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Almost drunk to death over a brutal gossip

During my stay at the cousin’s home, I grew increasingly depressed and I didn’t talk much to anybody in the family. I was only thinking of my beloved and how much I miss him. It was hard for me to reconsider that maybe in the end we will not end up together.
But, when I came back home – liberated and happy to see everything doing well – I found my beloved in a great mood and my problem solved.
Soon the whole thing around my alleged ill shoplifting was lifted from my chest and a shop owner found out it was his own juvenile daughter taking things from the storage and not his workers.
That shop owner never came back to me ( or to any girl he accused of theft) to apologize.

This problem was not only for me, it was shame of the entire family. Because, if your child shoplifts in search for things there are two things for blame. A poor upbringing that causes my mother sleepless nights, and no money which again ashamed my father. The final nail to my grave was alleged mental illness, that I shoplift out of illness. And that is just wrong!
I was very happy to found out that everything is solved and that I can keep the pace with my plans and life.
Of course, my wedding didn’t go all smooth and nice, things were follow-on g me. But, it is a very sad story, and I want to take it out from this post. It is too specific.
So, after all that wedding thing and everything was smooth and wonderful, we were advised to see if we can financially sustain our family as we were so young.
For me the choice was obvious, I had to find some job during a season out of my time and return with a nice sum of money. My darling was of teh same plan, so we seek jobs that will give the best yield outside of our residence.
The luck was of that kind that we get jobs in different places, and it was hard and tried to visit each other, so we both come to the agreement to maintain our marriage for a few short months on distance, we have teh whole life to spend together.
Everything that could go wrong – went wrong, that summer was a hell both for me and for him.
I remember sitting on the ground for hours outside my room not to wake my tired room mates, just to comfort my newlywed husband who was miles away. I never missed somebody so much.
Then again talk started to walk, my husband started to listen to same ugly gossips which almost before ruined our wedding day – that I have a lover and that I am going to do with him. Going out and spending money instead of saving for the family, and that I married him for a joke, I never loved him, I am not serious, people see me on benches in romantically poses…
If I wanted to ‘live’ I would not get married!
But, my newlywed husband took it for real, he drunk himself almost to the death.

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