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The Goldwell Open Air Museum- Nevada- A unique museum
May 20, 2017

The Goldwell Open Air museum is located outside Rhyolite which is a ghost town connecting up to Death Valley in California. This philanthropic museum was built in the year 2000 by the late Charles Albert Szukalski. This place was transformed in such a way by the Belgian artists who were the disciples of this remarkable artist. Charles Albert Szukalski has created marvelous artworks in the Mojave desert. Goldwell Museum has artists visiting this wonderful place from around the world who comes to residency programs at the nearby Red Barn Art Center. Even today the place has attracted a lot of visitors and you can see the place always busy flooding with artists and tourists from various parts of the country. This sculpture museum is open to artists and visitors throughout the year.

This is an outdoor museum covering eight acres of land with installations such as mosaic tile couch, giant cinderblock lady and the much. But the life-size ghostly sculptures portraying Leonardo da Vinci’s “The last supper” is the crown jewel of this museum. Albert Szukalski created these life-size models by molding by draping the plaster-soaked burlap over live models and separated them after drying and dried enough to stand on their own. This crown jewel is a must see destination for all the artists. The same technique was used to create the “Ghost rider.”
The museum although has only two to three sculptures but they have a huge importance to the artistic world. The cinderblock lady called “Lady Desert Venus of Nevada” is an added collection by the eminent artist Dr. Hugo Heyrman in the year 1990 inspired by the pixel blocks. He is a contemporary artist who had done a lot od exceptional works in his field. Another sculpture is the “Tribute to Shorty Harris” which led to the discovery of gold rush in 1904. This sculpture was contributed by the prominent artist Fred Bervoets.  This place is a collection of contributions of some phenomenal artworks. If you travel to California then don’t miss this place.
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