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learning languages, express your thoughts
April 13, 2017

Do you like to learn language or do you know more than one language

I guess if you have to live in a place there they don’t speak your languages then you need to learn their language.

or if you are woking in place that is foreign then you need to learn the language.

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learning is great and learning languages is hlpeful in mayways

you get to speak with the people around you, you understand expression in that language, you understand feelings of those people since the emotions and feelings cant be translated and it will lost in translation

language is key to many things, sometimes is key to life, key to love, to work and many things more.

I know one language though started to learn the other language through net

English language is good for leanring since most of the books in English but French language is amazing, its classy to speak

I had French college and the she is encouraged me to learn it.

France is just one talk French but also lot of other countries talk in French in Africa

imagine you are in france and you can not talk the language, its not good, you get to learn French recipes, French movies will be simple to see

also monterial is another place that i like to live in, and they speak pure French. its so beautiful there. cloudy, sunny place all in montreaial qubic

French is not so easy to learn and it needs lots working hours and more talking with French people, or those who speaks french

What do you think about learn different language then your own? do you like to learn and you did not get the opportunity to do or you already know another language then yours?

are you planning to learn different language  or do not know different language and see this as waste of time

please tell in here in the comment part if you have same or different opinion and what is your favorite language and how you learn it

learning languages, express your thoughts

    1. It is great to learn languages and use

    2. its the second time to read your post, nice one and keep the good work, thanks for the good express of thoughts friend

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