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Categories to write about when blogging – Part 1

There are various things to write about, i mean you can write about almost anything but there are some things that are not only easier to write about but are more looked for online. If your blog is helpful then it will probably get more traffic and comments. OF course this is a hard task.

1 – DIY (Do it yourself)

These are some of the most viewed blogs. You can write about how to do just about anything, from making a table to dying your hair or even making your own make-up. It is always easier and cheaper when things our done by our own hand. Sometimes we cherish more the things we make on own own then if it was bought.

2 – Food and Drink recipes

Who doesn’t like to try new things being it drinks or food. If you have a family recipe you can share or some invention you have made with food or drinks then show it off. Write up the recipe and show the world how to make the things you think are delicious. This is a good thing to write about because we all live in diferent areas around the world which means we will find so many variety of food recipes and drinks. We can try making some exotic cuisine right at home.

3 – Reviews on apps/sites

This is another thing that people like to read about. We like to see if there is anypoint in using a certain app or site and if someone writes a good review on the site it will help them decided if they should use it or not. Is the site a scam? ┬áIs it useful? We won’t know unless someone tells us about it first hand.

More categories to come. Stay tuned to see what you can write about and why you should.

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    1. I think app review sites and the website reviews are definitely worth checking out. I would find that really good if you ask me. I have lot to explore on that part. I wish I could get job that can get me that stuff.


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