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There Is No Amount Of Anxiety Can Change The Future
March 19, 2017
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No Amount Of Anxiety Can Change The Future
No matter what you do and feel you can never change the future. The future is yet to build by every human being. Though you sighted some presumptions as to the kind of future you would have, yet realities are there that we cannot evade , the so-called untoward events that might be the tumbling blocks of what you had planned and aimed to be. Despite then, hope is always the springboard of tomorrow’s dream to live according to what you expect. Well anyway, not all have the same landing board of life for there are those who may succeed; there are those who might fail and rise again from failures, and there are also individuals who might not be able to achieve perfection. Struggles, trials, discouragement, temptation might be met along the way unnoticed by you.

The fear that is part of coincidence is the economic stability of the person. When one reaches old age, the fear of the unknown once felt in the younger years is inevitable to face, and the healthy deteriorates, and the income fluctuates. What must be done? This will be what is thought about during old age when pension is not enough for life’s sustenance especially if by luck you live too long. From this reality, it should have been better for every person to prepare earlier before the future comes when everything faces changes. How hard to think life’s scenario is mixed with undesirables. There are events hard to escape for we are just humans with sensitive thinking. Those insensitive persons do not like to see real pictures of futurity. They just prefer life ordinarily. They hate problems; they want happiness and temporary privacy.

The law-makers and head of nations worldwide have great concerns for the welfare of the people; that is why they work hard to have every citizen achieves their dreams in the future like better pension, economic stability of the country, maintenance of peace and order and better educational system and employment. People will surely be in panic if there is war, chaos and rebellion. This time many see the future as more of a bloody one for chaos is still rampant, terrorism is still the number one enemy of the world. Who would be the leader of the nation that could address to the world the need of unity and stability? The root cause must be stopped and that is too much tolerance of illegal drugs. Drug addiction before and today is the menace of our society. How would the government country to country fight this enemy of the world? It seems case like this is routinary and made ordinary and it will only be given a harsh attention if see many innocent children raped and killed. What is worst is if the criminal is at large and do the same havoc.

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No matter how we fear now for the future, this cannot stop its many faces for human beings are the creators and designers of their future. Should you want not to regret someday, do, what you believe beneficial for your life someday for there is no one who could truly help you, but you. Others serve as your inspiration and strength to make some impossible, possible. Your number one inspiration is your family for they are always there for you in success and failure, they are always there to extend their helping hand and embrace you with their love, the most substantial material that makes life worth to live. They are the inspiration for your tomorrow, come what may. Shout out your fear cast your doubt and laugh at what you believe for your future, for future is not ten years or twenty years from now; it could be next day, LOL.

Our changing technology is also believed to be the arena of chaos and abuses. What you foresee for the future might come to reality that people will make technology as their life blood, no more God in their lives and those they see and manipulate in their gadgets –related technologies might be their basis of life and its existence which is short may be taken for granted. Just imagine this time; children are holding a net book playing games that may cause an aggressive behavior towards what they play. They may not be able to appreciate the beauty of nature and the value of love. It will be better for the parents to disallow their children to play games on line for they will surely be addicted to what they do which is wrong. It seems very hard to define life this time for it has so many rivals that are mostly given first priority like selfies young and old, LOL, joining media sites some make it their 24/7 hangout, LOL.

Hey, look at your surroundings, clean them, wash your clothes, clean your house, tutor your children cook food for the family, pray together, have a story telling to your children, talk to your husband-wife most of the time for communication in the family is what makes a family stay stronger . The basis of a better and successful future begins at home with your family and the trust of yourself and the mighty God. With this, there is no room for anxiety for the future.

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    1. Our life is lie this running water.It will only stop running if there is long drought and when rain comes its appearance shows disturbances of its usual route, the same way to humans, the flow only stops and future hops end if life ends.Those disturbances are like humans for they are part of life while still living the same way with this flowing water it may suffer many abuses like toxic materials thrown onto it, wastes of many origins , flood.

    2. You have pointed out such great points in your post. You are right that today’s children have lost themselves in online games and internet surfing. Those days when we use to play outdoor games have just become history here in our country so might be yours too. The technology has made us more away from each other’s than what it seems like.

    3. I love the video/photo above. So timely for this summer. Yes, I agree, one need not worry about the future, however, that worrying can also challenge one to do his best to have a brighter, happier tomorrow. It can make one be assured that he will be capable of having a good life; but nothing will happen, nothing will change if one will do is just to worry without trying his best to achieve something for his future.

    4. Nitin Pednekar, Hi thanks? You are right, the children of today may never experience playing games outdoors where fresh air and beauty of nature abounds. They are facing this time different world we had in the past. I agree that youths of yesterday are better than youths of today.

    5. @acelawrites, you are right, there is no use worrying much for the worrying may turn the person crazy. It said that the more you worry the tendency to get crazy,lol. Why worry when future is next day not many years from now, It is built day by day.

    6. Yes, we need not worry about the future, but we have to do something in order to make better our future. We should equip ourselves with knowledge and skills in order that we can be hired for better paying jobs.

      In line with that, we should also learn how to live within our means so we can also save some for our future.

      Most of all we should always ask for the guidance of our God in doing what we can for the betterment of our future.

    7. @Dina, Hi friend? yes true, we need to utilize our potential in order to raise a happy family and self. We never care about struggles for what is in our mind is old age that must be secured and protected against loses and other financial disabilities.When one is younger, never would it come to his or her mind about future that bears old age. Many do not care that is why when they are old, they will be burdened by their family who also have a family if their own.

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