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samsung Two doors home appliance
April 18, 2017
samsung Two doors home appliance
have to say the time I saw the fridge had to wow it and also I was not able to see the top of it, that much its tall fridge, if you are looking for new fridge this is the one for any home wife that like her house to look the best
this is my friends refrigerator, reviewed by me. she got samsung twin door or two door size : 30.3 cu ft, I hope I wrote it write since I’m not good in such things. refrigerator is new design and needs lots of space to open the two doors. she bought the fridge at cheap price on sale and that is 1500 dollars, its fancy design make you arrogant to have it price is good and timely her old one become junk a few weeks ago. and that satisfy her family need of lots of food with such refrigeration. the space of the freezer is good wit two layers. you are going to be spoiled with the ice cubes that you do for the parties, and late night movies. she made the first layer for ice cbubes and meat and fish.
the second layer is for frozen food that are ready , dough, sauces, butter, ready meal and things like that, so she just pick up the pan and into the oven
she needs to go to the groceries to fill her fridge twice , its deep and you can fridge fruits and vegetables as much as you want.
She is happy with her fridge and I am happy too, if mine will not work God forbidden I will use hers lol,
THis brand of ssamsung is my trust for ever, though my electronics are not Samsung but soon will be, did not hear any one complain of it
other brands , famous one heard lots of complain and some times work for months and then needs oil or maintenance or the fridge was not as good as in the news papers. but Samsung did not hear any complains
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    1. i like samsung but also there many brands taht ai like too, like lg and i dont remember
      but i saw many with two doors
      i like it and yes it needs bg space
      it will not look nice if you haven’t the place and just buy it to block the view
      my house is not so big, maybe in next house if we will move i want to buy the one with two doors
      the only thing that concern me electricity
      how much energy will need.
      that will make it so pricey i think, since you bought a new product tell in here next month how much her water adn electricity payment will be
      i say this because all new two doors are big and needs lots of power
      thanks for the review over there

    2. ok I need to check with her and ask her about that
      your serious about it yes? any way thanks for the comment and hope to anwer you next month when the bill is going to come

      • sure i want to know, i like it and though its pricey just want to gather some information till the sale day or maybe buy used one, not sure, but we are going to find out in the future thanks for help and thanks for that post, its good one and i like it really, moon can you check please about fridge space


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