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February 15, 2017

Do you like to eat only home cooked food or prefer dining out? Well as far s I’m concerned me and my husband both of us like to eat out at least twice a week.

Whenever eating at home we prefer basic food but when stepping out we are a typical foodie and love to try out new varieties.

Though I’m a pure vegetarian and my husband is a non veg lover we both allow each other to their taste buds turn by turn.

Eating out is a kind of energy booster for us and we feel energized after doing so. It breaks the life’s monotony and allows us to spend some healthy time together without the intervention of any family member.
I simply look forward to these small outings.

Like everything eating out also has its pros and cons which vary from person to person.For me the pros overrule the cons but there are others for whom disadvantages of eating out are far more than the advantages.

Here are a few cons that I can figure out:
1). Break from regular cooking.
2). A good option to fill the stomach in case you are too tired to cook.
3). Saves cooking time, fuel and vegetables.
4). Gives a change of mood.
5). Energy booster.
6). Allows you to explore new places to eat out.
7). Allows you to taste and learn about new delicacies.
8). Gives a nice and uninterrupted family time.
9). Increases your flexibility in food you eat.
10). It can vary from a small treat to a big celebration.
11). Helps to build social skills and manners.
12). Allows to spend good time with friends as well.
13). Helps to increase communication skills.
14). Gives you a chance to dress well and flaunt yourself.
15). Allows the kids to learn to sit and eat.
16). Improves table manners.
17). Helps to keep us updated.

Well these are the main points that strike my mind at present. Any additions to it are most welcome.

But excess of anything is bad. The advantages remain beneficial only if there is a set boundary line that must be followed strictly.

The associated demerits are:

1). A hole in the pocket.
2). No control over food quality.
3). Compromised hygiene.
4). Limited portion of food.
5). Increased probability of stomach infections.
6). Managing children can be tough at times.

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Books You Must Read – Slaughterhouse-Five
January 28, 2017

Kurt Vonnegut is an American author who wrote a number of books and short stories.  Slaughterhouse-Five is simply the most well-read.  There are other books by Kurt Vonnegut that you should read, basically because of his style.

He tends to write as if  sitting across the table, speaking directly to you.   He avoids harshness, despite writing about very painful topics, he always sprinkles a bit of humour or fantasy to offset the pain.

His linguistic style is described as straightforward; his sentences are concise, his language simple, his paragraphs brief, and his ordinary tone conversational.

Kurt Vonnegut uses this style to convey complex subject matter in a way that is intelligible to a large audience.

Slaughterhouse-Five was his greatest work.  It is based on Vonnegut’s own experiences during World War II  when he was a prisoner of war.

On February 13, 1945, Dresden was the target of a fierce fire bombing by the Allies.   Vonnegut  as a prisoner of war,  was engaged in forced labour in the city.  He and his fellow prisoners were billeted in Slaughterhouse Five, that is the title of the book.

The fire bombing lasted until February 15, leaving tens of thousands of Germans dead.    When Kurt Vonnegut and his fellow prisoners emerged from where they had hidden, (in a meat locker three stories underground) they were astounded by the level of both the destruction in Dresden, the death, and the fact it was to be kept secret.

In the Book,  Vonnegut describes what he saw and experienced, but not in a depressing or harsh manner.

Kurt Vonnegut and other American prisoners were put to work immediately after the bombing, excavating bodies from the rubble.   But the book is not gruesome nor depressing.

Slaughterhouse-Five was released in 1969,  at the height of the anti-war movement, and rocketed Kurt Vonnegut to fame.

The story is not told in a linear fashion, and to alleviate the painful and repulsive theme there are many fantastic sprinklings such as his kidnapping by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore.

Many of Kurt Vonnegut’s earlier works had appealed to college students.  The strong antiwar message of Slaughterhouse Five resonated with those marked by the Vietnam War.


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You Got What You Wanted, Now You Don’t Want What You Got
November 20, 2016
You Got What You Wanted, Now You Don't Want What You Got

We were sitting in a posh restaurant,  having a happy conversation, deciding on what we would order.   There was a group at the other table, which had come before us, and we heard them order.

We made our orders and were talking, and then the other table’s food arrived.  A woman who was sitting there suddenly shouted; “Snails!  These are Snails!”

Well, duh.   She ordered Escargot.

We were cracking up.   The waiter tried to explain to her that Escargot is snails, the manager came out, perhaps assuming that she had not ordered Escargot Provencial but another style, and it was just the high point of the evening.

The woman had clearly ordered Escargot.  She got Escargot.  Didn’t she know that it was Snails?

Apparently she didn’t.

When our food arrived we did various take offs on her reaction.   One going; “Spaghetti?  I didn’t know those were noodles!”  or  “Steak?  But it’s Meat!”  and on and on, laughing so hard, because it was so funny.

How does a person order something and NOT know what it is?

I always ask; “What is this? What is in this?”  to insure I don’t order something I can not eat.

When there’s some proposition before the Board I ask about it.  What does it mean? What will happen? For I don’t want surprises.

When there’s a candidate to vote for, I need to know what s/he stands for.  What is their position on the various issues.

I don’t vote against my interest, so need to know if this candidate and I are on the same page.

Donald Trump, for example, is a racist, a sexist, and an Islamophobe.  He’s said so. He’s made it clear.  How can anyone be surprised at the appointments he is making?  He is choosing racists, he is selecting Islamophobes, he had made his position of non-citizens of America very clear.

I can not understand anyone being upset about his appointments, because that is what he stands for.   When he puts more of his positions into practice, and ex-pats who hold jobs in America are dismissed and asked to leave, I can not see how any of them can be surprised.

If he closes Mosques or demands every member be registered, and taps their phones, well, clearly, that is simply putting into practice what he has so clearly defined.

That he ends Affirmative Action, Open Admissions, and Quotas, well of course that is clearly on his agenda.

Didn’t they vote for that?

People who complain about Trump’s appointments and positions are just like that woman who ordered Escargot and then objects because there are snails on her plate.

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Do You Choose What To Eat?
wine-Do You Choose What To Eat?

A Colorful Table

The table hajs been neatly arranged with all the delicacies that your best chef only knows how. There is Meat of all colors, red meat,white meat and others. The table is laid with all the appetite arousing colors. There are flowers and candle light burning that one may think you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or birthday. No, it is just a normal meal.

Are you choosy what you eat?

Do you just fall on the food and eat gluttoneously over any type of food or you watch what you eat? Do not tell me that you have not been refused any food by the doctor. Are you waiting for the doctor to tell you to mind what you eat. You must choose as you are the solo doctor of your body.

Are you aware of these?

Your body needs no meat in your diet. If it is a must that you eat meat, then opt for white meat like fish, chicken, rabbit e.t.c.
Eat plenty of vegetables. Vegetables are known to have most of the essential minerals and vitamins that your body badly needs.Some vegetables like stinging nettles or urtica are known to have curative and preventive qualities to diseases.

Take plenty of fruits daily. I know your mind has gone to bananas and fruits such as coconuts. Yes, they are fine fruits. What I meant was that you eat more than five types of fruits daily. They must be fruits that you eat both the peels, succulent flesh and seeds.
Always be wary of the oils used to prepare the meals. Solid fats contain too much cholesterol and solidify quickly Making them not good enough.
Sugar intake should also be controlled. The body Needs only One Spoonful of sugar a day. Too much of it is poisonous. If You were to Take soda then Take club soda Otherwise the Other sodas have too much sugar.
Take plenty of water. Twelve glasses are needed by the body daily. Water assists in digestion, food Swallowing  and excretion. Most of the body Is water. Blood And  milk  is One Hundred percent water.

Do you do exercise?

This is another Vital part of Dating. Exercise is very necessary. It assists to burn down the food eaten. Exercise opens the pores as it rids the body of excess water, urea and salts.


We have had diseases and most of them are food related. There are deficiency diseases caused by lack of certain food nutrients and those caused by taking certain food nutrients in the excess.Our eating habits are wanting. Take precaution before food kills you.

Featured image from pixabay free images

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Restaurant Experiences: Sure Signs You’re Addicted to Chinese Food
August 16, 2016
china cafe-Restaurant Experiences: Sure Signs You're Addicted to Chinese FoodChina Cafe

How do you know you’re addicted to Chinese food?

* * *


Hmmm? Well if you’re married to a man like my husband:


  • Every time he decides to treat you by taking you out to dinner, you always end up at a Chinese restaurant.


  • When it’s family pizza night, he orders pizza … so the kids won’t get mad at him. But he also orders Chinese food!


  • Whenever you travel, no matter what state you travel to, he always looks for a Chinese restaurant.


  • If you relocate to live somewhere else, on his list of top priorities? Finding the Chinese restaurant that’s near to where you are now living, and figuring out if they have delivery service!


  • If you haven’t moved into your new home or apartment yet, he will ask a local to point him in the direction of a really good Chinese restaurant, while we’re looking for a place to stay.

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Unexpected afternoon at Chez Max
August 16, 2016
Unexpected afternoon at Chez MaxCheers!

Did you ever experience planning to do something relaxing while your little one takes his nap when all of a sudden – your little one woke up too early from his nap to join the fun? If you did, then we are in the same boat! High five!
Last weekend was a nice sunny day in Dublin. Similar to other weekends, we spent one day outside strolling around the city center just letting the time pass by. It was a good change of scenery especially for me since I am mostly at home (I work from home) and rarely go out. So on days when the weather is particularly nice, it is hard to let the chance pass by without getting my own dose of vitamin D direct from the source!

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Jamie Oliver’s Italian: Dining in Jamie’s Italian
August 15, 2016
Jamie Oliver's Italian: Dining in Jamie's Italian

Jamie Oliver is a well-known British chef over here. I am not sure if you are familiar about him but over here, he is mostly famous for his TV shows, cookbooks, a restaurant chain, and recently, a not-so-good remark about breastfeeding that earned the ire of Adele (eek!). To be honest, I think he meant well but probably the choice of words he used at the time was not right. Anyway, moving on.

If you are familiar with Jamie Oliver, then you are more likely familiar with Jamie’s Italian, the chef’s restaurant chain. Prior this visit, we have been here before and had a positive dining experience while we were there. Especially now that we have our little man eating with us, we have to be wise in choosing which place to eat out so to make sure there is something that he can eat as we have our meals, too.
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First-timers: Taste of Brazil
August 4, 2016
First-timers: Taste of Brazil

My son has a nanny that comes in the morning and stays until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon to mind my son. Not sure if purely by coincidence, but so far, we have employed Brazilians to take care of him. I didn’t do it intentionally, as I even tried to find somebody coming from the same nationality as us, but no luck!

We are truly blessed to have found fantastic girls minding him so far. And because there are times I try to share a chit chat with them when not overly busy, it made me a bit curious about their culture, too. Some girls were kind enough to bring us homemade Brazilian food to share with us as well.

I am not overly familiar with Brazilian/Portuguese cuisine apart from the shared food items given to us and our recent snacking at Wigwam. But last weekend, my husband and I decided to dine at Taste of Brazil for lunch. If I am not mistaken, it is the only Brazilian restaurant within Dublin city center as well.

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Another Italian Place to Visit in Dublin: Paulie’s Pizza
July 27, 2016
Another Italian Place to Visit in Dublin: Paulie's Pizza review

A friend from California arrived a couple of weeks ago to visit. On that day, it was a gloriously hot day in Dublin and I can truly feel that summer is here in our midst. We went out to go to the zoo and spent the afternoon in a park just to chat. When my son took his nap, we went home but planned to go out for dinner. We thought that it would be nice to go outdoors to have a meal instead of staying in our apartment. And for that, my husband booked a place at a nearby pizza place called Paulie’s Pizza.

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Family day weekend: Wigwam
July 25, 2016
photo 2Dining at Wigwam

The weekend is our family day. And no matter how busy our weekdays are, my husband and I try to make time so we can spend the entire day with each others’ company while strolling the city center – especially these days while the weather is really nice and warm. Well, we don’t simply spend the day idly during both days of the weekend since I need to run some errands such as grocery shopping and cook our food for the entire week during weekends, too. But we make sure to allocate at least one day so we can take our son out since he loves to go to the city center and play!

Well, it is tiring to run after a toddler – no doubt about it. Especially with my son having so much energy flowing through his body, my husband and I are already knackered but my son simply wants more, more, MORE! That’s why after the “running after session” with my son, my husband and I take a break to have some snacks and coffee in the city center to catch our breath! We try our best to stop by a cafe or a restaurant for some snacks as my son takes his nap in his pram so we can leisurely eat our food and drink. During these “quiet moments”, one of our favorite spots to visit is a trendy cafe called Wigwam.

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