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Essie’s Snake, Rattle and Roll Nail Polish
October 4, 2016
Essie's Snake, Rattle and Roll Nail PolishEssie Snake, Rattle and Roll

I am super excited about this review. This bottle of nail polish was part of the nail polish haul I bought from Amazon during the first quarter of the year. But since spring/summer started at the time, I had to stop myself from trying it out and waited for the colder months instead. Luckily (or unluckily) for me, autumn is now here. So now, I can finally dig my nails (literally) on Essie’s Snake, Rattle, and Roll!

Essie's Snake, Rattle and Roll Nail Polish 2
I am so attracted by magnetic nail polishes for quite a while now. I think they look so interesting and exudes sexiness as much as red nail polish does. If I am not mistaken, I have a couple of magnetic nail polish bottles as part of my stash – and maybe have two more bottles waiting for me to try out!
There was a time when animal prints became a big hit on clothes, shoes, and accessories – so imagine how excited I became when I saw this bottle of Snake, Rattle, and Roll from Essie! Look at that cute bottle packaging for the polish, too! I think adding animal prints as part of your “look” amplifies your fashion statement, too.
As always, I begin by applying one layer of clear base coat on my nails. I wait to dry a bit so I just click on ads to pass the time and avoid getting bored. I was also a bit busy at the time looking for AirBnb accommodation so it definitely helped pass the time. I think I spent about 5 minutes at least “waiting” for the polish to dry – or I could’ve just simply missed the time since I was busy surfing the net.

Essie's Snake, Rattle and Roll Nail Polish 3
When the base coat dried, I applied the first layer of Essie nail polish. Now, here’s a funny story. You see the snakeskin prints at the cap of the polish? I actually thought the polish will end up like that, LOL! Too much expectation from a bottle of polish, HAHA! But can you blame me? After the textured polish and the shatter effects – I wouldn’t be surprised at all if one day, nail polish companies are capable of doing that, you know.
Anyway, I applied the first coat and noticed that the nail polish is very pigmented. It is also easy to apply and glides easily on my nails. I was hopeful that I only need one coat but noticed some nails have slight (very slight) color gaps in between, so a second coat is necessary.
I waited for the first coat to dry – maybe for 5 minutes. After drying, I applied the second coat. And by this time, the color got deeper. There was still no snakeskin pattern, unfortunately. It was a lovely color but I think it reminded me more of gunmetal rather than snakeskin.'s Snake, Rattle and Roll Nail Polish 4
As always, I finished with one layer of Sally Hansen Insta Dri. The magnetic pigments really shined and loved the glossy finish. Unfortunately, my nail polish only lasted for 3 days chip-free. I don’t really take care of my nails as I have to do chores anyway.

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    1. I’ve never really been a fan of the look of magentic nail polishes, but when I saw that Essie made one that looked like snakeskin, I had to try it. To be completely honest, I found the results a bit disappointing, which was surprising because I am such a huge fan of Essie products.

      For example, the magnetic effect only worked on a small part of the nail (the middle), and the polish dried so quickly that some of my nails didn’t work at all. I tried doing half of a nail at a time, but that just resulted in a weird design rather than the snake print.
      Before my final try at achieving the snake design, I scoured the internet for tips, but there was surprisingly little help online. So, I set out to figure out the best way to apply the polish/magnet to get the desired effect.

      I ended up painting my nails three different times with two separate colors. By the third try, I picked up a few tips and tricks, so hopefully you’ll find these helpful if you want to try out the snake effect polish.

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