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Do you ask your new date what kind of they like before you take them out for the first time?
May 14, 2017

HI if you have a new date and you are the one treating for the meal do you ask your date what kind of foods they like? Why am I asking this ? Here why I am asking this? Some times a date might not eat meat, other date the person can be only all kosher items is what they eat . Yes Kosher items do have meats. With the new date you want to get to know who who what they like and if you bring them to a restaurant that does not have the food they like that night might be done with and no second date. For me my goal is looking for a wife so I want the first date to be good and not pushy and yes I do tell the lady that I am looking for a wife I am 55 years old never been married or live with any one . So for me it time to take the chance but I just do not want to marry any one just to get married , so people get married just so they are married this is why divorce is up so high. On the other hand how much time do I have left on earth? so maybe if a lady say she want to marry me I show go for it. Ok Now back to what I was talking about how many people ask their date what kind of food they like before they go out or better yet what is there favorite res truant I think this might help people better then asking the date what kind of food they like? So what do you think?yes what do you think? should it be favorite foods or what the favoirti restaurant they like to go to? Ok that it for this one.

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