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Eminem new genaration singer, Love The Way You Lie , good song for its Music Video

Eminem new generation singer, Love The Way You Lie , good song for its Music Video

do you like it when you see many of the people you like together do one work and do you think it is good idea to do that, if you think it then you will like this video by three megan fox and eminim and rhiana also are all in one songs

I think is good sons from Eminem and it comes with a great music video to watch with i
lots would love the song because he joined  the star Megan Fox and the singer sweet Rhianna in this music video but there are more meanings its also nice song who wish to listen. this rap is one good and means great
here see Megan Fox in love with her fiance but she feeling unloved back and potentially sick from one side loving. his rap good place with his fans she now feels free and ease with these freedom and life.

I know many likes Eminem and many fans likes Megan fox and there are also lots of fans to Rhianna too

so to see them like that is nice and fun too.

I like the new Rhianna songs here are some of the favorite

Love The Way You Lie

  • Russian Roulette
  • We Found Love
  • Umbrella
  • Work

how nice to make songs in that fast also that pretty

who is your favorite actress, or your favorite actors or you favorite singers

let us talk aobut them here, if you like the review and find it helpful, try to like please thanks

I can not wait for rhianna next songs, but not the video I guess she do better in singsing than acting

megan fox is good too and eminim

hope I find something to write aobut soon, have a good day to any member in literacybase aold and new members also


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The Revenant, leonardo movie review
April 26, 2017
I like leanardo, he did good in movies and nice watching it but the ads and trailer is not good for this movie, so i wqas  not sure to see it or not. The Revenant, The Revenant, movie review for this star lover
after a while I decided if all talking about it, maybe good knowing that the last moive for Leonardo was great
so saw it and here is the reviews about the film and the story and the rating online
the rating for this moive was too high, that I did not believe, its 8 on 10 and the movie took rewards, so here is the story and you see, but no photos for the movie here sorry for that, enjoy the review
Leonardo diCaprio’s in the movie not really a must see anyway here is the movie review, you know about copy rights and law
hugh glass  play by leonardo, has injuries due an attacks but not the fatal, still his company decide to leave him along with his son hawk played by forrest, Jim and man his name fitzgerald
However, Fitzgerald attempt to kill hugh and murders his son too. but he fail and run away and when Jim ask about what happened and they travel, in the ice and mountains, hunted and also going to hunt, yes you are right its action and hunting either animals or humans from groups and from the same team attack each other
Hugh fights his injuries and try to find him and revenge. the actors did good job and were really so good but the story is not really new , seen movie like it and the too much action in it make it pure action
It is as you see an action movie and has some drama and it can be family films as wel
in my opinions its not really a great movie, not great
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vatika hair color sensitivity review
April 26, 2017
I do not change hair color always, but do it from time to time
permanent hair colors has ppd , and I try to see good brands find natural hair color PPD free and tested or ammonia free
vatica claims that really only natural hair color, but when I used the ingredients alone henna, which is in vatika hair color, it make my white hair bright red, so bad
I want to try
its natural I though maybe they add little chim. with no ammonia I liked to try it
excellent product for no amonaia
I used.  In this review, you will see the advantage and disadvantage of vatica
color I choose as black and was excited to try more for white hair these level is better and no amonia. I had to get more than one
though hair is not long but their packet is too small
Most hair colors require only one packet, any way
they say gloves in the packet, but its bad quality
gloves r too thin and were cut wearing them, before even start the work, so I used my gloves
mixed powder with water in bowl
lots of dripping and spilling , inspite following the instruction.
any way I put it on the hair waited 40 minute
the smell was too powerful and its not natural product smell, when I washed the hair the minute its dried the hair was too dry that I feared that It is going to split so I had to put oil and hair cream
vatika hair color after 40 minutes and after washing the color review, I do not recommend it to any body care to their hair ever and do not want it to be like brush that cleans room
later I found the color is not really good, its shade of black but not really the color I want and it did not cover
I wasted 10 dollars for this hair dye that is not doing anything to hair
vatika hair color sensitivity review not good to sensitive and caring peole
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Sink clearner or Fairy, better result
April 26, 2017
Fairy is better
Sink clearner or Fairy, better result
I used it kitchen sink that had b to built up rust and calcium, so my sister told me I had  buy sink spray to clean it and its not healthy to leave it, I tried one brand I do not remember the name, waited few minutes but didnt work , so i applied it again and waited 15 minutes this time before brushing it, hopping that cleaning the sink will be easier this time, but nothing changed, I used hard sponge to clean it and took me around 15 minutes. so did not work first time, nor second time, I  had to clean it with brush too, and then wipe it with clean towel. I did not like this formula
it dissolves nothing and removed nothing, it was waste of money
I can not use it again since the smell i too strong too
I am sure that plate washer can help
so I used fairy with the hard brush and it was fast as it did great job on the rust side, but calcium was little harder to remove
fairy also was good for synethic marble and showers
would recommend fairy for any sink works its good cleaner and not pricy also its effective and better thand other cleaners.
Fairy is the best dish cleaner and I use it also to clean sometimes the floor if I run out of the other products that meant for the floor, its handy for any person like to make his house clean
its the rescue at home for any cleaning purpose,  if fairy is high price and sometimes happen I buy the cheapest other brand all are chemicls and work the same on any surface, its online and in real store, its way too famous not to know it or find it in life stores, I like fairy and thanks for the company that made it , I just hope they make it less money then I would never buy anything elss but fairy
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Vesmol hair color real review
April 23, 2017
vesmol Permanent Hair Color is cheap hear color so i liked to try it
the price is comparative due to economy I do coloring my hair at home and long time I did not go to hair salon or stylist
Doing my hairs at home keeps in my pocket about 99 dollars
beside quality is poor and the color is not so good
My hair is good with no salon
the only thing i find difficult to do is highlights but i will learn later to do it
any way its now maybe 5 years last event make me go to salon
I got home prepared place for the dye. mixed the it and on hair it is. waited 35 minutes or 45 minutes, and washed my hair to see pleasant surprise the hair smell nice due to the dye and shade was awesome, I felt like maybe I will open my salon one day
this is natural hair color as the company claims but i do not think its true, i just bought it because it was cheaper than other dyes and it was in the shade i want
I thought it was GOOD but when I looked again the white hair not fully covered, after few two days when washed the hair the dye came out, partieally, and after one week the dye has almost gone, so it tolerate 4 washing and finish
when washed next day the hair was bad and too dry, its overly harsh and unnatural.
Vesmol hair color is not good and not natural, it made my hair bad dry and I was
unable to style it for two weeks, and the color goes in one week or so. the hair co
lor packet is small and not enough for middle long hair, it did not cover white hair.
one box is for 5 dollars, cheap but you will need to do it every week if you find the price is tempting and as for me I do not recommend it, my hair never was bad as with this hair dye that disappear with each wash.
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samsung Two doors home appliance
April 18, 2017
samsung Two doors home appliance
have to say the time I saw the fridge had to wow it and also I was not able to see the top of it, that much its tall fridge, if you are looking for new fridge this is the one for any home wife that like her house to look the best
this is my friends refrigerator, reviewed by me. she got samsung twin door or two door size : 30.3 cu ft, I hope I wrote it write since I’m not good in such things. refrigerator is new design and needs lots of space to open the two doors. she bought the fridge at cheap price on sale and that is 1500 dollars, its fancy design make you arrogant to have it price is good and timely her old one become junk a few weeks ago. and that satisfy her family need of lots of food with such refrigeration. the space of the freezer is good wit two layers. you are going to be spoiled with the ice cubes that you do for the parties, and late night movies. she made the first layer for ice cbubes and meat and fish.
the second layer is for frozen food that are ready , dough, sauces, butter, ready meal and things like that, so she just pick up the pan and into the oven
she needs to go to the groceries to fill her fridge twice , its deep and you can fridge fruits and vegetables as much as you want.
She is happy with her fridge and I am happy too, if mine will not work God forbidden I will use hers lol,
THis brand of ssamsung is my trust for ever, though my electronics are not Samsung but soon will be, did not hear any one complain of it
other brands , famous one heard lots of complain and some times work for months and then needs oil or maintenance or the fridge was not as good as in the news papers. but Samsung did not hear any complains
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Hada labo soap in a tube review
April 18, 2017
I usually have dry face and now its summer so its going to be more dry if I did nothing. I remembered using one good oily product
Whitening Face and Body soap, that is made in japan and I did see those girls do have great skin with no marks
hada lobl soap tube wash is the secret to that glowing face of Japanese girls, one time I saw this lotion on line and read a lot about it, then tried to find it in here in where I live but not there, so I bought it online from Japanese site and I was so happy, now will do again and get the face wash
very strong to hydrate and whiten your face, fragrant with strong yet soft scent makes it the choice of every girl and woman. fragrance means it make you clean and scented awesome all day.
easy to make lots of foam it create the feeling that it takes all the dust and makeup out. later you fee relaxed after. It is easy to rinse too,  After drying you will be satisfied with skin and really result in whiter skin, from the one use.it moisturiz your face and make it whiter, is not that what we want. It is two in one face whiteing formula
just needs two times use of this soap and you get the nicest face.
hada labo face white soap wash is not expesive, or we can say little expensive but it lasts 3 months and it is price in dollar 30
there are many tubes from this brand hada labo like creams lotions and soap and day cream and for protecting you skin from the sun. its amazing product
this product is the most selling product in Japan, and I am sure that you are like me saw the pure and soft and glowing skin that Japanese ladies have.
The next I guess to buy is there milk hydrating lotion or moisturizing milk lotion, not sure about the name but it has these words, when I get Hada labo milk moisturizing lotion I will try it and review it for you in here hopefully soon
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learning languages, express your thoughts
April 13, 2017

Do you like to learn language or do you know more than one language

I guess if you have to live in a place there they don’t speak your languages then you need to learn their language.

or if you are woking in place that is foreign then you need to learn the language.

learning is great and learning languages is hlpeful in mayways

you get to speak with the people around you, you understand expression in that language, you understand feelings of those people since the emotions and feelings cant be translated and it will lost in translation

language is key to many things, sometimes is key to life, key to love, to work and many things more.

I know one language though started to learn the other language through net

English language is good for leanring since most of the books in English but French language is amazing, its classy to speak

I had French college and the she is encouraged me to learn it.

France is just one talk French but also lot of other countries talk in French in Africa

imagine you are in france and you can not talk the language, its not good, you get to learn French recipes, French movies will be simple to see

also monterial is another place that i like to live in, and they speak pure French. its so beautiful there. cloudy, sunny place all in montreaial qubic

French is not so easy to learn and it needs lots working hours and more talking with French people, or those who speaks french

What do you think about learn different language then your own? do you like to learn and you did not get the opportunity to do or you already know another language then yours?

are you planning to learn different language  or do not know different language and see this as waste of time

please tell in here in the comment part if you have same or different opinion and what is your favorite language and how you learn it

learning languages, express your thoughts

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