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Is fidelity treated differently in the East and the West?

Lately, more and more often on television and in the press sounds the word infidelity. More and more we ask why in our century are so many painful separations of two people once loved each other. Broadly speaking, infidelity is a betrayal of intimacy. It is seen somewhat differently in the East and the West. There are no things, characteristic of the Western culture in the Eastern countries, such as showing an attention of man to woman. There it would be a great disrespect. For instance, even today India has paternal duty to marry a daughter to a suitable man, that she would be happy and fully served. Since in those countries are believed that a young girl is inexperienced and is not able to choose herself a right man, so the father takes care about the daughter.

Easterners believe that man first of all is the soul and only then the body. In most cases, parents consult about child marriage and the young people only during the wedding ceremony for the first time sees one another. What’s the strangest thing, no one of East people complaint about such order, but there is no such thing as divorces. Many years ago we also had no divorces; people were aware of the need to live together and lived. But there is another question, did they were happy?

So why in the West, including my country, today is so much infidelity and divorces? I think, people just do not realize what is the meaning of life, what is happiness. Today’s man of Western culture is waiting nothing more out of life just the pleasures. People look first at the physical rather than the inner beauty of the human. When you create a family, there come responsibilities and challenges, and if still add an inability to manage the home and bring up children, after a while people are saturated with pleasure and love disappears. If there is no respect, not try to adapt to the changed needs of each other’s. So, the desire to be loved, anger on the second half forces to look for consolation and pleasure elsewhere. Therefore, people over life sometimes create a four or even more marriages but still not feel happy. Why?

It always seems that the other person will be different and with him you will not repeat the same mistakes. However, you will again receive another person such as you are yourself. Because a man attracts similar to himself. If people did not repent, did not change themselves, did not clean their inner world, but dived headlong into another marriage, they will face again with the same problem.

I would like to add that infidelity is often considered to be the biggest problem that has arisen in marriage, but the opposite is true – the problems provide a basis for the infidelity. We all try to avoid loneliness and to find happiness in personal relationships. However, attachment to other people, we become the most lonely and suffering. The lust is a need for love and inner emptiness that we are trying to fill with external things. Love on the contrary, is the fullness state of great inner strength and complete satisfaction status. Rather than spread ourselves selfless love, we want to, and sometimes even require others to love us. Very often we tie up to another human being or trying to tie him to ourselves and only make our life more difficult, and do not allow to develop neither ourselves nor him.


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