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Death Of A Writer
June 13, 2016

May be last month a writer whom I know got dead. You also know that individual and its me. I don’t know how much good or bad I write but I get appreciations from my readers but some discouraging issues has killed the writer inside me and I found that writer death, now she rarely can write. Now she doesn’t feel the passion for writing. It’s me who trying to pull myself from the bury where this writer has buried after the death.

A writer who expresses thoughts, views and reviews and loved to play with words and enjoy writing is missing. First reason, she was blamed for an issue she was not responsible for, those guys who blamed me surely understand their misunderstanding one day but I have lost the things in me need time to make it alive or almost impossible to make alive or make it just alike it was before, that’s why I consider its death. Another reason is losing job and one site I have lost I working for, it means all doors shut down for me. But still I have hope, faith in me and also faith to my Almighty because it heels. Recently I have completed my M.sc so this is the beginning for the jobs I should try, if the writer is dead completely then let it be, there are many opportunities just waiting for me and I need to find out them. I want the writer back in me to be honest but I’m not so hopeful that I will surely get back, I just can wish and try.


Hope nobody experience such bad incidents in life. Every plant need care to grow up, the writer in me was just like a plant which has nip in bud. Well, let me try once again to make alive the writer in me.

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    1. I hope that you find your passion for writing again. I enjoy reading your posts. Please continue doing what you love. Don’t let someone else ruin it for you.


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