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Genesis stories: A look at Jacob and his family

People will run from one well to another until Christ gives them the spring water springing from the rock which is himself. People become responsible when they realize that they are accountable to others and must answer for their actions. Even if we interiorize our search for God, we are sinful people who cannot find his inner presence without being called by him. The only bridge between God and humankind is Christ: Son of God become man, both God and human.

All of us are impressed by dreams and we try to interpret them. Psychologists may use dreams to discover significant experiences or wounds suffered in the past. Dreams may also indicate and express premonitions and intuitions. The Bible shows us God or his angels using dreams to communicate with us. When God intervenes through a dream, we know it by its consequences. We also know that the spirit of darkness can disguise himself as an angel. When, in our days, large segments of humankind tend to lead their lives according to dreams, it has little to do with faith.

Stories found in Genesis are a window into how crooked, jealous and deceitful humankind has been since the beginning of history. Take for instance the story of Jacob and his wives. Jacob had two wives: Leah and Rachel. Leah was given to him in deceit. He married both, but he loved Rachel more. With his wives came maidservants: Zilpah for Leah and Bilhah for Rachel. Rachel was barren and Leah was not, and a competition ensued between the two to give Jacob children. They even gave their maidservants to Jacob to sleep with and both also had children for him. The four ladies produced a total of twelve children for Jacob, popularly called the twelve tribes of Israel.

The names of Jacob’s children are as follows: Reuben meaning He saw my humiliation; Simeon meaning he heard; Levi meaning he will be attached; Judah meaning I will celebrate Yahweh; Dan meaning he has given me justice; Naphtali meaning I have fought; Gad meaning happiness has come; Asher meaning for my delight; Issachar meaning he made a wager; Zebulun meaning he has given me a beautiful gift; Joseph meaning he has added and Benjamin meaning the son of my right.

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    1. Wow this is well written the story of Jacob is one that is full of humility and patience. If you look at our lives today how many men would be willing to sacrifice their lives juat to get the qoman that they love? Mmhh i guess thats a hard question to answer right? Nowadays all we want a quick fixes thats why we end up in relationships that don’t last, they are abusive and ao on and so forth. Jacob was indeed one of a kind. But i guess allow me to say this, if you look at it from the worldly perspective Jacob must have had quite a wonderful time spending time with the maid servants, as much as he didn’t like the per say he enjoyed his time. I feel for leah who had to live with the constant reminder that she was not loved yet she just kept on producing kids for this guy thats quite a task to take on but she really had no choice. Anyhow its a good story that teaches us how humility can cause God’s blessings to fall upon you. The perfect example is Leah despite the hatred she was the only one who was blessed to have children for Jacob. That was a good read thanks for sharing.

      • Indeed Leah is the teacher of this story. Of the twelve children Rachel only had two and Jacob loved the two more than the other ten, just as how he loved Rachel more than Leah.Though Leah was the target and victim of resent, she never physically hurt Rachel or Rachel’s children, and that says a lot about her. She is indeed strong in all aspect of the word.


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