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I Am Angry , Please Don’t Talk To Me !
January 31, 2017

This is again actually a throwback. I just would like to share this and get your insights on this.

That’s how I felt one time, when I got so angry at what my officemate did.

She didn’t tell me that in her monitoring sheet of all my paid leaves in her computer, she has already included the one-day birthday leave and applied an absent of mine to it.

Thus , I thought by December when my birthday comes , I still have that to enjoy .

I just came to know about it when I told her as we were sharing stories that on my birthday on December , I shall just spend it at home, to which she said I will be on no work, no pay already as I already consumed it.

“What !”, I burst! I told her that a birthday leave should only be consumed on the month of your birthday. And it’s what I always do and that is what boss wants all of us to do. Besides, when I file a leave I always state what kind of leave it will be and I know I haven’t stated that I am availing of my birthday leave since I know it’s not yet due.

Our boss doesn’t want anyone spending the birthday leave ahead of the month of one’s birthday. So how come she made it like that in our records.

I walked out and texted her to please don’t talk to me yet , which she did.

I got myself a glassful of cold water and drank it slowly. In a little while , I felt okay.

Then , I went to the sea deck and watched the calm sea and pacified myself.

When I went back to the office room, my officemate apologized and we talked about it. She promised not to practice it anymore and be more strict in implementing the birthday leave.

I made her understand that a birthday leave is only earned on the day of the birthday of the employee. This should be availed of on or after the birthday but within the month of it.

It’s so sad, though, that I have to take a leave on that birthday without pay, because it was already given to me without her telling me that I have no more paid leaves anymore.

So since then, she never let anyone avail of the birthday leave before the actual day of the birthday. She also informed everyone that if they don’t have paid leaves anymore, they cannot use the birthday leave yet unless it falls due already.

How would you react, if you were in my stead? Have I over-reacted?

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    1. I have not experienced it in my previous school. I was with cagayan de Oro College before it was sold to PHINMA and I never had like that wrong entries by leaves in charge. You should have reported that matter so that person will be deducted for issuing you wrong leave report.How I like to grind my teeth before her eyes so she will know how wrong she was.She is not effective accountant.

      • Actually , she’s our internal auditor and we are in the Audit team. But then, even an auditor err, so I just have to let go of this one.

        Besides, we are close friends already so I am ready to forgive. Though, I have to vent out what I felt, so that’s what happened.


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