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Benefits of writing a journal- not in a smartphone but a diary
May 12, 2017

We all love writing journal or diary as at the end at the day we will write all the good, bad, funny, sad things that happened throughout the day. Why do you write it? How do you feel after finishing your journal for that day? Have you ever thought, “Why do I write it daily?” Besides feeling well there are so many benefits of maintaining a journal.

# When you are writing a diary your IQ improves. Research says that writing has a direct relation to expanding our intelligence. Also, it improves our vocabulary.
# Writing a journal help yu to be mindful about your actions and get a clear idea of the past grievance and future anticipation. This will get the wandering mind to go in a particular path reminding you of the right things to do.
# Maintaining a diary has a major impact in balancing your emotional intelligence. This will mold your feelings and make you stable and make you feel more empathetic and compassionate towards life.
# Helps you achieve your goals easily as you write them in your journal which will pave a clear path for you to run behind your dream.
# Writing journal will enhance your memory and strengthen your brain. While writing a journal you will think of new ways to write which will be a strengthening activity for our brain.
# Writing a journal daily will improve your communication skills. When you keep writing this in time will transform into a natural conversation. This has a huge benefit for you while you speak. You will start to feel the change in time.
# This has an indirect impact in developing your self-discipline. You will follow the rule of writing your journal and recording your entries no matter what work you have. This, in turn, cultivate into a habit and reshapes your self-discipline in the long run.
# Writing a journal will heal your pain as you transfer your agony and anguish to your diary and cry your heart out. This will help ease out the pain and make you feel better.
Thus writing a journal has so many benefits and if you don’t please start writing it immediately for you will surely feel the change.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.

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