and the value of the education they have to impart to their students. They are taking risks to teach to their students coming from distant places.

      The Secondary education is facing some obstacles. The poor are not being able to deliver good to the best satisfaction of their institutions even. They have as a result finding it difficult to get admission after completion of their education in good institutions to pursue their Engineering and other Management studies. The Secondary education level which is really meant for laying the foundation is totally crippled.

      This is the reality with the education system in India.Now, the point is how do they go out to search for better opportunities? They will not be considered anywhere in the Global universities.Even the I.I.Ts are becoming substandard institutions.

      They are remaining in India only because they can not get any employment outside. If they by chance get, we should imagine that the country which has accepted them is having even the worst standards prevailing in their country.

      This is not reversal of brain drain but the brain is already drained and there is no way to reverse it


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