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Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – VII
February 20, 2017

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and any resemblance to any events or characters is purely coincidental.  
Continued from : Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – VI

Operation Whitewaters- The team and the plan


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Col. Zakir stood up and pressed a button on his desk.
One of an antique looking steel almirah, which was there to hide a secret passage downstairs, gave way to a series of steps.
Shyam and Col. Zakir hurriedly went down around 30 narrow steps.
Once down, Col. Zakir switched on the lights.

They were greeted by Three men, among whom Shyam identified Captain Ranbir.
Soon, Col. Zakir introduced him to
Captain Vir Goel who took part in Mission Storm Harrison.
Agent Kshitij who was Bharat International Espionage(BIE) special crack team member of the South-Eastern command.

They then gathered at a central table, which had a big LED Display screen, some switches and a big map of India and surrounding seas and countries.
Agent Kshitij started the briefing
‘Gentleman, we have gathered here to proceed on a highly confidential, dangerous and strategic mission. The mission’s aim is to intercept and neutralize neigbouring Xanade country’s rogue terror groups, who are aided by some people in their armed forces, who aim to capture parts of our Atacaq, Colt-I and II islands, and then attack our naval bases.
Some reports also suggest that these islands can become base for some of their naval attack vessels, and 20 to 25 fighter planes, apart from armed men with deadly weapons and even anti-aircraft weapons.’
‘As per our reports, the group which stole documents from 200-B, about which you all have been briefed is aiming to provide them those documents which the operatives in Zingcaq, a port city of Xanade will aim to get, at an amount of nearly 120 crore Indian rupees.’

Captain Vir Goel ‘How do we know that these documents will be getting exchanged in Zingcaq? Did someone followed them?’

To this, Col. Zakir replied ‘The documents were deliberately jumbled up, and had a highly precise chip, which has enabled us to track the documents with a high precision.’

Captain Vir ‘So stealing these documents has in a way fooled them?’
‘Well Captain, never underestimate the enemy. They could be having some backup plans. Moreover, there seem to be some non-military group from their country which has been indulging in some killings and sabotage, and we have not yet found them.’

Agent Kshitij continued ‘And here is the detailed plan about who will go where and the backups and escape routes.’

 ++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued ++++++++++++++++++++

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