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Reality is Where I Would Rather be

There’s the thoughts but there’s the reality some are way too focused within fantasy. The realities are what realities are. Thinking positively and remaining whole by actions and thoughts. To keep my mind focus on what some have probably viewed as fictional. My story is filled with truths. My cousins were gunned down, my great grandmother is deceased, my conditions are so. “Whatever to be perceived some have misjudged my path and what I’ve tried to express.” (Tanikka Paulk).

The reality is “movements.” There’s so much to accomplish and there are goals to meet. What they’ve perceived seems twisted. So many aren’t able to comprehend what’s “truly” occurring. No matter what the words describe there’s the dysfunctional line of thinking. At least some should consider trying to listen and trying to understand. The purpose was written and no matter how my moves are viewed my reality is still within me! Some seem to think that stories are fictional. No. All stories aren’t.

What’s said isn’t always what is. One think for sure “it is so.” So many believe whatever they hear or read. That’s why there’s research and investigative measures. The truth will present but the alertness should be. There could be a lot of why’s. All won’t know right now some won’t be able to understand what’s occurring. The factual is what some aren’t willing to accept. Truths are presented and what is to be said could either be accepted or not.

Perhaps the reason why some are unwilling to accept is because they would rather partake in fantasies. Reality has to have its place. “The many words spoken have the truth within there has to be the listeners and the audience.” By: Tanikka Paulk. “My journey isn’t easy at all so many adversities to even name. Too many to count.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although some continue to project the altered words my purpose is to continue to move further to accomplish greater.

Where am I headed? Somewhere although it may appear as if the movements are slow but there’s still progress. To think of thinking what some haven’t though to think. My name is apart of the realities. So many disrupt by wanting to hold on to the fantasy but I’m more in tuned with the reality. The need to and the desire to get to where I should be. From here to a different place. “Newness!” Continued with my beliefs and my thoughts protected by thee.


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Albert Einstein, the Facts and Physical Reality

Many people just blindly believe in science, and above all, they believe in the facts, while Einstein’s skepticism about it has remained a cornerstone of his theory. Most people believe that science is a genuine reflection of reality (the facts), while, according to Albert Einstein [1879-1955], the concepts that underlie it are the creation of man.


In Einstein’s thought, science does not provide a picture of reality, but only builds a model of the same reality. However, Einstein’s skepticism about science is only apparent. Actually, he believes that scientific theories remain only an attempt to explain reality, and they are valid only insofar as they tend to improve the explanation of the facts.


In a famous passage of his Autobiographical Notes, first published in 1949, Einstein developed some considerations on the changes produced by the new developments in physics and the way by which he meant the same science.


Indeed, “The system of concepts is a creation of man together with the rules of syntax, which constitute the structure of conceptual systems. All concepts, even those closest to experience, are from the point of view of logic freely chosen posits, just as is the concept of causality,” Einstein said (1)


About the facts, Einstein was very explicit on that point:


“Even scholars of audacious spirit and fine instinct can be obstructed in the interpretation of facts by philosophical prejudices. The prejudice — which has by no means died out in the meantime — consists in the faith that facts by themselves can and should yield scientific knowledge without free conceptual construction. Such a misconception is possible only because one does not easily become aware of the free choice of such concepts, which, through verification and long usage, appear to be immediately connected with the empirical material.”


And yet, he remarked that,


“Reflections of this type made it clear to me as long ago as shortly after 1900, i.e., shortly after Planck’s trail-blazing work, that neither mechanics nor thermodynamics could (except in limiting cases) claim exact validity. By and by I despaired of the possibility of discovering the true laws by means of constructive efforts based on known facts. The longer and the more despairingly I tried, the more I came to the conviction that only the discovery of a universal formal principle could lead us to assured results.”


What about the physics? And so Einstein concluded:


“I shall briefly indicate my own thoughts on this point. Physics is an attempt conceptually to grasp reality as it is thought independently of its being observed. In this sense one speaks of physical reality. In pre-quantum physics there was no doubt as to how this was to be understood. In Newton’s theory reality was determined by a material point in space and time; in Maxwell’s theory, by the field in space and time. In quantum mechanics it is not so easily seen. This exposition has fulfilled its purpose if it shows the reader how the efforts of a life hang together and why they have led to expectations of a definite form.” (2).





1)      Albert Einstein, “Autobiographical Notes,” Transl. and Ed. P. A. Schilpp, La Salle, Illinois, Open Court Publishing Company, 1992, p. 11.

2)      A. Einstein, “Notes for an Autobiography”, in The Saturday Review of Literature, November 26, 1949, p. 13, 12.














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Lost Identities and True Colors
August 2, 2017

Some become so “adapted” to taking on different identities and may become mentally unstable from doing so. There are some people who may become deceptive by pretending to take on a personality which may or may not be the person’s personality. There are some who become enslaved to multiple personalities and for some they neglect their mental states by not seeking help for whatever has caused the persons to take on the identities. For their actions stem from the desire to conceal an identity.

That’s what happens with a lot of individuals who have discovered that taking on an identity will either create a gain or at least prevent the individuals from consequences. For some they’ve become so accustom to an identity that they actually believe they’re the person. If there’s some sort of deception then the person may try to deceive others by pretending that the identity is actually of the person or persons. In a lot of cases the deception stems from envy. The desire to be the person or at least live a life which is “similar” to the person.

No one can really know for sure what some have to go through just to live day by day. It’s better to “be self.” For some they may think that a person has a glamorous life but not everyone exposes the behind closed doors. A lot of individuals who are unable to be themselves suffer from some sort of mental disorder such as a personality disorder. Not wanting to outsiders to see their true nature some may conceal their true identity. Even when being caught the person or persons may not admit to being deceptive.

The discoveries may come many years later. Some are so good at taking on “identities” that they’re able to fool family and friends. For some going through a traumatic even lead to the hijacking an identity. The need to live a life which doesn’t belong to the person. Too many people become confused by not being themselves. There are some who choose to take on identities because they’re ashamed of being in the position they’re in. Not living up to their true potential.

It’s really unfortunate because there are so many who end up in prison because they’ve never received the treatment needed for a personality disorder. There are some who may admit to having a problem while others will continue their deceptiveness until “discovered.” For some their backs must be against the wall in order for there to be any admittance. Too many people end up losing a lot due to their identity being stolen. Even the law may have a difficult time controlling such a serious problem.

“Even Pretending can Lead to Some Form of Mental Breakdown. Some can not Easily Come Back to Reality.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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celebrate your life, it is too short.
April 1, 2017

Welcome to the reality! Have you heard that saying? If you get disappointed or encountered problems, then someone smiles you ironically and tremble in the eye, “Welcome to the real world”. It means, make it a habit, and it is life. From an early age I opposed this idea, with every cell of my body I felt that this is not the truth, that you by self create your own world. And the reality is not necessarily such as others draw you or present in authoritative stories on television, newspaper or other types. We form it by self. We choose what to believe and if to believe what expect from us the majority.

The reality is notion interpreted quite different. Now people like to say that the rules and norms are negative experiences and exceptions – some positive flashes. But we used to believe that seniors are more experienced and they know better. But after all, what is positive and what is negative? Numerous experiences are just a matter of interpretation. Our personal interpretation.

It is damn good if you discover different people, people with new approach, interesting people. People that spread the idea of courage to live for the joy, discovery and for beloved activities. Even more fun, if such people you see pretty close to you. They inspire. Then you realize that life will not be interrupted if you violate the chain of school-university-work, you realize that the reality is just one big game, one journey.

Seriously, what prevents fulfill your dreams? What happens if you try something new? You are born, live, become elderly, and die. It is. And what then? It depends on your beliefs, but such life, what we have here, we will not have anymore. So, we live frightfully short. And precisely because of this, we should celebrate this time as we can. Deliberately.

We need motivation, we need cleverness, creativity, after all, interest in the world, because otherwise would be damn hard to live. We need to make the experiences and activities interesting to us.


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The ABC of Getting Education
adult-education-geralt-The ABC of Getting Education

We learn the basic education from elementary school. We taught how to write, how to read, and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. In so doing, we can manage to do it by our own without letting others to help us. This is the beginning of knowing ourselves and be independent. This is what we call the process of anticipating, bethinking and considering things for the next level of our studies in the high school.

In this level we have to undergo another acquisition of knowledge for development, the ABC of secondary education. We start to appreciate our opposite sex. We fantasize and imagine the impossible things. We tend to go against our parents and do what is pleased for us. Through our uncontrolled emotion and indecisive judgment, we become a victim of truancy and rebellion. In short, we become irresponsible, ungrateful to those who have helped us to grow, to stand for ourselves. In the long run, we are at a loss and remorseful about it and come to our senses. Thus, we regret all those things, repent and change ourselves for the better. We are now accepting, branding, and creating things to reality with full of senses.

Now we become ambitious, believing ourselves, committing of having a family of our own. We want to continue our education in the tertiary level. We become anxious, beginning to value life, and come to terms to the world of work. We have the practical ambition to fulfill. We have the belief that knowledge applied perfectly is the true spirit of living. We have the commandment to obey to “go ye and replenish the earth”. That is to have a family of our own, to support them, to educate them, and to be with them for time and eternity.

This ABC of education hones the person in all level of educational process to what he is to be as acceptable, beneficial, and credible to everyone.

Copyright 2016 Gil Camporazo Philippines

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