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Do you ask your new date what kind of they like before you take them out for the first time?
May 14, 2017

HI if you have a new date and you are the one treating for the meal do you ask your date what kind of foods they like? Why am I asking this ? Here why I am asking this? Some times a date might not eat meat, other date the person can be only all kosher items is what they eat . Yes Kosher items do have meats. With the new date you want to get to know who who what they like and if you bring them to a restaurant that does not have the food they like that night might be done with and no second date. For me my goal is looking for a wife so I want the first date to be good and not pushy and yes I do tell the lady that I am looking for a wife I am 55 years old never been married or live with any one . So for me it time to take the chance but I just do not want to marry any one just to get married , so people get married just so they are married this is why divorce is up so high. On the other hand how much time do I have left on earth? so maybe if a lady say she want to marry me I show go for it. Ok Now back to what I was talking about how many people ask their date what kind of food they like before they go out or better yet what is there favorite res truant I think this might help people better then asking the date what kind of food they like? So what do you think?yes what do you think? should it be favorite foods or what the favoirti restaurant they like to go to? Ok that it for this one.

Eat healthy even while you are dining out
May 3, 2017

Dining out in a restaurant is entirely different from eating in your home as you don’t usually count the calories and everything looks suddenly delicious and you just compromise having a single bite and after some time end up in having the whole plate. But that’s alright. There are certain tips which will help you to dine out in a healthy manner.

Know your plate and have the way you want

While going out to a restaurant it is important to fill up your plate in a balanced manner. Look in the menu if the meal that you are ordering has a high amount of veggies. If it says fried, ask for grilled. This will help in maintaining the calories that making you feel happy as well as healthy. Include and exclude items according to your will and not the other way around.

Carefully choose the dressing and sauces

Avoid foods with the words cream based, cheese based, mayo, creamy pasta and much more. These are the high-fat content foods as they will have a large amount of butter and fat which is not much good for your health. Even if you are having any of these kinds of food make sure you have a little bit and then share it with your colleagues or family members. The same dressing goes for the desserts too.

You are not a member of Clean plate club

Remember you are not being awarded for completely cleaning up the plate so don’t stuff yourself. This is not good for your health too. Try to order the right size of the meal and even if it in excess, don’t worry. Ask them to pack that for you and have it as another meal in your home. By doing this you are splitting the calories which are good.

Drink wisely

The liquid calorie count is also equally important. Having a sip of water when you have alcohol will help you quench the hunger thrust and prevents you from overeating. Also, having fresh juice, or clear only one drink like wine also helps in maintaining your calorie count to a minimum.

These are some dining tips for you to eat healthy in a restaurant. I hope this is useful for you. Thanks for reading. 🙂

What is your type of productivity?
April 28, 2017

There are certain patterns determined by our behavior and classified according to the perception of information, processing and management. Your cognitive style, efforts, strengths and requirements are the parts of strategy that can be attributed to a certain type of productivity. Each type of productivity includes exceptional merits and most often chosen means for to meet the goal. When we are inundated with various issues of the day, tips and tools, we often are going against our native instincts, but the first step should be self-knowledge and setting the productivity style. Just discovering your productivity type that fits your personality and skills, you will be able to work more efficiently and fulfill your potential.

These profiles can help you understand the subtleties of your skills, needs, strengths and weaknesses. It may be that you will fit even a few types of productivity. The main thing is to discover what works for you. Here are 4 types of productivity, and by its description you will be able to find out which type you belong to and what your main strengths are.

Employed according to priorities. A person, who works according to the priorities, always is based on logic, facts, criticism and real thinking and analysis. For the most efficient way to carry out work or tasks, they will calculate the time to do it; accurately will plan their daily and weekly activities. A person of this type will not be able to achieve the purpose for which it does not agree, because the stay only on his opinion the most important tasks.

These people focus on the execution of task and the process, and energy to complete the work almost does not remain. Sometimes they control, and their actions are concrete. Because of their power and competitiveness in the workplace can become one of the best specialists. These people do not like talks about nothing, the lack of information or too much talk about personal life. The tools that suited for them are those that help keep track of scheduled tasks and monitor the achievement of objectives.

The planner. A man of this type is a great team member, characterized by his organized, planned and detailed thinking. Planners plunging into the smallest details of the project, while working according priorities pay attention to only those parts of the project that help to complete the project quickly and accurately. The planner will not rush to perform task in particular time frame, if he does not like the project or task.

This type of people are not famous by spontaneity and often miss great opportunities because do not like to deviate from the plan. Planners like to conclude work lists, schedules, action plans and always inquire on the progress, because they want you to keep on the target. This type of people do not like to go to meetings, if do not have the plan of the meeting. On their work table can be a number of folders, office tools, various holders and drawers.

The organizers. The organizers like expressive and emotional thinking and support of each other. This is a great members of the team and a will best do the job by consultation and collaboration with colleagues. This type of people communicates easily with others and often make easier meetings.

The organizers like to chat, listen to stories, to express concerns and ask questions, and for them is very important eyes contact as well how the project or task can help others. During work allow themselves to speak about nothing only a few minutes. This type of people likes the high-quality work calendar and a complete range of writing instruments.

The visual. This is a man capable to imagine visually many things. Such people often practice holistic, inclusive thinking, based on intuition. They are not afraid of pressure, while working only one task they may even find  boring, and often perform multiple tasks at the same time and they are doing it great.

Sometimes these people are characterized by a tendency to overlook the details, but perfectly see the big picture. They are more evaluating opportunities than the process. Spontaneity and impulsivity can help to find new ideas, but it may negatively affect the project plans. On the work table dominate constant mess, because they need to have everything at their fingertips.

So, what the type fits to you?


Picture by Pixabay.

Buffet Eating – What are your thoughts?
April 27, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.24.42 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.24.42 AM

There are several buffets around here and what attracts many customers to these buffets is that you pay one entrance price (anywhere from $10 to $30 bucks) to eat all you want. I know most people who know they are going to a buffet will literally “not eat” so they can fill themselves up and eat their moneys worth! At a buffet – you walk, grab a plate or two/three and go around self serving yourself to the foods you want to eat, or try and after you finish your plate (or not), repeat until you are full! There are an assortments of foods you can eat usually consisting of: chicken, sushi, fish, crab, lobster, seafood, desserts, fruits and so forth. The foods are usually among variety of cultures like: American, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and etc. For me, I would recommend just taking a piece or two to try just encase the food is not good – that way you are not wasting that much food to the trash.

However, overall about buffets – I am not a fan of dining at buffets and very rarely eat at buffets because I feel the food is more quantity rather than quality. I do not like trying bits and pieces of food and that would ultimately get my stomach confused and I would be full easily. I prefer to have a nice quality filet mignon with lobster tail for the price of an entrance fee at a buffet.

Once in a while, I do go to buffets for events that is hosted but I do not enjoy the food. Attached is a photo of a buffet I went to for my cousin’s graduation party. The food was so, so and not very appealing. I did not enjoy the food and in fact, I had to eat more afterwards because the food was not good.


Pizza was made Incorrectly – What do you do?
April 26, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.57.35 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.57.35 PM

This afternoon after running a bunch of errands, my fiancé and I were hungry. We settled for pizza, breadsticks and some wings. I placed our order conveniently on my phone for pick up. Twenty minutes later, we arrived to pick up our pizza and upon picking it up – the pizza was not ready yet. I was waiting in line to pay and saw the employee (who is also the manager when I read his badge) grab some cheese and sprinkle it on top of already prepared breadsticks. Why? He was puzzled that my order called out for cheese sticks but in front of him was just regular breadsticks. Instead of making me new cheese sticks – he just modified the breadsticks. I was very disappointed because cheese sticks are my favorite and not to mention he forgot to include the marinara sauce so I had to ask him for it. It was disappointing that he is called a manager if he cannot get a simply pizza order correctly. Not to mention the crust is incorrect too. Yes, I had a discount coupon for the meal because I am a loyal customer but that is just too many mistakes. There was no point in speaking up if he is the “manager” on duty. Employees and managers who work at a place like pizza where all orders are customized, personalized should pay better attention to peoples orders.

What do you generally do when people get your order wrong? It depends on the restaurant, type of food, and place. Sometimes I do speak up and instead of getting it fixed – I would ask for my money back. Sometimes, I mention it after I eat it (deal with it) and get a discount. Or sometimes, I would just not say anything, pay for the meal then never come back. Sometimes I will leave a bad Yelp review. But usually, I will give the place I had poor ability to fulfill my personalized meal another chance and if it is horrible again, I will never return back!

Note: The photo belongs to me but it’s not the wrong pizza.

Basic etiquette rules for how to behave at the table.
April 24, 2017

Probably not one of us have experienced situations when sitting at the table felt uncomfortable. Is it because of something that we did not know by ourselves, or that anyone at the table behaved rudely. Remember the basic rules of conduct, and if you are going to go to the very important event, please check out more of what is required for table etiquette.

General rules.  

If at the table you are not alone, it is important to maintain contact with existing near you and to leave your smart phone or other devices in the purse. It is rude to browse your phone or read a magazine at meal time. No matter how close company sat at the table, you should respect the elementary, even from childhood repetitive rules. Do not place the elbows on the table, please lean on the edge of the forearm and in no way swing on a chair. Eat calmly and slowly, do not gobble. Stirring a drink with a spoon, try to avoid it touching the sides of the cup. You should silent use other cutlery: Do not scratch plates with fork, knife, do not clack the spoon.

As usual, the left hand should hold the fork, on the right – a knife. If there are laid out  all the tools on the table with which will be eaten dishes one after the other, you should pay attention to the sequence of tools. For the first dish use the tools farthest from the edge of the plate.

The tools.

The tools lined up in some way after eating mean certain information. If you have finished eating, place the tools vertically adjacent to one another.

Forks teeth should be facing downwards, and a knife blade into the plate. If you are going to repeat the dish, cross your tools – a knife horizontally to the plate and the fork put vertically on the knife’s blade. When making a break, put the tools on the plate edges, slightly tilted to one another, their handles should lean to the table. If you are impressed by the dish, place the both tools horizontally to the plate, the handles should be facing left. And if you have claims to the kitchen, leave tools on the plate crossed, between fork teeth inserting a knife blade.

Above the plate placed the knife is for butter on bread. Remember that the bread should be broken by hand and butter applied only on broken piece. For the desserts usually are used special tools – dessert spoons or forks. If dessert or beverage cup or bowl is placed on a plate, spoon should be left outside of the cup, on the edge of the plate. If any tool dropped on the ground at meal time, do not think to clean it and use again – ask for another.


If possible, do not rush to eat first, wait for the meals will be served to all. If the dish is too hot, do not cool it by the blowing, just let it cool down.

Cloth napkin expand and lay out on the knees, after eating several times folded place it on the left side of the plate. By eating a dish with a spoon, it should keep to the right hand, and eat from a spoon side, not the front. At the end never think to drink rest of soup from the plate like from a cup – it would be very rude.

Before putting the salt, pepper and offered on the table spices to the dish, first try do you really need it. To use it without testing will be rude, especially if lunch or dinner is going being in guests. If there is a common meal on the table, do not seek it with your hand through all table, but ask someone who is closer to the dish for help. If you did not like any of offered dish or drink, better keep silence, just thank the owners for the dinner.


Picture by Pixabay.com

The many benefits of dining out with family
April 3, 2017
Happy family with children and seniors eating out in a restaurantHappy family with children and seniors eating out in a restaurant

Dining out with family are some best times that we have in our lives. But with the fast changing world and living in a digital era where food comes to our home via apps, we miss those quality time spent with the family in a restaurant. Going out to a restaurant and eating is different from eating at home. At home, we will have lots of distractions like t.v, pets, and even the meals get over soon. But while dining out we will have a different atmosphere and it helps in creating the space for everyone to be freer and share their thoughts. So here are some benefits that we get while dining out.

  1. Eating out encourages children to be flexible and free. It helps children to try new things and come out of their hesitation. When they try new dishes this helps them to try new things in life. Also, when we do this at home it will be helpful for the children to try out new things without hesitation.
  2. Dining out creates a distraction-free environment for the kids to share their thoughts freely. Even though dining out once in a week will be hard on the busy schedule but when we see the benefits that our children and family is going to get there is nothing wrong in making it a tradition.
  3. Dining out doesn’t need a special day or special occasions like birthdays, wedding days, Christmas, New Year etc. It can be a special reward for a hard work i.e., it can be an act of appreciation for the kids and your family for any of their works.
  4. Dining out can help build our social manners and helps to work on our weaknesses. Also, communicating with the waiter, waiting for the food helps in building patience and it is best suited for children who wants to improve their social skills.
  5. Usually while dining out we will have long conversations over the meal which helps in improving our communication skills. Some studies even show that kids improve their vocabulary by dining out frequently. Children will more likely be in the mood and it will be the best time to discuss things like what happened in that day or what did you learn today.

So, dining out is not just about spending money but it is improving the personality of our children and family. Also spending some quality time with our family makes everyone happier flourishing love and joy. So, dine out and enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

Found a Bug in Our Food, Salad!
April 3, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.00.33 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.00.33 PM

When you are dining out at a cafe, restaurant, fast food diner – Do you fully inspect your food carefully before eating? And when you proceed to eat, are you still always cautious and scanning your food? Not necessarily about dining out but even for home cooked meals from yourself or others.

For me, I do quickly inspect my food prior to eating but when I am in the moment of eating –  I do not notice much but my fiancé on the other hand does and is very precise. Sometimes even a ‘black dot that I would think is a pepper piece’, he will inspect it to make sure especially since it is obviously just one black dot there and not a lot like how if it was a dash of pepper would be. It is given that foods are exposed to bugs after all – you find bugs in your yard, growing in your crops, fruit trees, vegetables and so forth. But it is the matter of thoroughly washing.

One time while we were dining out at a cafe. We were enjoying our salad until my fiancé found a camouflaged green bug can you spot it in the photo? We flagged the server and asked her about the bug. She said it was “normal” and that it was eatable. That was strange. Typically, the server would apologize for the inconvenience or offer a new salad, refund, anything instead ignored and continued on. I personally would have been better to not find the bug then to know about it. I honestly lost my appetite. What are your thoughts? Would you rather know there is a bug or not. A different scenario, we found a bug in our soup and that is hard to prevent because there was no lid on the soup when we scooped from it but we were not obligated to purchase, so we did not knowing there was a bug.

Birthday Month – Freebie Deals & Offers
April 1, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 10.36.46 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 10.36.46 AM

No, no – April is not my birthday month but actually my fiancés birth month! It looks like we will be dining out a lot since he received a ton of awesome coupon offers!

His e-mail account is currently been flooding with all sorts of birthday deals, offers, promotions and freebies from all sorts of restaurants that we have previously dined at! We will not be taking advantage of all of them, but just some! Chances are if you sign up online for restaurant’s newsletters or subscription – they will request for your birth date or birth month, year or sometimes your anniversary so they could keep you in their system. Then as a loyal customer, they will send you some sort of birthday or anniversary deal, offer or freebie. Some restaurants require you to redeem the offer immediately on the day of your birthday, but most likely the offers would be valid for the entire month – you have to read the description and expiration date carefully.

Example of some of the birthday perks he receives:

  • Free meal from Rubio’s
  • Free burger from Red Robin’s
  • Free dessert with purchase from Chili’s
  • Free steak with the purchase of another steak, at a local Steakhouse
  • Free ice cream cone with purchase, at a local Burger Spot
  • Free Ice Cream Scoop at Baskin Robbins
  • Free Breakfast Meal (on your exact birth date) at Denny’s
  • And the list shall go on. 

Also since this is his birthday month, I plan on figuring out fun day trips within the state that we both can go and enjoy. I am very excited to celebrate another year of his birthday with him and then a few months later, it will be my birthday where I would get emails filled of promotions and offers.

Please Note: These offers may not work for you. It varies depending on store, restaurant, where you live, etc. I live in the United States.

Lately I Experienced Bad Take Out Service
March 27, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.36.34 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.36.34 PMLately, I been encountering lack of service in well known take out and restaurant spots. I am not quite sure if the employees are to blamed for as pure laziness or if management is lacking over the quality control. I think it is a combination of both and other factors also.

Places I have lacked service:

  1. Pizza Take Out – Occasionally, my fiancé and I would order pizza for take out. When you order take out: for your pizza you could usually ask for parmesan cheese, crushed red peppers, plates, and napkins or all the above at no additional cost. Well, normally I would pay and tip the cashier then be asked if I want anything. I asked for a couple of plates and napkins only because I do not need parmesan cheese or crushed red peppers – we actually do not eat them. I was told they do not have any more plates but he could give me napkins. How could you possibly not have any more plates? He showed me the bag that was empty, but I am sure there are more in the back somewhere. I would understand if the store was busy but at the time I went to go pick up the pizza, no one was on line and no calls were being taken. If I had known, I would not tip just for the sake of tipping!
  2. Chinese Take Out – In order to eat your food no matter dining in or taking out – you need utensils right? Well, upon leaving with my food that I just ordered for take out, I went to grab a fork and they did not have. Not even one left, so I asked for a fork. They apologized and said they do not have any forks. So, how will people eat the food? Given they do have chopsticks however the store just opened and not everyone wants to use a wooden chopstick.
  3. American Restaurant – After grocery shopping, I wanted a quick lunch, but not a full entree, so I ordered a kids meal. Upon arrival – I had a long wait and to go to my car and realize they were missing a side dish of the kids meal. Had I forgot the side dish, that is already half of the kids meal.

Who is there to blame for?