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celebrate your life, it is too short.
April 1, 2017

Welcome to the reality! Have you heard that saying? If you get disappointed or encountered problems, then someone smiles you ironically and tremble in the eye, “Welcome to the real world”. It means, make it a habit, and it is life. From an early age I opposed this idea, with every cell of my body I felt that this is not the truth, that you by self create your own world. And the reality is not necessarily such as others draw you or present in authoritative stories on television, newspaper or other types. We form it by self. We choose what to believe and if to believe what expect from us the majority.

The reality is notion interpreted quite different. Now people like to say that the rules and norms are negative experiences and exceptions – some positive flashes. But we used to believe that seniors are more experienced and they know better. But after all, what is positive and what is negative? Numerous experiences are just a matter of interpretation. Our personal interpretation.

It is damn good if you discover different people, people with new approach, interesting people. People that spread the idea of courage to live for the joy, discovery and for beloved activities. Even more fun, if such people you see pretty close to you. They inspire. Then you realize that life will not be interrupted if you violate the chain of school-university-work, you realize that the reality is just one big game, one journey.

Seriously, what prevents fulfill your dreams? What happens if you try something new? You are born, live, become elderly, and die. It is. And what then? It depends on your beliefs, but such life, what we have here, we will not have anymore. So, we live frightfully short. And precisely because of this, we should celebrate this time as we can. Deliberately.

We need motivation, we need cleverness, creativity, after all, interest in the world, because otherwise would be damn hard to live. We need to make the experiences and activities interesting to us.


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