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What is your type of productivity?
April 28, 2017

There are certain patterns determined by our behavior and classified according to the perception of information, processing and management. Your cognitive style, efforts, strengths and requirements are the parts of strategy that can be attributed to a certain type of productivity. Each type of productivity includes exceptional merits and most often chosen means for to meet the goal. When we are inundated with various issues of the day, tips and tools, we often are going against our native instincts, but the first step should be self-knowledge and setting the productivity style. Just discovering your productivity type that fits your personality and skills, you will be able to work more efficiently and fulfill your potential.

These profiles can help you understand the subtleties of your skills, needs, strengths and weaknesses. It may be that you will fit even a few types of productivity. The main thing is to discover what works for you. Here are 4 types of productivity, and by its description you will be able to find out which type you belong to and what your main strengths are.

Employed according to priorities. A person, who works according to the priorities, always is based on logic, facts, criticism and real thinking and analysis. For the most efficient way to carry out work or tasks, they will calculate the time to do it; accurately will plan their daily and weekly activities. A person of this type will not be able to achieve the purpose for which it does not agree, because the stay only on his opinion the most important tasks.

These people focus on the execution of task and the process, and energy to complete the work almost does not remain. Sometimes they control, and their actions are concrete. Because of their power and competitiveness in the workplace can become one of the best specialists. These people do not like talks about nothing, the lack of information or too much talk about personal life. The tools that suited for them are those that help keep track of scheduled tasks and monitor the achievement of objectives.

The planner. A man of this type is a great team member, characterized by his organized, planned and detailed thinking. Planners plunging into the smallest details of the project, while working according priorities pay attention to only those parts of the project that help to complete the project quickly and accurately. The planner will not rush to perform task in particular time frame, if he does not like the project or task.

This type of people are not famous by spontaneity and often miss great opportunities because do not like to deviate from the plan. Planners like to conclude work lists, schedules, action plans and always inquire on the progress, because they want you to keep on the target. This type of people do not like to go to meetings, if do not have the plan of the meeting. On their work table can be a number of folders, office tools, various holders and drawers.

The organizers. The organizers like expressive and emotional thinking and support of each other. This is a great members of the team and a will best do the job by consultation and collaboration with colleagues. This type of people communicates easily with others and often make easier meetings.

The organizers like to chat, listen to stories, to express concerns and ask questions, and for them is very important eyes contact as well how the project or task can help others. During work allow themselves to speak about nothing only a few minutes. This type of people likes the high-quality work calendar and a complete range of writing instruments.

The visual. This is a man capable to imagine visually many things. Such people often practice holistic, inclusive thinking, based on intuition. They are not afraid of pressure, while working only one task they may even findĀ  boring, and often perform multiple tasks at the same time and they are doing it great.

Sometimes these people are characterized by a tendency to overlook the details, but perfectly see the big picture. They are more evaluating opportunities than the process. Spontaneity and impulsivity can help to find new ideas, but it may negatively affect the project plans. On the work table dominate constant mess, because they need to have everything at their fingertips.

So, what the type fits to you?


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