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The problem of underage biking
What is the age when you learned to ride a bike? In the olden days, there were not many people who tend to ride a motorcycle before the age of 18. But nowadays, things have changed. The problem of underage biking has increased causing a major public nuisance and also a problem to their life. The main problem of children under the age of eighteen using bikes is that they drive rashly ending up in an accident taking away their life. What they see as a publicity stunt brings horror to the family. Also, the children using the bikes are not very much afraid of the police and even if they were caught by them they will easily bribe them and comes clean without a fine or a case. This careless act by the police department is only making things worse. But not all of them to be blamed. It is the misleading act of few which brings a bad name to the overall police department. Then whom is to be blamed? The parents who allow their children to take the bikes and allow them to ride before taking license are to be blamed. It is the carelessness of the parents allowing the children not properly making aware of the problems poses serious threats to their lives.
This is an issue to be taken seriously and create awareness as much as possible. Schools should take responsibility in making the children understand the problems that come in riding a motorcycle before the proper age. Also, the parents should be made understand the problems and this can be done by the government. Now recent studies show that the rules have been made strict such that if any children are caught then the bike is given to their parents in person and also they will have to pay a huge fine. The rules are made strict as this is a major problem among the students studying tenth and twelfth standard. These two phases are crucial and the mist important in their life and it is the duty of the parents and teachers to make them understand the importance of the things that are important.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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The Goldwell Open Air Museum- Nevada- A unique museum
May 20, 2017

The Goldwell Open Air museum is located outside Rhyolite which is a ghost town connecting up to Death Valley in California. This philanthropic museum was built in the year 2000 by the late Charles Albert Szukalski. This place was transformed in such a way by the Belgian artists who were the disciples of this remarkable artist. Charles Albert Szukalski has created marvelous artworks in the Mojave desert. Goldwell Museum has artists visiting this wonderful place from around the world who comes to residency programs at the nearby Red Barn Art Center. Even today the place has attracted a lot of visitors and you can see the place always busy flooding with artists and tourists from various parts of the country. This sculpture museum is open to artists and visitors throughout the year.

This is an outdoor museum covering eight acres of land with installations such as mosaic tile couch, giant cinderblock lady and the much. But the life-size ghostly sculptures portraying Leonardo da Vinci’s “The last supper” is the crown jewel of this museum. Albert Szukalski created these life-size models by molding by draping the plaster-soaked burlap over live models and separated them after drying and dried enough to stand on their own. This crown jewel is a must see destination for all the artists. The same technique was used to create the “Ghost rider.”
The museum although has only two to three sculptures but they have a huge importance to the artistic world. The cinderblock lady called “Lady Desert Venus of Nevada” is an added collection by the eminent artist Dr. Hugo Heyrman in the year 1990 inspired by the pixel blocks. He is a contemporary artist who had done a lot od exceptional works in his field. Another sculpture is the “Tribute to Shorty Harris” which led to the discovery of gold rush in 1904. This sculpture was contributed by the prominent artist Fred Bervoets.  This place is a collection of contributions of some phenomenal artworks. If you travel to California then don’t miss this place.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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Appreciate the little things as life is only once
May 12, 2017

Life is only once and what is there in it if we don’t live the way we want. It is alright to keep working for your family, living for your daughter, living for your son, living for your husband, living for your wife, living with your mother, living for your father and so on. There is nothing wrong in living for others but just think for a moment  and ask yourself, “Am I living for myself?” Mostly the answer will be no but, hey that is okay. Learn to appreciate the small things in life as those small things are what your life is made of. When you look back in time these small things will be the big things and you would proudly say, “Glad, I did those things.”

What is really appreciating the small things and what benefits that you will get?
Appreciating the little things means focusing and paying attention to the things and events that happen in your life on a daily basis which you will nurture it. Those small pleasurable things which will put on a big smile on your face whenever you think of that are the little things. It means developing the attitude of gratitude for those everyday little things and that you get easily, you take for granted and much more. Having this attitude of gratitude will not stop you from getting negative impact but will give you the outlook to look on the bright side of life.
What research says about gratitude?
Recently several types of research are being conducted on gratitude and researchers says this as a new field of study. In the study, participants who keep a gratitude journal writing on a regular basis were studied from those who hadn’t. These results show that people who regularly write gratitude journal had a more optimistic view on life and better well being, always experience positive moods and also help others a lot. They even exercise a lot, studies shows. They stay healthy in both physically and mentally.
Attitude of gratitude builds your resilience
When we show gratitude to our loved ones or a complete stranger we are sharing the positive vibes within ourselves and also with the community. Reciprocating this will create a positive environment thus enhancing ourselves in meeting new people and creating a bond. Sometimes this bonding changes into a very special bond earning you some valuable people in your life.
What can you do to appreciate the little things in life?
Well, there are many ways to appreciate the little things in life. Let me share what I do.
Maintaining a gratitude journal
Keep a separate journal and write down the things that you are grateful for that happened in that day. It may be a cute message from your friend, a delightful meal that you had, saving money, a memorable trip, weekend excursion or a short trip, or even helping a complete stranger and much more. Spend some ten to fifteen minutes for this every day. After a  few weeks, this will evolve into a habit and you will start to spend some extra time. You will feel the change in yourself gradually. You will be aware of all the things that happen in your life and will start to appreciate them at the right times.
Celebrating the little things
We all have those big things like wedding, birthdays, graduation, promotion to celebrate for. But why not celebrate the small things that happen in everyday life. Some examples would be celebrating a nice weather by an outing with your friend, giving a special treat for your pet, arranging a dinner for the neighborhood just to celebrate the night. These small things will remain in your memory forever giving you happiness.
Slow down and enjoy a bit. Living in the moment is one of the great things that we forget to do in our busy schedule. Take time for yourself, enjoy the little things and feel the change. It won’t happen in a night but it will come with patience. Patience is the key to all. And practice. Everything in this world is achieved by constant practice and determination. If you are enjoying a day keep enjoying every day. If you are writing down the things for a day keep writing the things that you are grateful for never missing even for a single day without giving some petty excuses. People who give excuses will keep on giving excuses and they never change. But you are not like that. You are special. You are unique. You are capable of achieving the great things that you have aimed for. Never give up because somebody laughs at you. People who laugh will be laughing but never care for them and keep on living your life the way you wanted.
Thanks for reading. Good luck. 🙂
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Are films at the present educating and infotainment?

Movies are a great way of educating people about some serious problem happening in the society. They are great tools in stressing about a crucial matter and to create awareness. If we look at the evolution of movies it is pretty interesting. The history of film dates back to 1890’s where motion picture cameras were being used until 1927 when the fist film was produced without sound. Then came with the sound and with the development of technology, movie industry also developed. The film industry is constantly evolving and adapting itself to the usage of modern technologies like 3d- printing, depth sensors, virtual reality and much more. This results in some great VFX and screenplays which make us glued to the screen until the movie is over. In the olden day’s movies were taken with less glamor and razzle- dazzle and the story line was given the main importance. Neat clothing, stunning and confident looks which portrayed courage and bravery by both male and female characters. The stories were also exciting to watch as they were educating us except for a few.

But nowadays, the film industry is solely focusing only on entertainment. The film industry has become a business and only money matters. If you have lots of money and no talent then you can be a hero too. The films that release in the present day have no story, no message, no acting with poor comedy. Otherwise, the comedies would be hidden with adult content. This is why most of our parents still love to watch the old movies of their generation. But we don’t like it, do we? It will be boring for us while your dad will enjoy the black and white movie. He will talk high about it. But in the current scenario, the number of movies that releases in a day has been increased with new faces. They can encourage new faces but why put a new face in a movie who cannot even act a bit? What we need is movies with a clear message as well as it should be infotainment that will motivate us and not some adult content movies which will corrupt our minds.
what is your say in this about the movies nowadays? Share your thought in the comments.
Thanks for reading. Good luck. 🙂
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Benefits of writing a journal- not in a smartphone but a diary
May 12, 2017

We all love writing journal or diary as at the end at the day we will write all the good, bad, funny, sad things that happened throughout the day. Why do you write it? How do you feel after finishing your journal for that day? Have you ever thought, “Why do I write it daily?” Besides feeling well there are so many benefits of maintaining a journal.

# When you are writing a diary your IQ improves. Research says that writing has a direct relation to expanding our intelligence. Also, it improves our vocabulary.
# Writing a journal help yu to be mindful about your actions and get a clear idea of the past grievance and future anticipation. This will get the wandering mind to go in a particular path reminding you of the right things to do.
# Maintaining a diary has a major impact in balancing your emotional intelligence. This will mold your feelings and make you stable and make you feel more empathetic and compassionate towards life.
# Helps you achieve your goals easily as you write them in your journal which will pave a clear path for you to run behind your dream.
# Writing journal will enhance your memory and strengthen your brain. While writing a journal you will think of new ways to write which will be a strengthening activity for our brain.
# Writing a journal daily will improve your communication skills. When you keep writing this in time will transform into a natural conversation. This has a huge benefit for you while you speak. You will start to feel the change in time.
# This has an indirect impact in developing your self-discipline. You will follow the rule of writing your journal and recording your entries no matter what work you have. This, in turn, cultivate into a habit and reshapes your self-discipline in the long run.
# Writing a journal will heal your pain as you transfer your agony and anguish to your diary and cry your heart out. This will help ease out the pain and make you feel better.
Thus writing a journal has so many benefits and if you don’t please start writing it immediately for you will surely feel the change.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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How to be perfect and real in life
May 12, 2017

Perfection is not only defined as the punctuality in everything and it is more than that. Every organization wants perfect candidates for their job. Why not? Because they are paying for the perfections too.

Here are some cool tips to be perfect
1. To be perfect punctuality is the first thing one should follow. Being punctual in everything is not easy, it needs a perfect plan and execution before that. So punctuality is the key tool to be perfect.  So be punctual.
2. A good planning is essential for being perfect because all the tasks and different job details should be known before starting to do anything. Each kind of job is allocated according to its specifications. So planning is important for every project as well as an individual to be perfect. It differs from person to person according to his work and his own experience. And also it differs in one’s own ways of doing things.
3. If you want to be perfect in your job, you should be perfect in your time you take to finish the job. For example: If a job approximately requires 10 hours to complete, you should aim to complete it on or before 8 hours. Because in these 2 hours of time you can check the mistakes and correct those within the allotted time and submit it well ahead of the deadline. It gives perfection in both your work and time.
4.Perfection not only depends on the time but also in giving a quality work is also means perfection. Giving an excellent quality work requires considerable time and work but it makes you perfect in everything slowly by practice. It increases your reputation by that your credibility and status in your workplace will go to a higher level.
5. If you feel like responsible towards your work or work was given to your team it makes you feel continuous and prompt in working, by that your work will be perfect and also you will be rewarded accordingly.
6. Be advance in your work as well as your life. Don’t urge yourself and other members before the last minute. Prepare yourself as well as everything in advance before the day starts. It gives you confidence in working and also gives perfection in finishing the project.
7. Concentration is one of the major tools one should follow to be perfect in everything. Concentrate in every work you do and make others be concentrated in their work. Don’t get disturbed yourself by watching something else while working. Always working with the full concentration will make you a perfectionist in the jobs that you are doing.
So here are some awesome tips to be perfect in everything. Everything will come by practice. There are people who hate a perfectionist but they really don’t know the hard work behind those people doing in order to be perfect. Before hating anybody for being perfect think of that hard work and determination. Learn from them and get motivated by them. Most of the successful people are perfectionists and that is why they were able to achieve their goals in time.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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How to be self motivated in your life when feeling down
May 12, 2017

Every mankind in this world faces a situation to motivate himself on his own. There are situations in life where people don’t ask any kind of advice from others, so one should know to advise and motivate himself by his own. Here are some tips for self-motivation.

1.Know yourself:
Try to know your exact situation in the society, that may be your working scenario or may be in your life, anything you can consider but you should know yourself. Knowing yourself means one should know his strength and weakness, his capability and everything. This is the first step one should need to do by himself to motivate on his own.
2. Goals:
Keep track on your goals and always think about it as that will make you feel responsible. Each and every time when you go down you can make yourself motivated by remembering your goals and targets.
3. Daily Target:
According to your working situation and capacity fix a daily target by your own. By targeting, one should always keep track on his work. And think of how to complete the tasks quickly.  This will motivate him to work more.
4. Smart work:
Yeah, Hard work never fails but smart work gives you ideas to get the results quickly. If you know that you are smart then you always find the way to get the work done in a smarter manner and this motivates you every time.
5. Success:
I know success is not an easy thing to achieve but you can get it by your dedicated quality work. If you know the taste of success in your life, that makes you motivated towards the success again. That motivation finds the ways to reach the success point and that’s important too.
6. Motivational stories:
There are lots of motivational speeches and stories available on the web as well as the market. So, find and read those books. The path faced by them to reach their destination makes you motivated. Read different types of stories that will give you different ways of thinking ability according to the situation. Apply some of the ways and incidents you have read in the various books of your real life problems and I am sure you will be motivated by doing this.
7. Get inspired by others:
 Whenever you see people succeeding in their life or in their field most of the people get inspired in them. Everyone wants to win and achieve great things like those legends who proved themselves in various fields. This inspiration gives motivation to every individual to do his job better than ever.
There is no formula for success and a great victory but one thing everyone should keep in mind that motivation. Everyone should know to motivate himself and motivates others too. This doesn’t mean that giving fake confidence to others, it’s like bringing out the best from the mankind. Motivation is a small essence and if it gets everyone at the right time then anyone can do wonders and achieve great goals.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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Preference Falsification- Suppressing the change
LE HAVRE, FRANCE – MAY 21: Anti-G8 activists protest during a demonstration on May 21, 2011 in Le Havre, France. The demonstrators were protesting against the G8 summit, to be held May 26 and 27 in the north-western French city of Deauville. (Photo by Franck Prevel/Getty Images)
Preference Falsification. What is the thing first comes to your mind when you hear or read these words? The exact meaning of these words is the following, “The act of misrepresenting one’s actual opinions or preferences due to fear of social pressure.” This term was first coined by social scientist Timur Kuran. He used this word in his book ‘Private Truth, Public Lies’ which was published in the year 1997. After coining this term by Timur, the term has been used to explain some abrupt and unforeseen political and social revolutions happens. The fear of society and the social rejection can sometimes cause us to remain stuck to false preferences for a long time and remain unexposed. This happens when a group of people remain silent for the false preference and will get to know suddenly.
In general, this term means that people will convey preferences that differ entirely from what they know actually. The author Timur Kuran expresses that conveying fake and untrue choices by certain people about a fashion, political law, or a policy causes discomfort to other people who genuinely want to express their original thoughts. The consequence of this falsifying action is that people hide their knowledge on which the issue rests. This causes distort, corrupt and exhaust the true knowledge. This makes it harder for others to know about the drawbacks of the main issue. Also, this will widespread the stopping of creating a big change. In the long run, this will dampen the major change from happening for the community thus narrowing down the intelligence and implanting the untrue nature.
As a part of the community, we should prevent this preference falsification from happening as much as possible for the welfare of the society. It is our duty to be true where in our integrity lies. Let us bring a change by being true to ourselves and in our opinions so that you are benefiting some people to whom you are not directly related but belonging to the same community.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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How to stay calm under pressure
May 12, 2017
Staying calm and cool under all circumstances would be nice if possible. But it is not possible to stay, isn’t it? But if you could then you will be able to think clearly and take a wise design which will not affect anybody. Also, you will be able to think about the problem from a different perspective and also you will get some creative ways to solve it. It is in the workplace where we lose our coolness the most as we have to deal with distinct people. After all, everyone is unique in this world right? But there are some effective ways to maintain our coolness under a difficult situation.
# It is okay to get nervous but first when you encounter some bad things. If so take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath will make you concentrate on the breath giving you time to analyze the problem.
# When you are nervous your tone becomes a little shaky which portrays to the world that you are nervous. Don’t show that. Prepare your mind for that first. This can be achieved by regular practice of yoga and meditation, This will exercise your brain to stay calm under difficult situations.
# Prepare your mind and body to know the difference between the flight and the fight mode. When it is in flight mode you will be able to think clearly and calmly. If it is in a fight mode then you will experience the hormonal rush and become nervous and your body will be fighting against you. But don’t worry friends this will come in practice.
# Have proper diet. Not having the right food or having no food will also cause you to be more nervous and fretting. Having too much carb in the morning is not good for health. Don’t let your stomach growl in hunger as this will make you anger and irritated due to the certain hormones released at the time of hunger. Also, make sure you have proper sleep.
These are some tips to keep yourself cool and calm under complicated and complex situations in life. Just relax as every moment just passes. So, never give up.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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How to grow aloe vera at home and its many benefits
May 11, 2017
Aloe Vera is a succulent plant like cacti which grows well in dry condition. The one benefit of growing this plant is that you don’t need to water it often. They not only add graceful beauty to your shelf or your garden where you grow but also has many medicinal benefits. So, growing an Aloe Vera is very simple but proper care is important.
1. Aloe Vera needs a large container with lots of drainage holes in it so that water can drain easily without getting stagnant. Never allow water to stagnate as this will rot your plant.
2. Fill the container with potting soil well mixed with compost and fertilizers (if you want). Make sure water will drain thoroughly through the soil otherwise this will result in rotting and wilting of your plant. We don’t want that. Do we?
3. Aloe Vera is just like Cactus so they need a lot of sunlight. Place them directly in the spot where they will get a lot of sunlight. If you are growing inside your house then place the pot in South or East directions.
4. Water Aloe Vera deeply and in order to avoid rotting allow the soil to dry 1 to 2 inches deep between the watering period. Reduce the time of watering in winter.
5. Occasionally the mother plant will produce offsets or babies which have the ability to produce an entirely new plant. Remove the mother plant from the pot and see where these babies are attached and cut off the babies alone carefully. Place them in another container with potting soil to have more Aloe Vera. After placing the offsets allow for a week for them to settle for the dry soil condition and then water it.
6. The common problems for Aloe Vera will come from mealy bugs and scales. Some common diseases include fungal rot, leaf rot, root rot, soft rot. You can avoid these diseases by preventing overwatering and by providing proper drainage.
7. Other types of aloe vera include tiger aloe or patridge breasted aloe vera and lace aloe.
Medicinal uses of Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera gel has many benefits for your face, skin and also for weight loss.
1. The gel can be used to treat dry skin. Take some Aloe Vera gel, a pinch of turmeric, a teaspoon of honey, milk and a few drops of rose water. Blend the mix and apply it on your skin for 20 minutes and wash it off.
2. Aloe Vera gel is excellent for curing acne and preventing further production. Take some Aloe Vera gel, walnuts grounded to flour consistency, and honey. Aloe Vera along with the honey’s antioxidants will result in a smooth and clear skin.
4. If you have sensitive skin then take some Aloe Vera gel, cucumber juice, yogurt and rose oil and blend them well. Apply this for 20 minutes and wash it off.
5. Other benefits of Aloe Vera gel includes soothing sunburns, accelerating wound healing, removing blemishes, promote hair growth and prevents dandruff when used as a head pack once in a week.
Thus Aloe Vera is not only a succulent plant but also with lots of medicinal values providing natural care for your beauty as well as health. So, enjoy growing this amazing plant.
Thanks for reading. Good luck. 🙂
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