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Tubelight; Salman khan and Shahrukh new movie
March 25, 2017

do you liek it if your two big heroes act together? it would be so nice, is not taht true gals and guys?
in the news you will get to knwo about the new movie; tubelight wich is betwwen two bollywood cinema stars and they are shahrukh khan and salman khan

as the newspapper says its really this time that both agreed to do a monvie together, thes two stars worked once together in the past in 2002 and that movie was drama named tumhare hai sanam
now back to the new movie tubelight, the name doesnt tell you much i mean what that name could mean, drama, or action dont knwo but its not for sure comedy
but the director also didnt tell us their playing in that movie, and the director is Kabir
This hindi movie from bollywood may be the best this year as many loves the two actors,
shahrukh has big reputation among young and old fans of his, and salman has big reputation among the fans of him too as he is not only hero in cinema but also many see him hero in real life also

the movie is prepared to start shooting in july, so i gues it will be  new year movie and maybe next year movie depend if they are going to act in one area or many different areas like in uae or turkey.

good luck actors and we hope its good story that both big stars followers are going to enjoy, i just hope it has all the type of movies in one movie, it would be amazing and really good to watch and fun to go to see in cinema at the same time gals and guys, it will not be the type of movies that you download online for free, as these are worth paying to see in cinema

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how to earn on literacybase
March 25, 2017

This site is awesome, I earn good amount in one money, not lots of money though its good as starting

I just joined few weeks back and I find people here though did not comment, reply, interact with my post at first later they started to iteract and super nice comments and replys from them let me feel welcome in here, i like it, like writing long blogs and short blogs in here, like to comment on other peoples post or repy to comments in my posts and other people posts too when they answer, its super nice fo feel that you make friends online and at the same tie you read their veiw points their culture and their advises, that is really helping for work for life and for parenting too, also its helpful to those searching for ideas to write about.

How to earn at literacybase is easy, read ore here and you will learn how to

write blogs short, long anthing you like but should not be less htan 300 words i guess

write comments on other peoples posts, they will answer you posting their opinion and you comment back, its like exchange info

write activity whats in your mind or ask question regardin teh sit, regarding work

just name it just write about it,

literacybase is like my lucky key to make money online, though i do not earn much money but i hope sooner i will learn more on how to make money in literacybase, of course with the help of the older members i mean older in joining the site not older by age, thanks to those who are working hard in literacybase and those who are working as admin to make this site good safe and will mentained for members to enjoy writing at, and i wish only if members are nice together and some has to learn how to disagree respectfully, since disagreement do not mean to be rude or judgmental, good luck to all





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Lotus herbal kajal new review
March 24, 2017

The kajal packet is pretty
kajal has sweet fragrances
it has pretty bottle
kajal stays long also affordable for its quality size of perfume.
Bottle shape cute and great for you or gift it to somebody. lotus Herbals Kajal has two sized 1g and 2.7g
great pigmentation of deep shiny black. all have to do is swipe it twice to enjoy the kajal which give your eyes deep looking. the company claims that this product; home made and the Texture of lotus Herbals eyeliner is creamy and smooth to apply it also spreads with one swipe on lashes within one hour. all the kajals has a smudge some point, this is too but its less than other kajals that i tried. you will sure love how look in your eyes. lotus eyeliner not water proof so you dont have to lose your lashes.

you washed the face and the lashes wipes off but lotus kajal do not do that nor irritates your eyes. this kajal has cooling effect that eyes refreshes. put the eyeliner or kajal before going which let you look naturally thick lash in one hour. This way you may not need other eye shadows

no water proof is best for sensitive people, I dont like the water proof kajal but dont like to use cheap one and this kajal herbal so you are kinda safe if you dont have allergy, cooling sensation is for few minutes,
you have to keep it in bag to refresh in 2 hours.

kajals in general are easier to apply and you will like their prices, but some do have allergy to the herbs it self, what to do?

buy the smallest eyeliner or try it in the shop, but not online, so you do not waste your money on these things, lotus herbal kajal as the company says is made from herbs, but is it compeletly herbs and has no addition of arificial or chemicals that i can not know, since the compay do not write on the package its has no added artificial ingredients

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Parents need to control their annoying kids
March 23, 2017

Parents need to control their annoying kid, that just happened few hours ago, kids of the neighbors are rooming here around the neighbors doors screaming and playing and the their parents the mothers are coming in and out their houses talking and chatting you feel like you are living in cafe, what people are they? yea that is your house and this is your building, but its not yours alone, its shared, there are other people who also own it,  the issue is that is not for few minutes only that is happening the whole day long, you can take break from these kids only at night

and if you talk to the parents they will speak softely to the kids and tell one of them ignoring the others; play slowley guys and girls

alos you since they keep the both houses door open, you can hear them talk and laugh and scream and so on, you can hear also when they talk on the mobile phones, i have no clue how they see this situation or they do not see it, any less they care.

so annoying you have to wait for few minutes the kids go away to do what you want to do and sleep for few minutes or rest before they come back and knock the doors

letting your kids be like that is going to harm you in the future definitely, they will have no manners and someone will face them with that and then they will have to deal with bad situations, they have no respect for other people, they have no controlling father, father should have authority and be firm sometimes, due to the fact that kids are like plain paper you need to write the rules and teach what is wrong and what is right.

parenting is not only getting kids into this world, its a great thing to do and with duties to your self as father and mother and to the society that they lives in.

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Only in Delhi; weather one day hot on day cold
March 23, 2017

Delhi is such a beautiful place to work at, I live here since quite somme time and I like it the people are friendly, helpful and sociality is good in here, not like other places where no social life.

so life is good and not really hard, but one day you go out and see the weather hot, hot that you can not go out walking here and there and can not go to the market even if it needs 5 minutes walking, that much it is hot in here. it is hot that you can not sleep with no air conditioner on, hot that you will like to set at home, hot that you need a bottle of water  or take it with you all the places that you go; so you do not faint from the sun ray, it is hot that you can not eat chili even little amount or you would sweat, hot that its normal you will get middle of the night to put the air conditioner high.



and the next day its is so routinely to find it cold too cold to get up from bed and go eat and go to your work, cold that you also can not walk the street to where ever you go unless you wear jacket, it may rain for few minuts and stop then rain again half an hour then stop then rain for hour and then stop. yea that is true, it may rains little or too much that you need an umbrella with you in your bag or hand all always.

things like this only happens in delhi, the unpredictable city, the big city, city of friendly people and welcoming people. I like it and hard to live another place with this un predictable weather, really the  unusual here become usual.





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How long takes to collect your first 10 dollars
March 22, 2017

How long takes to collect your first 10 dollars


It takes in short about 2 weeks, that is how much it takes if you spend 10 hours writing posts, reply to peoples comment in yor pos or their posts, and writing activities, im new here so not sure if there are more activites to do that make you earn money, but taht what i do, and its really exhausting staying about 10 hours a day to make only 10 dollars

so are you really able to collect that mount witin less than two weeks or with spending less hours than the hours tha t i am spending in literacy base site?

i usually write 3 topics about anything that happen around me with me or friends or scene i saw or review and i answer my posts when people comment on the post in any way they like, and also i write or commenting when i read a nice post that i can relate to

that is in short what i do, how about you, i mean those old emember in literacybase writing site, do you suggest any other way to earn more in here? is what im earning good or average or below what i should earn when i spend 10 hours a day here? you replies will assist us all in here to make mmoney and be more in here posting, sharing and replying

but about the sharing posts for you or others, i find it not helpful at all, i shared my posts many times and the view same as i did not share, so why to waste my time by sharing my posts or your post if its not goinng to do any view or more traffic? if you have other point view let us hear it

i think also due to the time i spend in here i will come occasionally and try to find other sites to earn more, if you know of good sites tel


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Kama ayurveda cream and jasmine makeup cleanser
March 22, 2017

Kama ayurveda cream and jasmine makeup cleanser

these two products one girl i met told me about so i took  my friend and said lets try it

there are lots of organic and claimed natrual makeup and skin care organization here, some of them good and some fake thing some are good price and some exagorate only for the name
I will use the routine cream before sleep from kama ayurveda brand to see at morening if it working or not, I got the cream by Mogra and some other things that i do not know but hope it help the normal skin to shine

then again i came to tell you about the result of, kama mango and ultra calming Jasmine lotion to cleanse the makeup, and if you like to learn more before you buy this brand which is really pricey, read more here

I focus in here on the kama ayurveda lotion and cream, these are routine thing that women uses daily you may say
and later i will review Kumkumadi Miraculous beauty fluid review, this product bought for friend so the review will be done after shes try it many times to tell you the real result that she is going tell.

When i went to sleep used the cream kama ayurveda on skin and wake up to moisturized face but not glowing nor shineing, tried it the next day. I also felt the same, i thought to give it a week, and maybe in that time i see the result i want, but some nothing changed. and as for makeup cleanser, Jasmine Cleanser it do remove the makekup but didnt feel any different from nivea cleanser or maybelline cleanser, so why i pay that much for kama ayurveda skin product and makeup cleanser while it has no different effec than this product?

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How to know scam sale from legit sale
March 22, 2017

How to know scam sale from legit sale


real sale will have real good prices, do not to expect to pay lots of money for things on sale other wise it is not for sure sale, they are fooling you, they are bringing higher the old prices and give you another price as its sale price lots of shops here do that, they think that they thinking good and above us, but they are wrong sure.

we customers are wanted everywhere, in clotehs market, food market, restaurants, stores online and the world sure depend on us as clients.

to point out the real sale and fake sales, read more here and learn how to find it

first real sale will have low prices, good quality with lower prcies, the things that are on sale are the things that you saw before they start the sale; not that they bring new arrivals after the sale, that is false.

second, check the prices in more than three shops, the stores managers sometimes deal together to put same prices on the same products, so try to see more shops as for sure not all of them are going to agree on that deal, so you are going to benefit from it, as they say separate them to win

third do not agree on the price that is mentioned, try to talk them to have lower price, and be sure they are going to consider it, no shop will make and good selling if they do not earn from sale. these are few tips but it will help to save money on sale things and this economy do need that, try to rememeber the key to see more and more shops online or even in real

good luck with your shopping guys and gals too online and real virtual stores at the same times

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Do you enjoy cleaning your house
March 22, 2017

I like to clean the house when i have mood, suer i clean it daily, but i mean the cleaning and dusting which you do for the whole house, which takes day or two, not due the house big or no, but because you need to go to the corners and under the fridge and here and there including the garden.

i used to hate doing it but sure force my self to do it, then later with good instruments i started to like it, now i do enjoy it and i take my time doing it, i do not rush my self into cleaning or washing the dishes or the apparel, i like to do it with good mood, its not really hard chores to do but it takes tiem so if you look at it as time you do for making oyur house to look better and to smell good and you remember how enjoyable it is to set in such a house you will like doing these chores, of course working people find it hard but such cleaning happen once every week not daily unless you have so small kids.

i like to buy detergent and mix it with other solutions to make it light as the detergents in the market are too strong you will feel from the smell, try to like i do and you will find your home good cleaned and saved few dollars here and there too

of course as working person some needs to hire maids for part time to help with the cleaning, its really good if its under supervision, im sure there are good honest maids but how to know which is which. unless its someone you know and tried working with before. back to cleaning, just gals women put some music or put your tv show high to hear and go do your chores happily, trust me you will enjoy it if you see it as fun and do it slowely not forcefully and like a duty that has to finish now. that is how you enjoy doing the dishes and cleaning home or house

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Amazon.in and Aliexpress which one is good at delhi
March 21, 2017

I like to shop online alot and that is meaning is that i know lote of many stores that are good and not good, there are scam and legit sites to buy from. Today I will review two new sites that I tried few months ago, they are Aliexpreess and Amazon india

aliexpress is chinese online shopping site, they are having lots of everything, nothing you can not find it in that site, food are there, blothes are there. toys,, furnitures, parites things like cups plates, decorations, garden tools, like grass flower, treees, snad, seed, clay, all is there, even babies tools and beauty and make up productws are there, but thats not all, you will find also the prices mabye too low at one store and very priecy at the other store, because aliexpress are for people like us to sell also there, so when you go to find sommething you need to search for some time or put the price that you like at the price areas.

I tried aliexpress, its good online shopping site, but you need to deal only with those with high good feedback and with good price too, the too low is little suspecious and the high are greedy, also look for the seller to chat with and do barging, some are so nice and do give you good price.

I bought few times from Aliexpress.com and they got nice things, one time 2 ordered didnt arrive, and i made complain for the site managers or service, and one time they refund the money but the other time they didnt, good thing it was not high price, but yet you will not like to not have refund for something you did not get.

On the other hand Amazon.in. its good site too and the prices are not as good as aliexpress, though almost the same things, i wounder if the sellers there get there products from china and sell it in amazon, i guess they do  that


Amazon.in review, Aliexpress review

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