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What career Do you want?

Hi everyone my name is Jose Ricardo Meza and I major in Music and Work in Music Technology. It is a dream I want and I am earning it. What is your dream? If you could choose one what would it be? Would you stick to traditional jobs like a Doctor a Lawyer or a Nurse Etc. Is your parents forcing you to choose your career? Don’t let it happen just choose something unique. Be an Artist, an Actor, A musician. Something creative. Be who you were meant to be, Yeah sometimes its harder to get paid, but it is alright. Just work hard and hard until your done. It will get rough and stress will hit and you will fail, but get up and continue till you make it a dream come true. Take your time decide and don’t let no one bring you down. Think about it. The more unique the job the more known respect from higher ranked workers or important people. Also, encourage others and talk to them to get back to school and go to college because it is what will make you who you wanna be for the rest of your life. Yes your parents might disagree but that don’t matter because you will be glad you are getting paid for something you love. So go out there and chase the dream, get back to me on what your dream career is. I would love to know. We can share ideas because together we can make a difference and show others anything is possible.

I once had nothing was living on the streets, had no job, no car, no friends,  and family didn’t want me because I drank to much.  Until one day I got into an altercation with a family member which was my brother, and things didn’t turn out to well. This altercation is what made me change and become a better person and chase the dream and become a music producer, I can also do film scoring and composing. The main goal is to play the piano very well and become a teacher that teaches everything about music.

So please go ahead and take my advice, be who you want to be. Choose your own career and don’t let no one choose for you. It can be something you might regret. For more information or advice email me at

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