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This is a story of what I did on Tuesday in February 2017
February 24, 2017

I really had a good day on Tuesday.I enjoyed tuesday a lot.I went to Chick Fila with my mother and nephew.I ordered a kids meal at chick Fila.I ordered 6 pieces of grilled chicken along with waffle fries as well as a diet dr pepper soft drink.After lunch was over my nephew Garrett played in the indoor playground at chick filla.I just sat on the bench and watched because I was to old to go down the slide and crawl in the tubes.My mother drove me home to my luxury apartment and my nephew and I sat in the back seat.When we arrived at the front of my apartment complex, my mother walked over to my mailbox to get my mail.She used the key to open up my mailbox.My clixsense paycheck that had been mailed to me was in my mailbox.Later on on Tuesday evening, I received $10.70 by paypal from opinion outpost.Opinion outpost is a survey site and it took 107 points to redeem that money.I transferred the money from my paypal account to my checking account.Another thing that I did on Tuesday was deposit my clixsense check into my bank account.I did not have to go to the bank to deposit the check because I was able to do it electronically by installing a whitney bank app on my iphone.I had to sign the back of the check and write deposit only on the back of the check.I had to take a picture of the front and back of the check.My clixsense check was for $11.42.Over $22 was added to my checking account on Tuesday.I want to thank everybody for reading this post and fell free to comment on this post and send me a friend request.Thanks for reading this post and all other posts that I submit.

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    1. It sounds like you had a nice day with a lovely family, lovely food and the addition of getting paid for some of your online work. Days like that can be precious.

    2. looks you had it in hands, amazing and sure your family liked it too, i like how you design it and the tastes looks good also, how long it took you to do it, for me it may take day or so hhhhh

    3. liked it but its too spicey, I tried it once long time ago, really good taste but wish if they reduce the spices, hope they make it suitable for every woman and man, util then i will not go to buy it, and waits to make it normal, or maybe I will do it at home its so easy to do it and have fun with no hot tastes


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