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How to protect yourself in summer
April 28, 2017

Summer is fun but it is not good to remain in the sun for so long as the amount UV radiation is more in the summer compared to the winter. We can’t avoid going out but we can follow some protective measures to shield us from the sun.

  1. First and the fore most thing is you have to make yourself cool and hydrated otherwise you get dehydration and you will faint. Drink more water and lemonade in order to maintain the fluid level in your body. If you feel very much dehydrated then you can have glucose. It’s good to have a couple of sachets in your bag.
  2. Try to wear light clothes in light colors. Light cloth makes you feel comfortable and free during summer. Don’t wear black colors because that attracts heat so be conscious about the color of your clothes.
  3. Take more fruits which have high water content such as tender coconut, cucumber, orange, lemon, watermelon, muskmelon etc. This will keep your body cool as well as maintaining the water content in your body.
  4. Try to stay in a cool place of your house with the use of air conditioner, air cooler. It controls sweating by that you can avoid getting heat rashes and other sweating problems.
  5. Avoid traveling long distances during the summer especially from 11 am to 3 pm. In this specified duration you are likely to experience the heavy impact of heat waves. Take little breaks while traveling long distances and it helps you to regain your stamina.
  6. Check the weather condition daily before going out and be prepared accordingly. Follow the instructions of weather department for your safety.
  7. Avoid taking beverages and alcoholic drinks during summer as it increases the fluid loss at a high rate.
  8. Take bath two times which reduces your body heat and keeps you cool throughout. It does also avoid diseases caused by sweating.
  9. In order to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 30. Also use umbrellas, hats and other protecting gears.
  10. Always have an extra amount of water and juices in your bag which helps you in the case of any emergency.

So, enjoy summer safely by following these simple measures which will save us from big troubles. Have a fabulous summer to all my friends.

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