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OK so im a stay at home mom with experience in the medical field and i can say that if you ask a doctor how often he sees a doctor he’ll say only when he has too, Now im married to a neanderthal man whose idea of a healthy meal is deep fried chicken and fries and mountain dew, Im a naturalist/herbalist this bothers me so im trying to get him to eat healthier. my first step switching out the drinks. I admit my first attempt went down the drain too much sugar. my second attempt got a nod of approval from the man who lived of of sugar and bread for 5 years cause he didn’t like anything else. the recipe im going to to tell you is very simple i do it with minimum tools.

In a small sauce pan place 2 cups water then add 1 cup sugar and turn on medium/low heat then take two apples and a steak knife(i do not own a apple decor thingy) and make a baseball diamond shape around the core i find this easiest  then flip the apple upside down and to the same thing, you may see points where the knife poked through from the top try and use those as guidelines.  next pulling you core out of the apple proceed to slice the apple in to thin( half or same size as mcd apple slices) and place apple slices in pan with sugar and water, after 1 apples worth of slices are in the pan turn the heat up to get it boiling and leave for about 10 minutes maybe 15 for a more apple flavor, should have told you this first. Now for the second apple you will need to fill a pitcher( 1 gallon) about half way with cold water and place remaining apple slices in it you can leave it in the fridge over night for a more bursting flavor or only for a few hours its up to you, after your sauce pan is done you strain the apples and you will have an almost syrup that can range in color from cloudy to apple juice colored.  let cool for about a 3-5 minute period while you strain the apples out of the pitcher before adding a 1/8 to 1/4 cup of honey, then pour in apple syrup mix well with wooden spoon metal with leave behind residue, let chill and serve unless you want to add preservatives to it, it may last anywhere from 2-5 days depending on apples and outside temperatures. i hope you try and enjoy it.

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    1. Very much interesting the recipe and I will try it at home as well. I also congratulate you for the effort on trying and make your neanderthal eat better. This is something we really have to be conscious about: we have a body to take care of because there is a soul living in it. And if we want to live a little more, better treat our soul better.

      Thank you so much for this nice post!

    2. I love all things that have to do with apples. They are good for you and eating them on a regular basic keeps you healthy. So why not put something in your system that will keep you alert,happy,strong and away from the doctor.


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