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I cried for days when I found out who betrayed me

When a word broke out that I was cheating on my newlywed husband while being away on a season job, my father started to doubt somebody is making up those worms and hooking them up for a reason that can’t be anything but private.


In the first case when I ruined my graduation, he said nothing but my dear daughter please considers cleaning yourself on your own, you are a big girl. I said ok, no problem, Muge is going to do it. A piece of cake.


When the second case emerged, he was very ashamed and very angry and also relieved when finding out it was not me shoplifting.


He was agitated with my cousin’s attributes to me because he knew me as nothing less but always ready to help. I am not the tidiest or smart, or very handy person in the world, but I can learn. So my dad was little nervous.


But, now when he heard again these chit-chats and lies, he knew something’s not right.
My poor husband was too in distress and in a very bad condition to call me and talk reasonably. He called but he sounded very strange and incomprehensible.


So, my father called me and said, my daughter, this is not something normal. We should talk, I will come. I said please don’t I will solve it, my husband will be okay.


But it was not ok enough for my dad, he took some things they thought I would love to have, some favorite food and came to see me. So, we sat down and he asked me if somebody hate me in person. I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought my father in his late years started to suffer from the soap opera syndrome.


But, he was persistent. My husband came to visit me, he was visibly drunk and in no condition to monitor our conversation. So, my father- being the most stable person around that table – said to us to call all people we know to be our personal closest friends and see if somebody is cooking it against us.


He said this is not about you being popular, neither of us from the rich family, no microscope or spot light at us – it has to be something personal.


After the short time, my husband found out who was doing this, my best friend forever. The Arsonist.


I was good in keeping friends with boys, but I was never in their company to know what they are talking. My husband found out.


And he was not lying or exaggerating, my husband is not a jealous person and he knew from the time we were kids that I love my best friend as a brother.


It was such a huge disappointment for me. I cried for days without end.
You have to understand, this was my best friend forever, I believe in him, I put my trust in this person, I confide my problems to him.
All that time he was there for me, we were talking more than anybody, I never doubted he could be the one to do that.


Instead to help me and to support me, like it should be with friends, like I done to him, he decided to put my life on an arson.


He was doing that and he was enjoying it.


And now the same person moved in our building. I saw his eyes. He still hates me.

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