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To many lies, To many theory’s
July 16, 2017
Din Versus Religion Versus Spirituality

My mother taught mw about God when i was about 5 we went to church, the salvation Army. She took us out because she said the pastor was a hypocrite. As i got older i left that way of life , Knowing about the Lord. David went his own way and man it was a very hard unpleasant trip. Jail about 10 times, i hurt a lot of woman, was a drunk for 20 something years and a drug addict. But the Lord never let me get hurt or go to jail that long. So i slowly made my way back to God. My heart was broken i was facing two 10-20year sentences, My girlfriend had left me, I remember reading the bible about the story Job. I cried out to the Lord and said “my God please help me Lord please I’m scared , Im lonely I’m dieing in here. See i went back to what my mother taught me as a kid. The bible says Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. A couple months ago a friend of mines introduced me to the Hebrew movement. See i read the bible for years and i went to a lot of churches, and they would preach and preach about The will of God and being born again. Now i Know the Lord Jesus christ and i gave my heart and my life to God. But what my Friend showed me blow my mind and i remember a man telling me this along time ago and i pushed it to the side. I said dude crazy he talking just like those 5% who say the black man is God. What he showed me was that the black people living over here in America are the lost tribes of Israel. And that we are the true jews, that those people Hitler were killing were not the Jews of the bible, but imposters. That they stole our identity. It said that Hilter told the world that America had God jewels the Hebrews the chosen people of God and that the people he was getting rid of were people that in the future ,were the people that are going to take over the world and have it backed by Satan. So i thought dam so how many years have the pastors that preach to us in church none that we are the true chosen people of The Most High. I mean wow black people in America did not know how we were and had no purpose, no hope no place to call home . Because i knew we didn’t look like those other black people that live in Africa.To this day i haven’t heard any pastor on Tv or the News come out and say the true about black people. Why is it still being hid from us, the world. So its up to us ourselves to let our people know who they really is . Just maybe maybe our people will start to act right, and turn back to the lord and repent. But check this out there are still people my people who still don’t accept christ to be the lamb of God, the savor of the world our Messiah. Still stiff neck people. You have so many ways to God out there and its crazy. The Hebrews say obey Gods laws and commandments and thats the way to heaven. Muslims say God out ways your good deeds from your bad deeds. Jehovah Witnesses say everybody goes to heaven. Some religions say we change into something else when we die, reincarnated
into a animal or bug or fish and so on . Buddhist say we elevate to be a superior being.So who way is right . Jesus said in Jonh 14:6 “Dam the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except threw me. Me i roll with Jesus. But i Guess the world would say there are many roads to God. But with one is the right Road i guess we won’t know until we die, then it might be to late. I say ask God the true way to worship and come to him. Good by.



    1. Remember when they said the devil was once an angel…everything started and came from the black man..even whites.the albinos or canaanites as they were called…were driven out of the land and pushed to live in mountains by us..as eggptians we were kings the land and everything in it we were given dominion over…except one another..our ancestors were the first people to enslave and segregate people.that is why the spell of leviathian eas placed upon us for the period of 2000 years..the very people that we ruled and enslaved have now done the same thing to us during the curse.It is now evident that we are awakened from this curse and must get back to being kings and queens and being productive for our planet in which we were given.

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