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How to grow beautiful jasmine plant in your garden
May 11, 2017
Jasmine is a beautiful flower and a fragrance is just rendered and adds a beauty to your garden and your home. The plant can either be a vine or a bush. The plant can grow in warmer climates with just the right amount of sunlight. Although growing jasmine is not a very simple task it will be worth the time invested in it. You will definitely love to see the flowers blossoming and spreading the fragrance in your home. Common Jasmine is usually a vine and has larger shiny green leaves than the Royal Jasmine and also has the pleasant scent. Now there are a lot of varieties of Jasmine available and it can be grown in according to the temperature and atmospheric conditions. Now let’s see the steps to grow some beautiful jasmines.
1. Before placing your jasmine plant choose a location that is warm and doesn’t have too much sunlight. Jasmine loves shade a lot than sunlight. They are vines and loves to climb up so place as support which is at least 15 feet tall.
2. Have a well fertile and draining soil. The soil should be rich in organic matter. Go for clay or organic soil such as peat as it is loose and when watered it will hold the right amount of water for your jasmine plant to grow healthily.
3. Jasmine needs a surveillance at the early stage as you have to get them climb the support. When you start to see new leaves cut off the yellow and dried leaves. Spider mites might be a problem so in order to get rid of that use horticultural oil or neem oil if necessary.
4. If you are growing indoors then dwarf jasmine would be a perfect choice. It requires more moisture and more sunlight in your home. So place this in a spot where you will get a lot of sunlight. Since the potted plants would not be able to get more nutrients you will need to fertilize it annually.
5. Arabian Jasmine would perfect for your indoor as well as outdoors. Once grown fully they will have the ability to produce flowers throughout the year. You can make your own perfume by putting the plants in the hot water before bathing and they prove to be a great scent. You can do this if you like to give a little treat for yourself.
6. Lotions made from Jasmine flowers are wonderful for treating sunburns and rashes. The juices of Jasmine flowers are said to moisturize your skin and give a young look and feel preventing wrinkles.
7. Jasmine flowers have great uses in the field of aromatherapy. The scent of Jasmine flowers is used as an anti- depressed and to relieve stress. Also, Jasmine is mainly used in making essential oils.
8. Along with these Jasmine is used for treating headaches, irritability, sunstrokes, anxiety, depression and uterine problems. These flowers are also used to treat fresh cuts and to clean scraps. The flowers have high healing power.
9. Jasmine tea is a herbal tea which has many medicinal benefits. The benefits include reducing the risk of heart attacks, prevention of diabetes, preventing cancer, reducing stress, improving the digestive process, lowering cholesterol, and easing out chronic inflammation like muscle aches and pains.
So, Jasmine is not just beautiful plant adding beauty and sweet fragrance to your home but also it is of so many medicinal benefits. Enjoy your time growing this wonderful plant.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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World’s tallest railway bridge- Chenab bridge
May 10, 2017

The world’s tallest railway arch bridge is being constructed in Jammu connecting Kashmir over the river Chenab. This bridge is said to withstand the high intensity of blasts and also the worst natural disasters like earthquakes and more.

This is the first time globally that a bridge is being constructed so strongly as to withstand the high-level explosion of trinitrotoluene (TNT). The safety oof the bridge architecture is being consulted by the Defense Research and Development Organization. The bridge is constructed by Konkan Railway Corporation Limited on a budget of Rs. 1200 crores.
This Chenab bridge is 1.3 km long with a height of about 359 meters and is 35 meters taller than Eiffel tower in Paris and Five times the height of Qutab Minar in Delhi.
The bridge connects the crucial link of 111 km stretch between Katra in Jammu and Banihal in Kashmir which is a part of the Udhamour- Srinagar- Baramulla section of the railway project. This project is aiming to link Kashmir with the rest of the country. The project site is located only 60km from Pakistan border. The construction work was started back in August 2004 with a deadline of April  2007 but have missed several deadlines and is in the process of construction still then.
The engineers constructing the bridge says that even if the 17 piers of the bridge has been blown off the bridge would result in a collapse and also it can withstand up to two and a half loads of TNT blasts. The after effects would be just some minor repairs says the engineers.
The construction of railway links in Kashmir dates back to the year 1892 where the King of Kasmir, Maharaja Pratap Singh laid the foundation for a railway link between Jammu and Srinagar which was later abandoned in 1925 when the king died. Also, some railway lines were between Pakistan and Jammu for sugar trade which was also abandoned after partition in 1947.
The material used to construct this bridge is 63-millimeter thick special blast-proof steel and concrete steel which can withstand explosions. The reason for using this is because the bridge is in a zone which is prone to frequent terrorist attacks. A system of aerial security, online warnings and a continuous monitoring system on the bridge are provided for security purposes. The bridge is a massive steel arch bridge with the ability to withstand temperatures as low as -20-degree celsius and a wind speed of about 200 kmph and also it is cost economical. The company AECOM is the team behind the construction and providing technical guidance in design and construction of the bridge.
Although the construction of the bridge is delayed if it is completed it will be of national importance and serve as an important pathway for the commuters. It is good to know that none of the extremist groups have made a fuss or created any sort of trouble while the construction of the bridge as till date there is no single news of any nuisance and unwanted disturbances in the construction of the bridge. If they can maintain peace this will be a huge success for the nation and its people.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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How to stay focused on your goals
May 9, 2017
Each and every one of us in the world has his own goal right from the school to becoming the senior citizen. But being focused towards their goal is reduces in time. Every human has different kinds of things which disturb his focus towards his goal. So here are some tips to stay focused towards your goal.
1. Set a milestone for each and every day of your life and work until achieving the goals. Goals may be small or big but every goal has its own way of achieving so in order to achieve the final destination setup some smaller milestones for each and every day. It definitely holds you on the track.
2. Always dream big and if you have big dreams that will make you to be more focused on the tasks that you are doing daily and also that gives you some driving force towards achieving goals. Big dreams and goals require a huge work so be focused.
3. There are lots of ways to reach the destination but choosing the right path really plays a major role. Without being focused one will not able to choose the correct path to achieve his goals and also by thinking and processing different ways will make you stay focused on your work.
4. To make yourself focused towards your goal, listing out your daily task is one of the best ways. It clearly shows you how much time and how many activities you need to do in a single day. According to that, one should able to plan his whole day in a focused manner.
5. Practice each and every day. It makes you more prompt and efficient. It also shows your ability to do work and time required to complete the task. It drags you towards the efficient way of handling your goals in the given period of time.
6. Learning from failure is an important part in being focused so never lose hope. Failure is temporary and pain is temporary. Success is what is your ultimate goal. In order to achieve that you need to stay focused on your goals.
7. Reading about famous personalities will motivate you to stay focused as they will become your role models. That will drive you towards the goal in a focused manner.
8. Meditation helps a lot. Studies show that people who meditate on a regular basis are more focused on their tasks than those who don’t meditate.
9. Exercises have also a major impact on your level of focus. When yu workout you not only shape your physical health, it is an exercise for your brain too. If you regularly do exercises you will be able to focus more with efficient concentration.
10. Playing some brain exercises is also good for getting betting focus. Puzzles, crosswords, sudoku etc will all train your brain to work more efficiently thereby increasing the level of concentration and focusing level.
Staying focused is very important in order to achieve success. Along with it, patience is also important. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Stay calm and stay focused,
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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How to be an idealistic person- It really helps
May 9, 2017
An idealistic person is a one who never cares about what others think and be determined in their goals and stick to their plans. It is hard to be idealistic throughout the life but being one will surely make you successful and helps in achieving the intended goals. Some might think you are crazy because if you are idealistic, you will never change your course of path even if the earth rotates in the reverse direction. This is one of the major characteristic attributes of highly successful people. They are all running successfully because they never give up. They never backed off when they faced failure. They never stayed lying down on the ground when they were hit badly by failure. They refused to stay defeated. They refused to be weak and kept running learning from those failures. So, just remember, “Failure is temporary. Move quickly past it. What lies beyond the failure is the lesson -Tom Bilyeu.” This idealistic quality can be developed by practice as it lies in each and every one of us.
1. Writing down the goals clearly
This is the very first step you have to take if you want to be idealistic. Write down your goals clearly, making a list. See this often whenever you feel low. This will act as a motivation for you.
2. Defining your goals positively
When you are about to express your thoughts on your goals to the people make sure you express them in a positive manner without offending anyone’s feelings. The way you express should be a motivation for others. Everybody is unique and all of us look the same thing in a different perspective. Positivity is important.
3. Not changing your goals for others
After defining your goals some people may laugh at you and even make fun of your goals. But you have to stay strong and shouldn’t change your goals for the sake of haters. Remember people who are laughing and making fun of you will always be making fun. Never waste your precious time for them.
4. See positivity in everything
The world may look tougher and the circumstances may change badly for you providing you to face a lot of obstacles and difficulties while traveling towards your target. Despite the circumstances, look for opportunities and create them from those obstacles. Use those obstacles as steps and ladder for your success. Always hope for the best.
5. Read a lot of biographies of famous and successful people
While reading has a number of benefits, reading biographies and stories of successful people helps a lot in becoming an idealistic person. Their struggles and ways of how they solved the problems and how they overcame the difficulties will give you an idea of looking at the problem and finding a solution for it in a different perspective. This will motivate you to stay stronger during difficult times remembering about the successful people you have read. Also reading about successful people improve your leadership and management skills which are added advantage for your idealistic character.
These are some of the ways to improve yourself to being more idealistic. Commitment towards anything will make you attain the aimed target. So never lose hope and keep practicing. Stay focused and stay strong.
“If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.”
Thanks for reading. 🙂
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Social sector- For reforming the nation

Social sectors are the ones like NGO’s which helps the ones that really needs the help the needy. This sector has now many youngsters who want to create a change and try something differently in their life. This sector is filled with people who doesn’t want to go to a regular college and be an engineer or a doctor. This is more than that. There are reputed colleges and fellowship programs available for those who want to pursue their dream as a social worker. We should be lucky because we have a family who is always there for you to take care of you, to worry about you, to feed you when you are hungry, to get you good and even costly clothes and the clothes that you like, give you education, a warm and cozy room with all the gadgets etc. You should really be thankful for that. There are still millions who were very poor not even afford a single meal a day, wearing shabby clothes, sleeping on platforms, eating from the dustbin, drinking water from sewage living in a dumpster. Not having money or anything to buy them the basic necessities. Imagine living one day like that. Can you even imagine? Whose fault is that they are living like that when we can sleep in an air conditioned room in our houses. People, it’s time to think and start acting. Even though you don’t pursue a degree from the social work institutes or universities you may still follow the fellowship programs available in your place. It melts my heart whenever I see a small child begging in the busy roads of traffic selling some pens, toys, sun shield. Sometimes even they beg for money for food.

One day me and my friend while returning from college saw a mother and child who were begging for money in the traffic. We felt really sad for the girl as she was around six to seven years old. So, we went and asked her mother why she is allowing her little child to beg in the signal. Her response was really shocking. We asked about here whereabouts and why is she living in the streets. She said she was abandoned by her husband as he is a bad drinker and he will beat her and her child daily. So she said she had left the house avoiding her husband and started to live on the road. She would still send her baby girl to school on weekdays and she would sell some things like pens, caps, earbuds etc and on weekends her baby girl would join her. She had a baby boy who was around a year sitting with hungry eyes on his mother’s lap. We were so moved by the lady’s story we wanted to help her but we couldn’t. Why because is our parents didn’t like this kind of activities. When we go and said that they said there are organizations to look for them so you just focus on your life. So, question yourself, who are the people behind these organizations? It is people like you and me who strive to bring a change in this society, helping the abused, protecting children and the needy voluntarily without compulsion. But even if you are going to pursue your career as a social worker then go and join in a reputed university.

Some of the reputed institutes include- 

# TATA Institute of Social Sciences

# Jamia Milia Islamia 

# Delhi School of Social work 

# Madras School of Social Work 

# Nirmala Niketan 

Some popular social sector fellowships

# Teach for India Fellowship 

# William J Clinton Fellowship 

# Gandhi Fellowship 

# Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship 

# Prime Minister’s Rural Fellowship 

Thank you for reading friends. Please share this with your friends if any of them is interested in doing social work. Thank you.

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How to be fit and healthy
May 8, 2017
Most of the people in the world as they get older, everyone thinks like, “I should be perfect and maintain my body to be fit and healthy.” Everyone want to exercise and some measures to be fit their selves. Exercise is not only the way to be fit and there are lots of practices and ways available. You can do any kind of practices like yoga, dance, walking and so on. So choose your path and choosing different types of ways will give the result that you wanted and you should give some time but I am sure none of these practices will bring you down.
Here some of the tip to be fit
1. Make yourself committed to the set of rules and regulations you set for your own to be fit. Always try to follow the rule. The rule is a rule irrespective of who have created and one should follow them. Don’t try to escape yourself from the rules and regulations.
2. Inspire yourself from the persons in your area who are maintaining their body to be fit and I am sure this motivates you to a great extent. Seeing neighborhood person who is really fit with cool abs and muscles will surely motivate you.
3. Always get ideas from working and experienced person. I am sure you have seen and personally met persons who are recently taking some initiatives to maintain their body fitness. So find those people and get advice from them. By that you can to avoid yourself from the wrong things which don’t suit for your motto.
4. Choose a better companion and this helps a lot. By choosing a partner who would also like to maintain their body in a good condition. You get a friend and he/she would accompany you to the gym and that will motivate you.
5. Try to have a good food routine and try to control yourself from heavy foods. Eating extra than normal for doing exercise is not a good game to play and keep your food habits in a controllable manner.
6. Don’t search reasons to escape from the practice and exercises. Always do your exercise without saying any excuses and this is the first thing you need to follow in order to be fit.
7. Don’t get discouraged yourself and try to motivate yourself. See positivity in everything and work hard and then wait for the results. You can’t be a master in one day. It needs strong determination.
8. Keep a note in your health condition after doing any practices which mean after completing any short of fitness measure and this note will keep you track. It gives an idea about what you have to do next and all.
9. Don’t take any medicines or drugs to be fit and I am sure that this will bring you lots of side effects. Always consult with doctor or master before taking any medicine especially for becoming fit.
10. Don’t believe advertisement easily which may say like “buy our product and you will be fit in 40 days”. This is where you have to be careful. If you really think and notice the advertisement, I am sure you will get to know the reality.
So, determination and consistency are the important qualities for becoming fit. Don’t lose hope and just keep practicing.
Thanks for reading. 🙂
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Interesting facts and myths about water
May 8, 2017

In summer water becomes the most priceless thing in the world for all of us. We will be in the water, drinking, bathing, having lemonades but still, we won’t be able to quench that prolonging thirst however hard we try. Do you agree with this my friends as I will be like this in summer? When I see water I will transform into Gollum, “My precious.” LOL.  We will be hearing a lot of facts about how much water to drink and all but is everything true? Well, there are some myths in that too. Let’s see what are all the true facts and what are all the myths.

The true facts about water
1. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is necessary
This is indeed a true fact that on an average we need to drink at least eight glasses water in order to stay away from dehydration and other problems. However, if you cannot drink eight glasses of water correctly doctors suggest that to keep a general rule of drinking two to three liters of water a day.
2. Drinking water helps in weight loss
Although water doesn’t directly involve in reducing your weight, drinking water at regular intervals will keep you full thereby limiting the intake of food. But when you are extremely hungry having a glass of water will replenish your digestive system thereby prevents you from overeating.
3. Drinking water while eating will affect digestion
Doctors say that drinking water while eating will dilute the stomach enzymes which interferes the digestion process. Also, drinking water during meals will add more volume to the stomach which causes bloating and acid refluxes. Therefore it is advisable to drink water before having a meal and about 30 minutes after taking your meal. This will keep the digestive juices flowing.
4. Drinking water removes toxin from our body
Dr. Jasvinder Anand, Senior consultant, Internal Medicine, Medanta says that drinking water is essential for proper functioning of kidneys which are solely reliable on how much water we drink. The sufficient amount of drinking water will help in excluding Urea which is one of the major toxins in our body. Also, drinking enough water helps in preventing constipation problems and good bowel movement, and also water acts as a lubricant for the colon. Proper drinking of water will help in preventing digestive ailments.
These are some true facts about the amount of drinking water a day and what are the benefits that we get from drinking enough water. So, now let’s see some of the myths that we believed to be true but they are not.
1. Water need decreases in winter season
Rupali Datta, a Delhi-based nutritionist says that this one of a major false belief. She says that even though we don’t feel thirsty in winter our body uses more energy to keep itself warm for which it requires hydration. The air in the winter is also much dry so we need to drink water in order to keep our mouths, throats, and noses moist. Also, our body loses one to two liters of water in urine, 500 ml in sweat, 300-400 ml while breathing in both summer and winter. Despite the seasonal changes our body will be functioning as normal and it is our duty to keep it hydrated.
2. Drinking water too much
Though drinking a lot of water in excess will not have any adverse effects on our body Dr. Ranjish Monga, Head of Gastrology, Gurgaon. Except for elderly people who have high blood pressure and on a low sodium diet can drink excess water only on a medical advice otherwise it will cause electrolyte imbalance. Otherwise drinking excess water at times is not a big problem.
3. All drinks are good for hydration
People often have the false assumption that having a cup of coffee or tea will hydrate the body and replaces the drinking of water. This is a false assumption studies shows. Often coffee or tea will make us expel more water from the body than usual. The biggest rascal is alcohol. Drinking alcohol not only causes often urination but also leads to vomiting and after effects are quite discomforting.
4. Drinking a liter of water early in the morning will keep our digestive system healthy
This is another false assumption and people should stop drinking a liter of water early in the morning immediate after waking up. This will lead to flushing out a whole lot of electrolytes on an empty stomach. But if you feel thirsty having a glass of water is just enough as anything more than that will be unnecessary.
5. You will dehydrate if you don’t drink enough water post workout
Nutritionists say dehydration occurs only when you lose 2% of your total body water. You can measure this by weighing yourself before and after workout sessions. If you are an athlete, bike racer then you will be needing 200 ml of water every 20 minutes in order to maintain the glycogen stores. Otherwise if you just workout only mildly a tender coconut or lemonade will balance the water need.
Most of the myths that I have mentioned was believed by me as true facts. So, let me know in the comment section which are the ones that you believed to be true and which are the myths that you believed. The right amount of drinking water will help us stay away from diseases.
Thanks for reading. 🙂
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High heels- A fashionable torment
May 8, 2017

High heels are the fashion now, and its usage by the women have slowly increased in the recent years. Some workplaces make it a customary practice to wear heels as one of the rules in the dress code. The history of heels dates back to the 1400s where the fist known heel known as Chopines worn by the Venetian prostitutes and the wealthy empires in Italy and Ottoman to show their wealth that didn’t have to walk. Later it evolved to Lachets then Pompadour heels and then the Stiletto in 1953. Thanks to Roger Viver for inventing this wonderful shoes along with it brought many health ailments. Stilettos were actually worn by men on those days which evolved as a reason for heeled shoes for men. This is why cowboy shoes have heels. Doctors and physicians say that it is not bad to wear high heels but wearing them for too long will land you in trouble.

We all know the famous London-based Nicola Thorp who started a petition against wearing high heels as a part of work culture. Thorp a temporary employee had been sent home as she did not abide by the appearance guidelines of the company which required her to wear two to four-inch heels. Wearing heels can be a fashion but it has both short and long term problems for women.
Dr. V Ramnarayan, consultant orthopedic and podiatric surgeon in Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialist center, Chennai says that high heels are a common cause of joint pain, low back pain, and ankle sprain. In addition to that, women who wear heels are likely to develop shortened Achilles tendon.  Achilles tendon is the band of fibrous tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bones.
He explains that while wearing high heels, 70% of our body weight is shifted into the ball of the foot which weakens the surrounding ligaments. This will result in ‘hot foot’ or metatarsalgia. Also wearing high heels exerts pressure on thighs and hip which increases the curve of your spine thereby causing back pain.
Also continuously wearing pointed toe shoes results in developing Hallux Valgus or Bunions, hammertoes, and even calluses leading to athlete’s foot.
So, what is the alternative?
Podiatrist suggests anything below an inch tall is suitable for wearing for long hours. They also recommend women to wear “fplatforms” which allows the pressure distribution evenly. Also, the material they suggest is leather or rubber and it is good to stay away from plastics, synthetic, and vinyl.
But the sad truth there are occasions where you are supposed to wear high heels and look tall. So in that situations, the podiatrists suggest to wear them not more than two to three hours. This is for those who don’t have any foot problems. For those with any foot problems then it is good for them to stay away from it. Also, if you are in a compulsion of wearing high heels to your workplace then make sure you do some stretching and strengthening exercises for your feet. One such exercise is that stretching the Achilles tendons, spreading the toes and rolling the feet over a tennis ball will be helpful, podiatrists suggests.
So, wear what is good for your feet as health is important than looking nice.
Thanks for reading. 🙂
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Dark or White- Every girl is beautiful in her own way
May 8, 2017

What are we going to do with the skin color? Do we remain beautiful and young with the flawless skin that we had in our twenties in our sixties as well? Absolutely no. The skin ages along with us and when we die it just goes away and only the skeleton remains. So, why struggle to make it look whiter and more beautiful day by day using the chemical cosmetics?

We live in the world where a girl with a white skin is considered to be beautiful and if she is dark then her life is over. Even have a glance at the matrimonial advertisements- female of this community with “white skin” is wanted. Despite the campaigns and movement which stresses that color is not an issue still people are wanting their brides to be white. Why not look for a girl with a good respect, courtesy, reverence, etiquette, well educated etc? Why not look for these qualities rather than the color?
Fact on skin damage:
Ozone gas is suspected to be one of the primary causes of pollution- related skin damage. The outer layer of our skin contains lipids. Ozone is said to oxidize them by breaking down the skin’s barrier function. Looks like it is time to encourage afforestation to reduce the pollution and ozone gas from depleting our skin.
The cosmetic industry uses actors and actresses who are promoting the product with the message that white is good. Most of the advertisements portray a black girl after applying the particular cream becomes white and fair. The word “Fair” is portrayed wrongly here which implants a negative thought in the minds of dark girls. This is another way of discriminating women. This continues till she gets a good job where she is nervous about whether she would be selected because she is dark and unfair. Many brands still think a dark model as “un- sellable.” Here women are more affected than men.
The physical damage caused by  the very cosmetics that we use daily:
In 2014, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India tested fairness creams and found that 44% of the cosmetics contained mercury. Cosmetics with mercury is banned in India. Only 65 parts per million are allowed in eye drops and 1 part per million of unintentional use is allowed in other finished cosmetics. Even fairness creams which don’t have the words whitening or fair contained mercury. So, dermatologists are advising to stay away from creams that have these words- light, anti- marks, glow and radiance.
The World Health Organization states that kidney damage is one of the major issue caused by the use of skin lightening creams which contains mercury. Other effects include skin rashes, skin discoloration, reduction in the skin’s resistance to bacterial and fungal infections, anxiety, depression and even psychosis.
In 2016, a paper entitled Women’s Disempowerment and the Market for Skin Whitening Products revealed an experimental result on a research on the fairness cream stating that the products contained the bleaching agent which is considered as a carcinogen and banned in Europe and Australia.
Therefore skin lightening is not only a psychological problem but also a serious health issue. Dark or white every girl, every woman is beautiful in her one way and everyone has their unique style and that is how God has made them. So let’s start to make our inner beauty more beautiful rather than making our physical beauty more beautiful. Embrace yourself however you may be and show the world what you can do as physical beauty and skin color has nothing do with that.
Thanks for reading. Good luck. 🙂
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Beautiful Orchids- Tips to grow them in home
May 7, 2017

Orchids are beautiful flowers which add beauty to your place. There are several varieties and colors of orchids available. Even the flavoring substance Vanilla is derived from a type of orchids called the Vanilla orchids. This vanilla is not only a flavoring substance but also used for its medicinal values.

Recently the oldest orchids fossil has been found out from a Baltic amber which dates back to around 45-55 million years ago. This fossil contained a fungus gnat carrying the pollen sac of an extinct orchid trapped in the amber. Cool, right?

Now we have seen how cool orchids are there are scientists and researchers out there who are still studying about the orchids. So, let’s see how to grow this awesome flowering plant in our home.

Growing orchids is really simple yet with proper care, you can get some cool and beautiful flowers.

  1. Orchids resemble the climbers and they like to cling to a bark of a tree or something like that.
  2. Orchids need a lot of sunlight, so remember to place the pot where you can get plenty of sunlight. So go for an east or south facing spot because there you will get the just right amount of sunlight but not too hot.
  3. After getting the plant, place it in the pot with the right amount of manure mixed clay soil. In terms of humidity, make sure the soil is not too dry.
  4. Have a regular watering hours for the orchids as not to over water it or just ignoring. When you insert your finger into the soil if you feel dry then water it.
  5. While looking for the plant when unwrapping it from the plastic cover make sure the roots are white and firm. Cut away any blackened or shriveled roots as it will affect the further growth of the plant.
  6. If you see your plant yellowing or not flowering, change the place and change the routine but don’t fertilize it often.

So, if you could follow these simple steps then the orchids will be a beauty. They are very beautiful and adds a pretty sight for your home decoration.

Now let’s look at some types of orchids that we can grow in our home:

  1. Slipper orchidsfor those who tend to overwater
  2. Cattleya, Oncidium, Dendrobium orchidsfor those who tend to ignore their plants
  3. Cymbidium, Masdevallia orchidsfor those who have their houses cool
  4. Vanda, Moth orchidsfor those who have their houses warm
  5. Jewel orchidsfor those houses which stay dark
  6. Vanda, Cymbidiumbest for summer season

This is a list of orchids for different conditions which can be grown in our home. For any plant to grow healthy, proper care, humidity and nutrients are the important factors. Orchids are tropical plants native to the tropical countries. But with the right environment, we can grow it in any country.

As said orchids have medicinal values which have an important role in the Chinese medicine. It is consumed as an herbal tea and used to stop excessive bleeding. So, have a great time in growing this wonderful plant.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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