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Human sexuality: developing a sense of self
March 27, 2018
calendula-Despite the CircumstancesWe can overcome the toughest situations in our lives if we believe we can. Image Credit: pixabay.com

Some people know their interests early on, and others must search for a longer time.

Most diseases can cause irreversible damage if untreated.

Knowing yourself is crucial for developing satisfying relationships with others, choosing a career, and accepting and enjoying the person you really are.

The way you see yourself is your self-concept. A person who has a realistic self-concept is aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses. Closely linked to your self-concept is your self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to the amount of confidence you have in yourself and to the satisfaction you feel about yourself.

Your family has a great influence on your personality.

The way others see you and your responses to their opinions also affect your self-concept and self-esteem. The more unsure of yourself you are, the more other people’s opinions affect you. Criticism should cause you to examine your reasons for acting and your basic beliefs.

Hormones are chemicals produced by your body.

Fatigue can greatly affect your emotions.

Part of learning who you are involves finding out what you truly value. Your values are those things that you consider worth while and worth pursuing. Your responses to your different activities can provide you with clues to your values. Once you determine your values, you can do more to live your life according to the things that are important to you.

When you are trying to discover your interests and values, it’s important to analyze what exactly it is you like about an activity.

You may try several hobbies, past times, and jobs before finding ones that suit you.

A realistic catalog of your strengths and weaknesses can also help you discover who you are-and who you can be. Your strengths can tell you much about yourself and your possibilities. Knowing your weaknesses can also help you learn about yourself.

Discovering who you are may involve exploring a number of roles.

When you need to make a decision, find a quiet time to sit down and list your choices.

Determining the issue is an important step in the decision-making process.

Steps in the decision-making process: no matter what kind of decision you need to make, there is a step-by-step process that can help you make a good choice. (1) Choose a convenient time, place, and situation in which to work, (2) determine the issue, (3) brainstorm possible solutions, (4) evaluate each possible solution by listing the pros and cons of each one, (5) choose the best possible solution, (6) decide on when and how to put the solution into effect, (7) evaluate the solution. A step-by-step decision-making process helps you choose a solution that is likely to work.

Each person is unique. A combination of heredity and experience determines each person’s characteristics. Experiences help determine a person’s self-concept and self-esteem. People with a realistic self-concept and high self-esteem can take criticism in stride. Making yourself aware of your good points and your successes can improve your self-esteem.

The changes that are taking place in your mind and body affect your feelings not only about yourself but also about other people.

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    1. Self acceptance is one thing thats very crucial in someone’s life. When you don’t accept yourself, say the way you look, walk, talk etc you tend to have bery low esteem which will drain you off your confidence. The only way you can draw confidence to yourself is by accepting the person that you are. Many of us tend to compete with our friemds so that we can look like them and thats the worst thing anyone could ever do to themselves. I totally agree with your centiments its very true. Its very true that experiences brings out the true character of someone. Or bad breaks. When one is in a situation that they are completely not in control of, or when one is vulnerable thats when you will get to see or know the weakness and strengths of that person. So we are all different in our own ways and finding ourselves can save us so much turmoil and pain.


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