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Eat healthy even while you are dining out
May 3, 2017

Dining out in a restaurant is entirely different from eating in your home as you don’t usually count the calories and everything looks suddenly delicious and you just compromise having a single bite and after some time end up in having the whole plate. But that’s alright. There are certain tips which will help you to dine out in a healthy manner.

Know your plate and have the way you want

While going out to a restaurant it is important to fill up your plate in a balanced manner. Look in the menu if the meal that you are ordering has a high amount of veggies. If it says fried, ask for grilled. This will help in maintaining the calories that making you feel happy as well as healthy. Include and exclude items according to your will and not the other way around.

Carefully choose the dressing and sauces

Avoid foods with the words cream based, cheese based, mayo, creamy pasta and much more. These are the high-fat content foods as they will have a large amount of butter and fat which is not much good for your health. Even if you are having any of these kinds of food make sure you have a little bit and then share it with your colleagues or family members. The same dressing goes for the desserts too.

You are not a member of Clean plate club

Remember you are not being awarded for completely cleaning up the plate so don’t stuff yourself. This is not good for your health too. Try to order the right size of the meal and even if it in excess, don’t worry. Ask them to pack that for you and have it as another meal in your home. By doing this you are splitting the calories which are good.

Drink wisely

The liquid calorie count is also equally important. Having a sip of water when you have alcohol will help you quench the hunger thrust and prevents you from overeating. Also, having fresh juice, or clear only one drink like wine also helps in maintaining your calorie count to a minimum.

These are some dining tips for you to eat healthy in a restaurant. I hope this is useful for you. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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