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Exotic Fruits (Superfood or Wonder Fruit)
August 3, 2016
kiwano-Exotic Fruits (Superfood or Wonder Fruit)

My first visit to The Bahamas (to meet my future in-laws) was almost 40 years ago and it opened up a whole new world for me. There were so many delicious fruits in this tropical paradise that I had never heard of or tasted. They weren’t in the American grocery stores back then, but many of them are now!  Local grocers now stock all kinds of tropical or exotic fruit in their produce department. They are also called “superfood fruit” or “wonder fruit”, as if you need additional persuasion to buy them. People describe them as “superfood” or “wonder fruit” because of the numerous health benefits ~ everything from slowing down the aging process to preventing cancer and heart disease.


The link below is a valuable information resource.

Exotic Fruit for Health

Here a short list of some of the fruits you’ll find.


Acerola, also known as the Barbados cherry and other names. This red fruit is gorgeous. It looks like it was an apple that decided to become a cherry. It is loaded with vitamin C and can be enjoyed in so many ways: juice, jam, syrup, pie! YUM!


Cherimoya (or chirimoya), nicknamed “ice cream fruit” or another alternate name is “custard apple”. The famous American author Mark Twain knew about this fruit and said it was “the most delicious fruit known to man.”   It’s got to be if it taste like ice cream. Right?  🙂


Dead man’s fingers – No kidding! They really do look like a dead man’s fingers. You know how when a person dies, the blood leaves so the skin turns blue? This fruit originated in China.


Kiwano, called by many names – horned melon, African cucumber, English tomato. What is peculiar about this fruit is that the African and English people couldn’t seem to make up their minds about it. Is it a cucumber or is it a tomato? The matter is easy to settle (in my mind).  It’s native to Africa.  It’s a green on the inside; orange-yellow on the outside. It’s a melon! 🙂


Mangosteen, a fruit of Southeast Asia that contains more xanthones than any other fruit. They call it the “X-Factor“. This fruit is praised for its myriad health benefits.


Miracle fruit, found in West Africa. Absolutely must mention this one. “The miracle fruit contains a molecule called miraculin, which is responsible for the sweet effect. The miraculin molecules stick to taste buds on the tongue, and when other foods are eaten, activates the sweet receptors causing everything to taste sweet.”   Isn’t that miraculous?  🙂


Most of these exotic fruits are irresistibly delicious and it’s an added plus that they come under the umbrella of “healthy eating” and that you can shop online to buy them, if they can’t be found at your local grocery store.


What kind of exotic fruits do you like?

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    1. I don’t think our grocery stores stock any of these fruits. We are lucky to get mangoes and kiwifruit sometimes, and maybe a special on grapefruit. The one store will actually run out of carrots or lettuce some days, so it can be interesting to walk through the produce section….


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