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How Science is Changing Our Lives

Science is changing every day. And every day we are finding out about things that help shape our future. As we learn more we find out that future has different for all of us. And that means we have new day every day. So this is indeed something we all have to look around for. I don’t consider science to take us to mars in next decade. But it does seem like a good progress that they are doing. And the amount of companies that are helping to test and see things are more. So surely science is definitely going ahead and in this article we are going to take a look at some of those things.

Stem Cells

I have found that stem cells are definitely good option. And they can help with the health of the patient. Though stem cells are something worth keeping into the check. But the way things are going I think all the people in future will able to get over their health concerns if the stem cells gets more mainstream. So that’s one of the good thing that we have to understand how the stem cells is surely good topic to check for.

Floating cities

This concept was discussed in many places. And the most common place was that there were some companies coming out with space city concept. And they want to create environment where they want to have colony designed. This way they want to survive the species in the space. Just in case if the earth becomes unsustainable. So there are some of the issues like funding and some research to take care of. But it does take time. The research is something worth checking out for as well. Space X seems to be one such company which is going for the research into this area for now as well.

Quantum computing

This is one of the ongoing research. And there is a lot to be discovered for the same. For example, there are some of the researchers who think that we have multiple universe. And we can surely learn how to do better with the time. I think quantum computing definitely has lot of benefits. But we are not sure where that is going to take us. We just have to see the science progress as we research. Though it will take time but there is going to be progress.


Mars, Europa and few other places are in radar for moving to another place. I guess there are some of the planets which are in the eyes for the colonization. Though it would be harder to transport people. But surely this can make all of us wonder what future is out there. We have long way ahead for our species. And we have to survive one way or the other. I think most of us are more worried about the new generation of species that can be discovered. Some of us want to have another generation of human to be living there. But I am guessing that it would not be easy and would require a lot of effort.

These are some of the research that requires us more time and funding. If we work hard enough then there is a lot to be researched.

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    1. This are technologies with thier researches still going on, i guess i misunderstood the headline.
      I thought quantum computing is already in existence?? didn’t know the research is still on.
      This is gonna be funny but i know a guy who claims that humans came down from mars, mars was a very civilized country but a was wiped out by a giant meteor – I did not say it oo, just quoted someone!

    2. Nothing is impossible with science. But I do not like the idea of floating cities. It will destroy the ecosystem in our seas/oceans. Where will they throw/dispose their wastes?

    3. Science affects us all, every day of the year, from the moment we wake up, all day long, and through the night.

      Your digital alarm clock, the weather report, the asphalt you drive on, the bus you ride in, your decision to eat a baked potato instead of fries, your cell phone, the antibiotics that treat your sore throat, the clean water that comes from your faucet, and the light that you turn off at the end of the day have all been brought to you courtesy of science.

      The modern world would not be modern at all without the understandings and technology enabled by science.


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