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March 20, 2017
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This is my post on my Facebook wall. Just to let my Facebook friends know that I am one of the bloggers at this site.

I also encourage other friends to sign up, just like what LiteracyBase member, Dina (my cousin), made me do. And I am thankful for her for doing that.

I just hope that I could write a minimum of 3, 300-word, articles daily. At the moment, I can only write one article a day.

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With LiteracyBase, my lifelong dream of writing an article has turned into a reality. I just wish that I will not be lazy to keep on submitting articles.

There are many good writers here. It just consumes too much of my time just to go over all the submitted posts and comment on them, if possible.

Here is my post:

I recently signed up with LiteracyBase blogging site.

I cannot claim that I am a good writer, because I am not. This is the reason why I like LiteracyBase for they do not judge bloggers because they have an excellent command of the English language.

LiteracyBase site had posted 7 of my 7 submitted blogs, not because it was good but because I have complied with what their site required.  

My articles do not have the potential of being a “viral” post, but it was an effort for a non-writer like me. It took me half a day just to create a 300-word article.

When I was young, I hate English composition and I do not like essay type of exams. I’d take Math subjects anytime.

To my 1,789 Facebook friends and your friends friends, PLEASE JUST CLICK on the links, you do not have to read it if you do not like. You can help me earn US$0.001 or Php 0.05 per click. It is not much, but it’s the start.








Thank you so much!

    1. tried it alot, its really waste of time, i wrote to many site sin the past and posted many areticles for me and other sin social media, the famous one, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, linkeding and stumbleupon, but not worked they do brings views but very little and not work all my time that i wasted postig and keep on sharing there, i just now post and see almost the same number ofpeople that view my spots just like when i share in the social media so why to bother and waste more time in social media, if you write good post the keywords will do the good work for you and no need to waste more time doing post and share for many times to get more views and more revenue shareing, do it by postig more, that is from my experience, still well posted info there

    2. I don’t put the link to my posts at social media anymore because anyway, no one is interested, as I have done it a lot of times. Maybe they don’t need extra money or maybe they may think it’s hard to make a post. he he he

      Anyway, here we just have to make a clear post. Even if the grammar is not good as long as you can elucidate what you are trying to point out and it complies with the minimum number of words required for the post, you can have it submitted. But be sure though that you didn’t copy it anywhere because LB can surely discover that.

      I am happy that when I shared the link at FB, it got you interested. So, after all my post isn’t wasted because I was able to let you know about it. 🙂

    3. @ dealio

      Maybe since I am a newbie here, I am still on the ‘excited’ stage, to share my posts here at LB on my facebook account. Maybe eventually I will get tired of sharing it for the earnings you get from views to this is only $0.001.

      It will take a lot of views for it to earn.

      Thanks for your comment!

    4. @ dina

      That is why I am really thankful to you for referring me to this site. There are times I get lazy thinking of what to write.

      I should have jot down topics that came into my mind right away, if not, I will face another blank wall on what topics to write.

      Have a blessed day, cousin!

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