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April 1, 2017
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Before LiteracyBase, I am a multi tasker. I can watch TV or Youtube and at the same time playing 1010 game (for I want to beat the high score of my husband which is 99k+ & mine is only 50k+) or do some paper recycling projects or any projects for that matter.

I just don’t want to waste my time concentrating on what I am watching. For me, it is just a waste of time. I have to tinker on something for I will feel I am just passing away time without constructive things done.

When I signed up at this site, I cannot seem to watch and then write an article at the same time. It is maybe because I have difficulty in concentrating on my grammar and how the article will come out.

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Sometimes, the present tense of the word is needed and I apply the past tense of the word or the other way around. The autocorrect feature of Word Processor helped me a lot on this dilemma. Others might say, ‘Elementary, My Dear’, but really, it is not elementary for me.

Also, I still have to think or look for an image to upload for my article. Sometimes the image I uploaded has no relevance whatsoever to my topic. This is the reason why the Support of LiteracyBase called my attention and I thank them for that. I realized that they really are watching over us.

I now see the reason why this site wants the ‘discussion topic style’ of articles. A discussion will surely need a comment, whether positive or negative. If the article submitted is that of the ‘lecture type’, no one might take notice.

But I did notice some ‘lecture type style’ and I learned from them. Like the article of Kate Nars, it really helped me improved on my writing techniques. I applied her tip on “reading aloud” what you have written.

How about you, how have LiteracyBase changed you? For better or for worse or until death do you part?


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    1. Yes, but just the same in other good sites that I had joined. It needs a lot of time, though I prefer to be here in early mornings during weekdays.

      • This is the only blog site I have. The pressure is not so much. But if you are dependent for financial gain, you to work double time to attain your goal.

        Thanks for your comment!

    2. I am still learning how the site works and what sorts of articles I should write on here. I have tried lots of sites in the past some have been great, some not so good. This one does seem to have potential so I will stick at it for a while to see how it goes. x

    3. It did not even a little, why should it? I mean human here and in other sites may change but why to say the site? to be honest I am new it could add something to my life, so later i will say it changed something, but not now, hahaha, nice topic and idea too, appreciate your hard work and i enjoyed it

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