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Another haul post! Unboxing The Saem, Skinfood, and Apieu!
February 20, 2017

It’s been a while since I published any unboxing posts. Not that I didn’t do any online shopping over the past months! I wish I didn’t but I did and well, just been quite busy so missed to blog about those.
Anyway, since I have a bit of time on my hands to post, I recently received my order from Jolse. As you know, Jolse is one of my go-to online shops for any Korean skincare/makeup needs. I find the price comparable to another shop I go to (RoseRoseShop) minus the hassle of trying to compute the shipping fee. I also like the concept of having a few cents of account credit I receive with each order that I can use on future orders so long as I reach a minimum order of $20 (which is super easy to reach anyway).
Similar to my previous orders, this arrived within 2-2.5 weeks of shipping. This is a huge plus considering this is a standard post and without any tracking number, too.
I opened the box and as always, Jolse carefully wraps each item with thick amounts of bubble wrap. And oh, you can see the freebies I get, too!

Ok, so here are the items I ordered from Jolse. I ordered Skinfood Mint Foot Peeling socks, The Saem Eco Velvet Lip Mousse, and Apieu Banana and Honey Sheet Mask.

Let me tell you a side story about this recent Jolse haul. So, I initially only wanted to buy the Skinfood Foot Peeling mask to restock. But then, I am at the matte/velvet lipstick addiction phase, LOL! So, when I got the chance and saw the price is OK/comparable to drugstore brands over here – I bought this one from The Saem. HAHA! And well, the sheet mask, I bought since I need just a few more dollars to make the minimum $20 spend so I can use my store credit (I got $3 at the time), so yeah, it’s like I used my credit to pay for the masks! Not bad, right?
I would’ve bought a couple more (maybe a toner) if I wasn’t trying to stop and tell myself “Hey, you have an upcoming trip to Korea in April. You can buy it from there and maybe a lot cheaper, too!” But then, as a shopaholic, it is so hard to resist when things are already inside my grocery cart! Eek!
Ok, enough of the random ramblings. Here is another photo but this time, it is just showing my freebies I got from this purchase.

I have tons of these by now and trying to destash some. I mean, I don’t slather my face with these creams not to mention it is still winter here so I am still stuck with my Jojoba/Olive oil face oil DIY concoction so I rarely use these creams these days. But, I hope to use these samples soon and hopefully, have the time to blog about my first impression, too!

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