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How to Avoid Being Flagged for Plagiarism
March 26, 2017

Facts can’t change. Truth can’t change.  Hence, to avoid being flagged for plagiarism skip both.   As  a person who usually goes for truth and facts, one can understand how dangerous it is to write for a site which runs an automatic checker.

To avoid that; I am going to avoid facts and truth.

I live on an island in the ocean.  If I post the name and size, a plagiarism checker will pick it up.  That is because everyone in the world calls my island by the same name and gives the same size.

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The history of my island goes back some years.  I can’t tell you exactly when, because a plagiarism checker will turn up that same history in that same year.

My country was a colony of another until a specific date.  If I post the date, a plagiarism checker will flag the item, as in every official publication that date is mentioned.

There are two political parties.   If I give the names of the parties a plagiarism checker will flag my article as said political Parties are mentioned in hundreds of thousands of other publications.

The Party which won the first election was actually the second party created.  Again, if I give the name of the Party and the leader, a plagiarism checker will flag this article and a mindless zombie will remove it.  Hence, to avoid offending an A.I. I will give no specifics.

Specifics as names and dates and times and places will alert plagiarism checkers.

The First Prime Minister served for a time.  If I give the years he served, as plagiarism checker will flag my article.

He was replaced by another member of his Party who died, and then a third member.   All this happened shortly after Independence.

The First Party formed was now led by the son of the man who created the first Political Party.  I can not write the names because they are written in many other places as history.

The First Party held office then was defeated by the Second Party, then the First Party came back in power. The son of the creator of the First Party stepped aside and a long serving member took over and served for many years, until he stepped aside and another person took over.

The other person is a woman.  She is very famous, but if I post her name and particulars a plagiarism checker will flag this item because her name and years of service are already written in other places.

She held power for a time, then was defeated by the 2nd Party.  The Second Party was under its fifth leader by now.  He did not hold power long, and was forced to step down and be replaced by the Sixth Leader.

The First Party returned to office for a time, then was defeated at the polls by the Second Party led by its Sixth Leader, who is Prime Minister today.   The Leader of the First Party, the Fourth leader of that Party, is stepping down and is to be replaced by the Fifth Leader.

Today there is a big function at a National venue in my country concerning the stepping down of the Fourth Leader and replacement by the Fifth.

I am sorry I can not give names, dates, facts.  If I did so, a plagiarism checker would flag this article.

To avoid being flagged by a plagiarism checker I will no longer post facts, truth, or anything of any value.

    1. Hello.. thank you for most of the information.. which I was not knowing before.

      Usefully written.

      • If I were allowed to give names and dates I would have written something you could use in a college thesis.

    2. That was my problem when I wrote for a client on one of the writing sites. When I used facts, all of the alleged plagiarized data will have yellow marks on it, meaning it was plagiarized! So I always call the attention of the site owners, then they will let my article pass!

      • I can’t get a response from Admin to save my life. I email, I contact, nothing. I just give up on doing my best here.

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