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Basic etiquette rules for how to behave at the table.
April 24, 2017

Probably not one of us have experienced situations when sitting at the table felt uncomfortable. Is it because of something that we did not know by ourselves, or that anyone at the table behaved rudely. Remember the basic rules of conduct, and if you are going to go to the very important event, please check out more of what is required for table etiquette.

General rules.  

If at the table you are not alone, it is important to maintain contact with existing near you and to leave your smart phone or other devices in the purse. It is rude to browse your phone or read a magazine at meal time. No matter how close company sat at the table, you should respect the elementary, even from childhood repetitive rules. Do not place the elbows on the table, please lean on the edge of the forearm and in no way swing on a chair. Eat calmly and slowly, do not gobble. Stirring a drink with a spoon, try to avoid it touching the sides of the cup. You should silent use other cutlery: Do not scratch plates with fork, knife, do not clack the spoon.

As usual, the left hand should hold the fork, on the right – a knife. If there are laid out  all the tools on the table with which will be eaten dishes one after the other, you should pay attention to the sequence of tools. For the first dish use the tools farthest from the edge of the plate.

The tools.

The tools lined up in some way after eating mean certain information. If you have finished eating, place the tools vertically adjacent to one another.

Forks teeth should be facing downwards, and a knife blade into the plate. If you are going to repeat the dish, cross your tools – a knife horizontally to the plate and the fork put vertically on the knife’s blade. When making a break, put the tools on the plate edges, slightly tilted to one another, their handles should lean to the table. If you are impressed by the dish, place the both tools horizontally to the plate, the handles should be facing left. And if you have claims to the kitchen, leave tools on the plate crossed, between fork teeth inserting a knife blade.

Above the plate placed the knife is for butter on bread. Remember that the bread should be broken by hand and butter applied only on broken piece. For the desserts usually are used special tools – dessert spoons or forks. If dessert or beverage cup or bowl is placed on a plate, spoon should be left outside of the cup, on the edge of the plate. If any tool dropped on the ground at meal time, do not think to clean it and use again – ask for another.


If possible, do not rush to eat first, wait for the meals will be served to all. If the dish is too hot, do not cool it by the blowing, just let it cool down.

Cloth napkin expand and lay out on the knees, after eating several times folded place it on the left side of the plate. By eating a dish with a spoon, it should keep to the right hand, and eat from a spoon side, not the front. At the end never think to drink rest of soup from the plate like from a cup – it would be very rude.

Before putting the salt, pepper and offered on the table spices to the dish, first try do you really need it. To use it without testing will be rude, especially if lunch or dinner is going being in guests. If there is a common meal on the table, do not seek it with your hand through all table, but ask someone who is closer to the dish for help. If you did not like any of offered dish or drink, better keep silence, just thank the owners for the dinner.


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