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Dealing with the Spoiled Brat
February 19, 2017

Years ago I ran into a very good friend of mine at the Plaza.   She had her son, who was about three years old with her.   We were talking and I followed her into a clothing store.  Suddenly, her son threw himself on the floor and began to have a tantrum.

I was stunned because I never expected that she would have such a horrible brat.

Clearly, he’d performed this repulsive behaviour before as she ignored him,  just tossing to me, ‘maybe someone will step on him’ as she walked on.

I had seen this kind of brat maybe twice before,  horrible, loud, repulsive feral children. I never expected my friend to have raised one.   None of my children ever acted that way, but then, I never raised feral children.

It comes when parents don’t toilet train a child early enough, when they don’t set limits which are punished when broken.  That this child could throw himself on the ground, demanding attention indicated a number of serious parenting mistakes.

Subsequently, as we were leaving the store, he took himself up and followed us out.

I don’t know if how many times he performed this repulsive tantrum, but I assume her method of ignoring him might be her method of response.

Watching the American President I am looking at an ugly adult version of this brat.  I realise the only method to deal with him, by the Press, is to ignore him.

I can not see, with all the events in the rest of the world, why the Press should bow to his every tantrum.  Ignore him.  Push any story to the end of the news cast, focus on other things that have nothing to do with him.

As my friend’s son, all he wants is attention. Clearly, he wasn’t properly toilet trained as a child, clearly his parents pandered to him and so, he grew up thinking his every fart should be taken as wisdom.

Yes, for the rest of the world, he’s nothing but a joke, and being the President of the United States, we get to laugh at their expense.  However, the American press has to stop giving him so much time.   Refer to one of the speeches, but don’t carry it on air, and ignore much of the tantrum.

What this Narcissist that Americans elected wants is attention.   He is living in his own sick twisted world and needs people to look at him.   By depriving him of that attention, and focusing elsewhere, at least the world will be protected from the more unsavoury aspects.

I assume my friend’s response to her son’s tantrum may have led to his ceasing of such behaviour.   He received no attention from her for his performance.

Perhaps the media might try the method.

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    1. I think toddlers have the same pattern to have tantrum episode. However, it is really embarrassing if the situation is out-of-hand. I had read a medical book about dealing with tantrums. It should be ignored and no need to compromised with toddlers. If we offer or entertain such behavior, the child will know your weakness. Of course, we can’t ignore the child with such behavior in public. That’s a good thing for parents. They show undeniably patience act.

      • My belief is that when you toilet train a child early, they learn how to control themselves. When you don’t they never get a grip on their behaviour and continue on like Trump.

    2. Hahaha equating the attitude of the child to Trump is serious but the fact and the difference is one can not be irgnored. The child have no control over his mom so he can be irgnored but in the case of trump the will not be safe if he is irgnored. The man Trump is a terroriest against himself, america and the world. if he get the attention he will be able to reveal his intentions against the world so he can be stoped where possible.

      • He acts like a brat, throwing a tantrum. He is very dangerous. Some Americans are beginning to realise it.

    3. I’m curious to know why you think Trump will hurt the world. Most of what the media says about him is not true. Most of what he says himself he believes is true. He is giving voice to what many Americans believe — that the people who have been in charge of the government for the last few decades don’t care about ordinary people and are not in touch with what most Americans face in their lives. We are willing to overlook some of Trump’s personality traits because we believe in his policies.

      Compared to the population of American, only a small percentage is protesting, and many of those are paid. I won’t say any more now since I don’t know how many of you really care about this. I do not think Trump is having temper tantrums, either. He isn’t always wise with his words, but are you always wise with yours? Trump doesn’t show one personality in private and another in public. He is who he is and you know exactly what he’s thinking.

      Can you give an example of what you consider a temper tantrum he’s had?

      • The ‘so-called judge’ is how he labeled the Judge who ruled against his badly thought out executive order, which has led to a law suit. The way he castigates the press… how he spoke to the Australian Prime Minister, these just pop to mind. If I did the research I can give you a pile more.

        Further, the fact the Women’s Protest was 3x the size of his inauguration.

        I know there are die hard Trumpies, they hated having a Black man as their President. They want America to be white, christian and male. And I’m sure they’ll get it.

    4. I can completely relate to your friend. These days all the kids fall into this difficult to handle group. And ignorance towards there tantrums is the best remedy. They eventually stop doing it.

      Though it take some time but it is far better than shouting or hitting the child.

      • To me, this grows out of a child who has no self control and the parents must, when they get the child home resort to ridicule. “Oh, you should have seen Joey! He made such a fool of himself, I could barely could keep from laughing,” and go on about it, and say, “I don’t think you can go to the zoo… what if you throw yourself on the ground and scare the animals?”

        This works.


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