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I hate being tired when before I did not get it

when the writing site bubblew was on
I had no problem doing ten post a day and I was one of the lucky ones I did get paid I was getting close to $50.00 a month on the old bubblews . Now here my problem even when I just do one post some how I am getting tired to fast. I like to know what or why I am getting tired for doing some thing I enjoy doing.I like to be able to do ten post again here why if the post is good we get like .15cent a post that =$1.50 a day x seven days= $10.50 a week so this site come close to were I use to be this income can help me pay credit card off and may be cover the phone bill after credit cards are pay for. In US if you make money you got to report it to the IRS . So this is what I do I treat this like a job so say I make $30.00 out of all my paid to click sites I take 30% out of the money and put it
away for taxes.so for now if I make $30.00 $9.00 us will be put away for to pay taxes on at the end of the year. This way when tax time is here I will not have to struggle to find money to pay what I owe I will have it all ready and what ever is left over money can go for fun money .Now back to what make me tired even when I am on the phone can it be the way the screen is on the lap top and smart phone? I rally like to fix this so I can do my lap top work which I enjoy doing . I hate being tired all the time. I feel energy with out a energy drink . yes I do drink them and I know they might be part of the problem. I know there a solution for every problem out there even if we do not like it there a solution to my tired problem

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