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Are films at the present educating and infotainment?

Movies are a great way of educating people about some serious problem happening in the society. They are great tools in stressing about a crucial matter and to create awareness. If we look at the evolution of movies it is pretty interesting. The history of film dates back to 1890’s where motion picture cameras were being used until 1927 when the fist film was produced without sound. Then came with the sound and with the development of technology, movie industry also developed. The film industry is constantly evolving and adapting itself to the usage of modern technologies like 3d- printing, depth sensors, virtual reality and much more. This results in some great VFX and screenplays which make us glued to the screen until the movie is over. In the olden day’s movies were taken with less glamor and razzle- dazzle and the story line was given the main importance. Neat clothing, stunning and confident looks which portrayed courage and bravery by both male and female characters. The stories were also exciting to watch as they were educating us except for a few.

But nowadays, the film industry is solely focusing only on entertainment. The film industry has become a business and only money matters. If you have lots of money and no talent then you can be a hero too. The films that release in the present day have no story, no message, no acting with poor comedy. Otherwise, the comedies would be hidden with adult content. This is why most of our parents still love to watch the old movies of their generation. But we don’t like it, do we? It will be boring for us while your dad will enjoy the black and white movie. He will talk high about it. But in the current scenario, the number of movies that releases in a day has been increased with new faces. They can encourage new faces but why put a new face in a movie who cannot even act a bit? What we need is movies with a clear message as well as it should be infotainment that will motivate us and not some adult content movies which will corrupt our minds.
what is your say in this about the movies nowadays? Share your thought in the comments.
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