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How to make money with M-turk –Some useful tips!
January 28, 2017


Ah, the great mystery! How do I make money online?  Many people have heard about making money in the internet. Some may have been ripped off.  Others have filled out endless surveys, only to end up having zero cash in your pocket. May I suggest a simple and legal way to make some much needed cash? Give Mturk a try and see the money come in.

Mturk is associated with Amazon products and in my opinion, a great way to make some money. If you like shopping at Amazon, Mturk is for you. You can use your earnings to get some Amazon products and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You can, also, decide that you may want your money deposited into your checking account.  Whatever option you pick is a win-win situation. While I am not promising you a Million dollars, this can come handy for gifts and saving up for your Summer vacations. I read in a blog of a lady who made $800 in one month doing Mturk. While to some, $800 is not much money, that money in my opinion is a car payment and some utility bills. Others will average about $4.00 to $7.o0 dollars an hour.  Not much money, agreed but if you are sitting down bored and watching TV, why not pick up a few jobs here and there? You will be surprised at how it can add up.

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How to register for Mturk.

The main thing to understand is to go to the website, which I will provide below. It is free. Then, after you register as a worker, there is a waiting period. After that waiting period is over and you are accepted, you can begin. Start with the small and easy jobs. Maybe some surveys. The mistake I made when I began was that I went after the big money and if your job gets rejected, it will cost you. The jobs (Hits) are measured by how many you, successfully, completed to those that were rejected. Make sure you maintain a high score, because if you do, you will get better hits. A tip to those who like filling out surveys, go to the search engine (Find Hits containing space)and write surveys and then on the side, click on the box Hits that you are qualified for. After that, click on GO. A list of surveys will appear and you can do them in sequence.

Some tips to consider

Here are some rule of thumb that you need to consider when you apply for Mturk–

  • After you are accepted with Mturk, finish the simple and cheaper hits (.10). Build up a list of hits so that your score can improve. Remember, you are getting some experience under your belt. For the time being, forget about making money. Have some fun and enjoy the ride. When your score reaches 90% or more, go for the big hits.
  • Second, go to the search engine and on the side that says the following words–“That pays at least $” and on the space provided type 1.00 or more. Now, you are ready for the big leagues. I have done a survey worth up to $7.00 and that is nice but be content with the dollar surveys for now–They add up.
  • Reddit has a section for Mturkers and, sometimes, you can find a good hit listed.
  • Mturk has a blog for beginners and seasoned workers. Take some time to read it.
  • Go to Mturklist.  It has it’s pros and cons. My advice is that you might want to consider the Premium section. It is a good website with great hits and it is free. The only disadvantage is getting to the hit. There are ads from Adfly and their cookies can slow down your computers big time. The Premium section does not give you the ads and it is only $1.50 for one month. Not a bad deal!
  • The other website that I recommend is Turkopticon. It tells you what hits pays well and what hits to avoid. Not everybody is honest and some will not pay. Knowledge is power.

Closing thoughts

It is my hope that you will try Mturk and share some thoughts with me. I cannot tell you how many times Mturk has helped pay for my gas and even some groceries. Mturk for me is entertainment. Rather than sitting down bored and worrying about money, I am doing something about it. The amount you make is up to you. I am happy just making a couple of dollars per day. For others, maybe 10 or 2o dollars per day may suit you. Whatever your taste, happy turking. Here are some links along with some expert advice from youtube below.

Links for you—-

1- http://mturk.com

2- https://turkopticon.ucsd.edu/login

3- https://blog.mturk.co

4- http://mturklist.com

5- https://www.reddit.com/r/HITsWorthTurkingFor/

6- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4inxn1uBIc






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