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Advantages of Mobile Application, Now a Days
May 22, 2017

Mobile phone has become very imperative by every individual in the world these days. And with the advent of smartphone, it is even on the verge of replacing computers as they arrive with almost all features that are comparable to those available with computers. In addition to that, the popularity of mobile applications is also increasing day by day as they are allowing the users to perform the necessary task on the go. Mobile app has become the greatest need for the consumers who utilizes their phones to the extent. These days the applications available with smartphone can even do smallest task such as browsing internet and are also able to perform the most critical tasks like business enterprise resource planning. Every smartphone comes with some applications as pre-installed, but they may also allow the end user to install more applications that can be downloaded using a network connection from either a pre developed portal or some other web links.

Development of mobile application is also on boom these days, as they are helping developers in attaining lots more opportunities and thus more money. A developer of an application can either make his application available for free to the user and earn with affiliate marketing by displaying ads on his application, or may charge the user on the usage basis. In addition to that, there are several software vendors that purchase these applications by paying a handsome amount and thus sell the app with their name.

The most popular mobile app nowadays is drop box where 2GB storage is free and extra storage space is based on monthly fees. This app provides the space to store documents, photos, sync documents and other files which are necessary in day to day life. Many of the apps allow downloading of data into drop box or allow data to be uploaded from the drop box.

Not only for the general purpose usage, are these days even the mobile games battling with gaming consoles. Some of the most popular games like Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto have also gone mobile.

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