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How can we prevent teenage pregnancy?
March 31, 2017

The Zonta Club of Marikina and of Greater Rizal with the Marikina Valley (Host) Lions Club conducted a symposium on Teenage Pregnancy held at the Tanong High School. This is also in conjunction with the National Youth Commission’s (NMYC) advocacy to disseminate information on this topic to high school students.

According to the Chairman of the NMYC, Hon. Aiza Seguerra, the rise in cases of teenage pregnancies in the Philippines is soaring high and should be addressed.

The symposium was attended only by the female high school students. I questioned it myself as to why only the female populace was invited. Someone answered, because they are the ones who will have to say “NO” if ever they were asked by their boyfriends to prove their love by having sex with them.

The symposium is more of general information on the human reproductive system. The resource speakers explained the how and the why of it. It was not surprising that these students are well informed already of the structure of the reproductive system of the human body because it is part of their science subject. Since this is also the technology age, I will not be surprised if they know more than what we think.

Part also of the symposium was the effects of teenage pregnancy on their body, their life and their family. They gave a testimony of a high school student who became pregnant and the effects it had on her, her school life and her family relationship.

The students were a bit shy on asking a more serious questions pertaining to this topic. During the “answer and question” portion, I asked them how many of them have boyfriends. They kept on pointing at each other but I think only one admitted of having a boyfriend.

When the resource person cannot force them to ask a question, I asked if I can be the one to ask a question. My question was directed to the students. The question was:  “How can you show your love to your boyfriend other than having to surrender yourself to him?”

Think of you as a teenager, what will your answer be to this question?




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    1. Good Article, But @ilovelife913 use relevant and attractive feature images.


    2. they do not ge scared easily, teenagers are more interlligent now and they can decide what they want to do in life, your post is good but not a rule I mean some did get pregnant while young and were able to go successfuly in life, but some did not, so I advise teens to read this well written post and decide the future later, its good of course to study first, take a degree, start you own life with no kids or babies to delay you, that is all true, but some likes to make raising a good family their work and that is not wrong either, that is if done properly a great family will join the world, being mom at home is great message to do and work that is harder than any other work in thte owlr for million percent and billions reason too

      • You are right that it is not a rule. Not all who went thru teenage pregnancy is a bad one.

        You are also right that some even become more successful because of this.

        Those who succeeded may have strive harder to prove to the world that their decision was not a mistake.

        Over all, the support from everyone will be a good moral booster for girls who are in this predicament, most especially from her family.

    3. This is a good post. I remember myself as a teenager. I remember I went to high school with a bunch of Cuban girls. I remember that the Cuban girl had a practice that was very different the Americans. We (the Americans) used to tease them about it. The Cuban girls went nowhere with a man without a chaperone; usually their “abuela” or grandmother. I also can’t remember not one of my Cuban school-mates having to leave school because they got pregnant. Prevent teen pregnancy? I say let’s copy that Cuban custom or tradition and require our daughters to take a “watchful abuela” with them on their dates. Who’s with me? 🙂 😀

      • Maybe if the abuela or lola (for us filipinos) is a little bit on the younger side, maybe. But my granddaughter might hate me if I went with them as a chaperone. Since my granddaughter is only five years old at the moment, I will never know if I am still around when she goes dating.

        What I observe in our country, there is still a large percentage of children who marry late, around 35 years up. Maybe they enjoy the freedom they have at the moment or they are not yet ready to face bigger responsibilities.

        • It’s better to marry later in life and be happy with your soul mate than to marry early, get divorced and then have to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship and mend yourself back together. It’s even worse if children are involved. I see way too much of that.

    4. I heard Aiza Seguerra talk on TV, and she said they have data wherein there are many pregnancies even for 10 years old girls! That’s saddening, and it is dangerous to the girl’s health because her body is not yet ready for it. Parents need to guide their children well.

      • I also saw her interview with CNN Philippines. The symposium was so timely that is why I wrote this article.

        I saw how serious the NMYC in solving this alarming problem. I just wish that the teenagers of today will think, not just twice, but a thousand times, before saying “Yes, I do love you and I’ll show you how much!”

    5. First and foremost I would want to comment on the idea of having the symposium with girls only. That was very wrong of them to do that. Girls do not get pregnant in their own they have to have a man involved. The boys should not have been left out because this whole thing involves the two parties. If anything the boys are the ones who put pressure on the girls to have sex or they start giving threats that they will reject them. Anyway back to the question, how can I show that i love my boyfriend without giving myself to him. Simple I will make it very clear that loving him doesn’t mean that i have to sleep with him, then I will let him know that love is about companionship not sex. Then I would wait to see the reaction if he keeps quiet then I know the conversation can start, but if he starts to bring up an argument I know the topic is going No where and that he will not listen to me regardless of what I say or how I put it. I was taught by my mother that if a bit rejects you because you have refused to yield to his demands he doesn’t love you at all. And I cam across such incidences so many times and i thank God that i overcame them. So if your in a relationship please do not be misled with all the good sweet nothings you will be told by your boyfriend, just know your place, keep your dignity and remind yourself that he is not the only guy in this world neither will I die if I don’t do what he wants. Walk away and refuse to be forced into something you don’t want to do. The guy will even respect you for that and he will not play around with your emotions.
      Another thing is avoid going for outings that will require you to spend the night, or going to far places with your guy alone he will take advantage of you. Keep your dates simple like daytime movies, lunches at well known joints, avoid picnics at all costs, those weekend getaways and dinners leave those for the matured people until you get there. Avoid being in a room alone with your boyfriend that will bring about temptations to touch, then you will go on and on and eventually things will get out of hand and before you know it things already happened. In short just be principled and stand your ground! Men can be very cunning. Let me end by saying this girls NEVER TRUST A GUY WITH HIS PANTS DOWN.

      • I respectfully disagree with you. Let’s talk about SEX! It’s true girls don’t get pregnant on their own. But they are the ones who will be adversely impacted. I think it was good idea to specifically speak to a girl audience. I attended an all girl school during my teen years. Boys are a distraction. Girls need to be focused, taught how to stand on their own two feet, and know how to make a boy or a man back up off of them. The males don’t need to be in the audience or class when they are learning those lessons. This may be a generalization, but the males would probably just make sport or poke fun at what is being said and start thinking of “ideas” on how they can work around what’s being taught. Boys in the audience? Nope. All girl audience? Yep yep. This is a girl thing!! It’s about empowering women, especially naive and inexperienced young girls.

    6. Early pregrancy is one of the greatest issue among our youth today. Due to pre marital sex activities many young girls get pregnant out of wedlock without even knowing how to handle this kind of embarrasing situation physically, morally, and socially. Out of desperation, they think abortion is the only way to get themselves out of shame from their mistake. I have this so called friend of mine who got pregnant from his first boyfriend. Both parties are not in favor to their relationship due to some family conflict. Instead of telling her parents on her pregnacy, she decided to abort her child just to save face and and the fetus was already 5 months old on her womb when she aborted the baby! Imagine, where did she get the courage to kill her own child just because she was afraid of her familys anger than the wrath of God who is the giver of life? Where is her conscience? That little baby on her womb did’nt ask to be born yet as a mother of your own child you are the reason why your child totally deminished in this world in your own hands? That’s a silent holocaust. No judge. No lawyer to defend you. But in the eyes of God you are a murderer. I think parents should be the one to be responsible for guiding and teaching their children a solid great moral values that will be their principles in the near future in terms of decision making whatever circumstances they may encounter. They will be sensible not only for the sake of themselves but also for others. Also, technology plays a major role why many wayward young women get pregrant. Because of internet pornography which totally arises the curiosity of teenagers to do that sexual act to satisfy their desire from their curiosity not even thinking the outcome of their action. We should be very careful with our actions, the way we think, act, and do. It is advisable if we become vigilant in our decision making in all our actions in the past, present, and future so that we can avoid this trauma.


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