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Brands or value- What do you want?
April 27, 2017

I was on a forum site that asked me to post a question. I simply posted the one which was in my mind for long time. I just wanted to know whether my friends liked the brand names or the same stuff at lower rates minus the brand name. The responses I got were huge but most of them thought and said that brands were a better choice since it gave them feeling of superiority and the branded material lasted long.

Okay so I agree with them to the point that brands give them feeling of superiority. But perhaps they missed the words “same stuff at lower price”. You see that makes all the difference isn’t it? You know, I hear, see and read a lot about ‘Brands’. In fact, I just finished watching a promotional displaying the “vest”, a big brand of course but these vests were so common and looked the same as any ordinary or premium brand in that price range.

I was once watching an advert of a famous brand of “shorts”. Please excuse me if my point gives you reason to laugh but you might as well be naked in them. As far I am concerned I am not looking for brands but good stuff. I never buy brand names or anything purely based on brand but I buy things especially clothes and shoes for particular features that I need. For me brands are fine but I want value for my money first.

I believe that I have my own thinking power to decide about my needs and not what a sales person choose for me. I consider branded clothing and accessories are no better than other regular lesser known varieties available at almost at fifty percent or even lesser price compared to “branded” ones. By the way I don’t think people are checking your clothes and accessories for the price tags they carry or do you think so!

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/acoustic-guitar-advertising-artist-1840381/

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    1. Good question you ask here. I had prefer the same thing with lower prices because for me brand name is just a name which for is kind a useless. I prefer same thing but lower price so that I can save money to buy other things which are more valuable.


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