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Are You Happy? If Not , Change Something To Redeem Happiness
March 14, 2017

Whatever is that something that blocks your happiness you have to force it to get out in your life so you will always feel the happiness that is seldom felt by human beings? Only children gifted with continuous happiness if there are toys to play, nice clothes to wear at interval, nice and delicious foods to eat. If the reason behind your loneliness I absence of a boyfriend or girlfriend in your life, that is not a happy thing to be given direct importance for you are not a robot. You can feel what humans feel if only, depressed, empty. The only person who can make you happy is you. Human as we are, we cannot avoid feeling insecure, lonely, and unloved, LOL. What is the reason behind this feeling and thinking only you creating it and others do not even mind and bother themselves to know whether you are this and that. Being busy finding money for food rents, bills, and others made people and friends nearer us cannot recognize about some changes in you, unless freely volunteer to share to them the essence of your feeling to unnoticed by them.

If you are not happy because you are sick of cancer and other terminal diseases, the probable life’s closure may sooner or later come to you, but only miracles can heal you and go back to the old style of you happy and smiling. What to change in case the reason is that one I mentioned? The only thing I believe you have to change is your negative attitude. You are fighting life, therefore, come what may, you need to be happy with your own way of delighting yourself for the more you feel upset and cannot avoid the self-pity and comparison to others whose vital statistics is perfect,LOL.

Another presumption my mind sees at this moment about the cause of your loneliness is of being a possessive and too jealous wife-husband. If your hubby is like this, rest assured your tears will never stop falling until you may reach to a conclusion to divorce him for you better see him no more than see him with other women wanting to cling and flirt with your husband. What do you think? Am I right to this contention that you are that too jealous and possessive wife or husband? If in marriage there is no trust only all the time doubts and uncertainties, I surely believe that your marriage will die in its natural death. What do you think, how is this cause of loneliness be solved? There are so many ways to stop your loneliness, and all I can say in case you are problematic this time, try to talk to your parents and the parents of your better half for fairness. In case, it is a very impossible way to disregard loneliness through talking to them, all I can say is you prefer to become a hero or a slave of your own selfish feeling. Never tolerate that kind of feeling for that creates chaos at home.

There are many ways to change something so you will constantly be happy. Though money cannot buy happiness, but it is a facilitator of happiness. Happiness is not hard to find. It is just few steps away from you. If the cause of your loneliness is your grades in college now, all I can say is be responsible to comply all the academic requirements, take the exams, pass projects and at the end of the rainbow, you will have better appearance of the world to see yourself marching on stage with all your attachments to mean a graduate of a four of five year course. I think that is nice. In case you are not happy because you do not have admirer, LOL, all you have to do is make yourself attractive. Do not forget the saying that goes like this: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. “ This is not a problem by the way, and it is up to you to declare having no boyfriend or girlfriend. It is not a sin though. Just wait for the right time destiny knock at your door.

You need to change something to be happy. Try to know it. What is that thing that blocks the door of your happiness? Your heart is the recipient of all your ill -feelings, so stop that drama, hehehehe should people like to admire you for they will surely say you are brave and strong lady. You cannot bring back yesterday and never cry over a spilled milk, for you can never make the past as like at present life you have, the more for the future for future is build day –by- day not only one time ,LOL. There are many simple things that could make us happy like your iPhone for you can chat anyone. You also have your family you can bond with should you wish to make them happy with you. Our parents do not like to see their children lonely and blue. Foods can also make you happy if see on the table your favorite foods. You see, there are so many simple things that could change the present stimulus. Another simple thing that could convert your life to happiness forever is God. Have God as your true friend, true Father and true savior of all our sins; you may surely soothe your aching heart. Look at the waves, they are dancing as if no end and should you like to join to feel their essence, why not as long as you are in the right mood the day you will want to do this if not you may be carried with your loneliness, so instead of swimming, you may want to drown yourself at the middle of the sea.

That is also one factor to avoid going to sea alone for the lonely person may resort to committing a suicide. Not only at sea , even in the plan to go to mountain to climb, avoid it unless you are not at the extreme sadness for you will surely want to jump, no way to escape the end of your life. Love life for life is so beautiful to be wasted by a curable sadness by just simply forgetting about it. That is the simplest thing you have to change to be happy, to forget sadness and entertain happiness to avoid eternal suffering. There is no reason by the way to keep on taunting what had been avoided at present ,the past that is like a deadly canon with one click the opponents will be ruined.

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    1. Life is what we make it, so we have to prefer happiness.Sadness does not make sense. It only ruins health.

    2. Happiness or otherwise everything is in our hands.We are responsible for our own fate. If I am not happy I try to be happy. Just search, what makes you happy? If one can not understand for himself, he can not understand anybody. There will be suspicion, greed for money, dissatisfaction, distrust, all other evils crop up to make me unhappy easily.

      I am constructing a house. Today the builder reached along with the expenditure incurred towards digging of borewell. It was somewhat higher. I just asked him to reduce the bill. Finally, it was settled and some ten thousand rupees was reduced. I do not know whether it goes to the builder or to the Borewell person who undertook the digging. If I constantly thinking about as to whom it goes, I should suspect the builder also who is actually entrusted with the construction work. If I suspect him there is no meaning in it as he has to take up many things and take care of many things. So, mere suspicion without any result or proof makes me unhappy just for ten thousand when the construction cost if running in lakhs.

      We have to compromise in some aspects. Further, self-satisfaction is another factor which makes one always happy, Most of the people in my area are suggesting this and that, but I can not follow them as it would add up to my estimated expenditure. So I have to be strict and should not give way aspiring things which are beyond my financial capacity. So, the money factor can never make me unhappy.

      So, everything goes by our own selection of things. How we choose them, and how we respond to the circumstances is very very important in life to keep oneself always happy.

    3. Thank you siva for your very valuable thoughts about life how to deal it happily or not at all the time. yes, it is up to the person what to do to make life a little bit bolder and stronger that despite difficulties, we will never surrender and give up life. for as long as we live there is always problem,but solvable problems.

    4. Cely this is another good one from you. Keep posting.

    5. It really depends on the person if he will be happy or not; it is only him who can decide on what kind of life he wants to have; sometimes friends or loved ones can influence him, or if he listens to their good advice.

      Being alive and healthy are among the things that he should think of so he will always be happy.

    6. Some very wise and encouraging words. At times, we feel sad and dejected, but we need to perhaps take a day as it comes, and not bother too much about things that are not in our control.

    7. IchchheMrityu, Thanks friend,m very much appreciated hehehe. Thanks for dropping by and share your most inspiring words.LOL.

    8. appreciate the topic its nicely posted, and i guess we all can find happeness if you know where to search or how to reach it, or simply by being simple
      simplicity brings happiness and that makes what called satisfaction, so that is to me is happiness , thanks again that was enjoyable and super powering for many who read it i guess, keep the good work and keep it as simple and organized as this one

    9. dealio , Thank you friend for dropping by and extending your inspiring words on this topic, very much appreciated. It promotes self- esteem. That is true happiness is never hard to find.We can be happy even in a simple thing like making others happy like picking up the things that fall to the ground,That is already a very great source of happiness to both you and the person owner of those fallen things, There are so many ways to be happy in the most simplest way.

    10. We need to be happy for that is what God wants us to do. Let us find means to move on if feel something bad to an experience you might have.Sometimes it is hurting if problem is so difficult to face and solve.

    11. cely said on May 3, 2017

      Change is a must if sense you are not the same you in the past.


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